Lately, maintaining our health and fitness has become quite challenging, while this sudden worldwide pandemic has forced us to stay in the confinement of our homes. When it comes to exercises, we all have different preferences. Some of us prefer simple walking/hiking or jogging which requires no gear or equipment, other than good running shoes.

A treadmill is probably the most popular form of indoor exercise machine as it can be used by all ages of people and has no potential risk of injury. It provides the user with aerobic exercise and has programs to adjust speed and measure distance, calorie burned, heart rate, etc. I hope you find yours

If there is a lesson that treadmills missed, it is that of peaceful coexistence with floors. A treadmill will damage your carpet floor, and on the other hand, your carpet’s debris and dirt particles can also damage your treadmill. It is indeed two-way traffic!To ensure no enmity exists between your treadmill and your carpet floor,

Are you uncomfortable with the noise and vibrations your fantastic treadmill is producing? I know you hate tampering with the peace of the neighbors under your floor. Your family as well, desires to coexist peacefully with your treadmill.You don’t have to feel demotivated anymore working out on your treadmill due to its noise. We have

A treadmill enables you to maintain an indoor exercise habit regardless of the weather. However, some precautions need to be observed while using this device, whether at home or the gym. One of these precautions includes having a safety key in place.The safety key is responsible for activating the functions of a treadmill. This key

Did you know that your treadmill can damage your beautiful hardwood floor? If you didn’t know, then keep reading!A treadmill is heavy gym equipment. Add your weight to it; it will become heavier. All this weight, coupled with how treadmills run, can literally make your well-composed wooden floor cry.You will need to do some cushioning

Before getting to a healthy fitness level, there are foods to avoid for a healthy life. What next? You are stuck, right? It’s choosing a perfect treadmill to enhance Fitness.You are stuck between Sole F63 and F80; which one is a better choice in terms of home fitness? Sole is the best-known treadmill for home

Cardiovascular workouts boost the heart rate and your overall health. And there are many workout machines that will help you accomplish that. But, exercise bikes and treadmills are the most popular options for cardio workout sessions.Although both machines are suitable for cardio workouts, they’ve some notable differences. So, if you’ve access to both machines or

Fitness equipment assists in improving your cardio health and weight loss journey. But, between rowing machine vs. treadmill, which is the best one to use?As you know, treadmill running has been the go-to cardio exercise for many years. However, rowing has become very popular in recent years due to the rise of indoor rowers and

Like any other exercise equipment, a treadmill needs exceptional care and maintenance. When looking for the best treadmill lubricant, you should consider the type of treadmill that you have. There are many kinds of treadmills, and some require maintenance, while others that are high-end are pretreated and have zero maintenance.Taking care of your treadmill includes