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Xterra Fitness TRX3500 Folding Treadmill Review | Is It Worth The Price?

Not liking the numbers on that weight machine? You caught us at the right time; we’re just about to review a treadmill from Xterra! Their treadmills are affordable, high-powered, and include nearly all the features you get in professional fitness machines.We particularly liked the Xterra TRX3500. It adapts to your workouts and lets you unlock […]

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Top 10 Best Treadmills Under $1000 – Review 2022

Lately, maintaining our health and fitness has become quite challenging, while this sudden worldwide pandemic has forced us to stay in the confinement of our homes. When it comes to exercises, we all have different preferences. Some of us prefer simple walking/hiking or jogging which requires no gear or equipment, other than good running shoes. […]

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