About Treadmill Express Plus

Treadmill Express Plus began out of a desire to provide detailed and informative reviews from real people who actually test and use treadmills.

Over the years, our reviews have expanded to include ellipticals, exercise bikes, rowers, and other exercise equipment. Also, on this site, you will find tips on exercising, nutrition, workout attire, equipment maintenance, and much more.

Recently, home-based fitness products have flooded the market. Hence, accurate and helpful reviews are more needed now than before.

Our experienced reviewers want to hold your hand and help you make a well-informed decision. We have detailed reviews so you can see which equipment suits you best.

Meet the Team

Erik Brown, Certified Running Coach and Chief Editor

From a construction worker to an automotive technician to a certified running coach and editor, you can confidently say that Erik's career has been a diverse one. This journey has rewarded him with a discerning eye, enabling him to quickly tell a product’s quality from its construction and engineering.

Additionally, Erik holds numerous certifications from various fitness institutions like UESCA, ACE, World Gym International, Precision Nutrition and EBFA Global.

Therefore, he combines his technical know-how and fitness skills with his love for fitness to bring objective and well-thought reviews to the TreadmillExpressPlus.com community.

So, whether you are wondering which treadmill is best for your training or debating on the latest trending workout equipment, this is your place. Our insightful reviews will guide you into making the right purchase decision that you will be proud of even in the long run.

Anthony Lenney

Anthony Lenney, Contributor and Running Guru

In 2003, Anthony crossed the finish line for his very first race, breathing loudly and heavily. It took him 2:17 to run the half marathon on a foggy morning and in a hilly location. And, of course, there were some regrets along the way, but the outcome gave him huge pride.

Years later, he has run thousands of miles and still building on that very first victory. So, running is naturally in Anthony, which helps him easily coach runners, drawing from his passion and experiences.

Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones, Contributor and Certified Personal Trainer

Sydney is an ACE-certified personal trainer and nutritional coach who holds an MBA in international marketing.

You will find her at a  local YMCA training high-intensity interval exercises during her leave days. While here, she trains different age groups ranging from seniors to college and high school students.

Her passion for fitness began way back during her teenage years when she successfully bid goodbye to cigarette smoking. She says that neurobiological responses of exercises helped rewire her brain, thus turning her back to smoking.

From weight loss, hypertrophy, and rehabilitation training, Sydney is well experienced in handling unique fitness needs. She says she gets immeasurable joy whenever she sees her clients meet their health and fitness goals.

Bradley Hartley

Bradley Hartley, Product Reviewer and Content Strategist

Bradley is a fitness expert with a background in commerce. He grew up playing tennis and would sometimes run on the treadmill and lift some weights in his father’s home gym.

After high school, he left for Washington to play college tennis and while here, he also got his commerce degree. Later on, he was able to get several certifications in fitness training.

Most of the time, you will find him testing various fitness equipment and more specifically, he tries them to see how they feel for taller and bigger people.

Bradley and his wife have a home gym, and he says that the NordicTrack incline treadmill is his favorite and likes working out on it when watching Game of Thrones.

Our Content

Our Content

Starting with treadmills, we have three types of treadmill articles: roundups covering product categories, detailed reviews on individual products, and informational articles.

Our round-ups provide an overview of the best treadmills in a particular category (for example, the best treadmills for kids and the best treadmills under $500).

To create these articles, we conduct in-depth research and test as many products as possible, including established models and new releases (newer is great, but not always the best.)

We then pick out our favorites with detailed breakdowns of each product, followed by numerous comparisons.

You will notice a range of prices in our selections—value is an essential part of our criteria, and we are aware that not everyone has a mega budget for a treadmill.

Our individual product reviews are precisely what the name suggests; an in-depth audit of a particular product.

Suppose the product summaries in our round-up articles aren’t enough for your final decision.

In that case, our in-depth reviews often are (we have reviewed everything from the most popular Proform 505 CST treadmill and Xterra TRX3500 treadmill to exercise bikes like Jekee bike and Chaoke bike.)

Like our round-ups, you will find our individual product reviews detailed, clearly presented, subjective, and exceedingly helpful.

Last but not least, we write numerous informational articles on topics from choosing the best headphones for running to running barefoot on the treadmill. Treadmill Express Plus started with a mix of exercise information, equipment coverage, and even attire picks.

Although our treadmill content became widely known that we have focused a lot on that area, we still love good stories and overall fitness, so we publish all that to keep the site well-rounded.

Our Process

Our Process

Our content is a replication of the persons who create it. As mentioned above, we boast highly authentic staff and freelancers who truly live and breathe fitness.

Instead of picking regular writers and having them write on treadmills, we prioritize treadmill knowledge and fitness training experience when hiring.

Our staff has spent countless days running on treadmills, testing different workout equipment, doing various exercises, and living what we cover. Our readers expect content from genuine professionals, and that is what we deliver.

The process doesn’t end there. After our staff or freelance testers test fitness equipment, we spend a tremendous amount of time converting the test results into great content.

We often receive positive feedback on the helpfulness, comprehensive knowledge, and clarity reflected in our articles resulting from those efforts. In terms of photos, you will notice that our images are professional grade and relevant.