ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review 2022

The redesigned ProForm 505 CST treadmill is one of the best options for the beginner trainees who look for satisfactory durability and convenience. While offering these qualities, it also proves to be a budget-friendly machine that can be afforded by users with limited financial plan. It is a perfect choice if you are looking forward to freeing up space after a training session and even storing it if needed because it is easy to quickly fold it by the xmenas of the EasyLift folding mechanism. Along side all these, this model is uncompromising about user comfort and convenience.

The 505 CST is designed with ProShox cushioning from PRoForm. Thus, the 505 CST provides its users with full-proof cushioning round the whole running area by protecting joints from impact as long as the training continues. There is a 2.5 CHP motor in this treadmill that enables it with up to 10% automatic incline at a speed from 0 to 10 mph.

A dimension of 20 inch by 55 inch makes the running area fairly compact. There are also smaller balanced non-flex rollers of 1.9 inch for decreasing tension and creating a smoother run. Like the running surface, these small rollers also bear the testimony to the compact design of the 505 CST.

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When it comes to the console area, a reading rack, holders for water bottle, audio functions etc. make it well-equipped. As a user, you can monitor speed, time and distance of your workouts shown on the 6 inch backlit three-display screen. The 505 CST includes 18 built-in workout programmes from certified trainers. A few of these programmes even use your heart rate to automatically adjust to the speed incline as per necessity.

If you intend to track your heart rate, you can use the KG Heart Rate monitoring two-hand grip sensors. Here, one inconvenience is this model has got no wireless monitoring option.

As far as warranties are concerned, you are going to get 1 year, 25 years and lifetime warranties on parts, the motor and the frame respectively.

Start Rating



2.5 HP



Running Area

20 x 55 inches



Top Speed

10 MPH

Weight Capacity

325 LBS


68" L x 73 x W x 36" H



Positive Sides

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  • Price: The 505 CST treadmills is priced $999. It is a great and exceptional tag for this entry-level machine if you take the ProForm brand image as the lifelong warranty on its frame into consideration. 
  • Compact Foldable Design: The 505 CST is a very good choice if you are about to place it within a small space for it is a SpaceSaver design. EasyLift folding technology has been used in it giving you the utmost ease to fold and store it whenever you want. To add even more to your surprise, its deck is also light and compact. 
  • Workout Programmes: Certified personal trainers have developed 18 buit-in workout programmes for the 505 CST treadmills. It is undoubtedly a great number for the entry-level users who are planning to own this treadmill. The 505 CST adjusts incline and speed in sync with these programmes and ensures that all variety of users get something from it. 
  • Audio Facilities: It is true that the 505 CST treadmills has got comparatively lower quantity of entertaining features; yet its double 2″ Intermix Acoustic speakers compatible with smartphones are sufficiently capable of giving out very good audio. 
  • Motor: The 205 HP Mach Z commercial-grade electromagnetic DC motor may not be as powerful as some upper models of the ProForm, but it is good enough when you consider its being available in an entry-level, budget-friendly treadmill like the 505 CST. As long as it is in operation, it will give you powerful, long-lasting and noise-free performance. 
  • Warranty: Again, considering the price being an entry-level machine, the warranty service of the 505 CST is remarkable. You’ll get 1 year warranty on parts, 25 long years warranty on the motor and what is hard to believe- a lifetime warranty on the frame.


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  • Running Area: It is true that this treadmill is a compact one comparing its level and price, its limitations cannot be ignored. Though its 20″×55″ running area well suits its standard, the taller users will always find it an insufficient one.
  • Speed Control: 10 mph speed that the 505 CST offers is fairly good. But for smooth sprint runs and interval training, a minimum top speed of 12 mph is expected.
  • Entertainment Options: Unlike some other models, the 505 CST is not compatible for apps like iFit. The display screen is much simpler and not that flashy. You will enjoy the basics with it, but really cannot speak of other entertaining means.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The 505 CST is equipped with a KG heart rate grip sensor and programmes for monitoring heart rates. What may give you a hollow feeling is the absence of feature to use a wireless receiver.


Some limitations might be justified if your budget and the price of the 505 CST are taken into account. The good thing is the ProForm doesn’t deprive you of the basic benefits just because your budget is low. So, you are going to enjoy the same durability, reliability and ease of use in the 505 CST as in the other models. More than this, you will surely feel victorious by buying it for its programme variety, shock-absorption feature and space-saving folding design. For multiple users at home against a lower price, the 505 CST is obviously one of the best preferences.

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