What is a treadmill?

Many of us have already known it. A treadmill is a machine for walking and running while staying in the same place.

Can you believe it that treadmills were used as punishment devices for prisoners? In bygone days, treadmills were employed to produce electricity; presently, they serve different purposes-being used for walking, jogging and running.
They have a mobile pedestal along with a conveyor belt moving to the rear.

A treadmill user, while on treadmill, must require keeping pace with the speed of the conveyor belt.
The speed of the belt equals that of running or walking and therefore, can be duly manipulated and measured simultaneously.
Two different types of treadmills are available -one is electric-motor driven and the latter, manual treadmill, meaning it moves the moment a user pushes the belt with his/her feet. The former one is more expensive and long-lasting than the latter one.

To choose your best treadmill, you need to consider all your personal preferences.
There are different types of treadmills in the market.

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