The Adidas 4D Shoes: Perfect for Running

Are Adidas 4D shoes good for running? Yes. Adidas is a top shoe brand that enjoys a wide global appeal. It has major distributors in many countries and is popular for producing high-quality shoes and apparel.

The Adidas 4D has a stunner appeal and brims of high quality so much that it's hard to imagine they are daily running shoes. They are super comfortable, stable, and protective of your feet.

The Adidas 4D running shoes have all the qualities to make your summer running experience smooth and enjoyable.

Adidas 4D Key Features

Athletes know that there's more to winning than running and training. Comfortable shoes can be the difference between you and your best performance yet.

Lattice construct

The overall construct of the shoe consists of a 3D material that's 39% bio-based. The effect is up to 23% added cushioning generating more than three times forward motion than previous Adidas running shoe versions.

Midsole innovation

The midsole features a unique shape (almost bowtie-like) FWD CELL. Every step a runner takes redirects the energy to give a forward motion.


The PRIMEKNIT+ upper fits seamlessly with the 4DFWD midsole to support your every move running forward. It fits like a sock but maintains its breathability making it comfortable for long runs.


·    Comfortable for long runs

·    A stable and balanced shoe

·    Added cushion for the perfect ground feel

·    Its lockdown fit is the best for narrow feet

·    The ideal summer running shoes

·    Terrific quality

·    Ideal for walking and gym use

·    It has a futuristic look and feels.


·    Not suitable for people with wide feet

·    Squeaky and stiff at first. You need to break into the shoes.

Adidas 4D Key Features

Why You Should Buy the Adidas 4D

You can hardly look at the Adidas 4D running shoes and pass them on the shelf. It's the ideal shoe for summer with a futuristic look and is suitable for gym and running.

Midsole foot cushion

The area between the heel and the ball of your feet is the midsole. Running shoes need cushioning in the midsole to reduce the stress on your ankles, knees, toes, and heel during a run.

The Adidas 4D cushioned midsole makes it safe for running while adding comfort. They also prevent and alleviate back and hip pains by improving body mechanics.

The Adidas 4D shoe midsoles can be tough and firm at first but the support makes you surefooted.

Arch support

Athletes with flat feet need arch support. If running is your regular exercise the Adidas 4D offers you arch stability. Runners with a high arch will also benefit from arch support.
Why You Should Buy the Adidas 4D

Injury prevention and alleviation

Adidas 4D running shoes use superior and high-quality materials that keep your feet protected when running. Even though some runners prefer barefoot running, they can't protect their feet from scrapes and cuts like the Adidas 4D shoes.

Athletic performance

Adidas 4D shoes are for competitive runners and those people who wish to improve their athletic performance. They are lightweight, comfortable, and feel like you are walking on clouds.

Ground feel

Hit the ground confidently and cruise without feeling pain as you navigate your running course. The Adidas 4D is low-to-the ground but doesn't sacrifice your feet's protection. The added cushioning mutes the ground impact.


They are the perfect summer shoes because they keep away sweat. The upper part of the shoe is a thin layered mesh with perforations to allow air in during your run. You can run in them under the scorching sun's summer heat.

Lighter than it appears

Don't be quick to trust what you see. The shoes look heavy but when you wear them, they fit in snugly and almost feel like you're running bare feet.

The cushion-to-weight ratio is unique, making it responsive to your every stride and improving your athletic performance.


Are Adidas 4D shoes good for running? Yes. They have a futuristic appearance and belong in the future. Owning a pair of these running shoes will guarantee you protection for a long time.

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