Why Are HOKA Shoes the Best

Are HOKA shoes good? Yes. There's no debate when it comes to the quality of HOKA shoes no matter how much controversy surrounds their unique design. HOKA running shoes are comfortable because of their midsoles which some people might find oversized.

HOKA shoes are good for athletes when performing different drills in training or running. The shoes have rigid stability and enhanced cushioning.

Brand Overview

Jean-Luc Diard and Nicola Mermoud of Annecy, France founded the HOKA brand in 2009. The motivation of the HOKA shoe design was to find shoes that can navigate challenging terrains and have rigid stability when running downhill.

Most HOKA shoes bear these attributes but designers tweak models with specific features depending on the use of the shoes for different athletes. The original idea of all HOKA shoes is to help athletes carry their momentum as they sprint or jog. It's a quality that is still seen in new-generation HOKA shoes today.

HOKA shoes are unisex. They are suitable for athletes of all ages and lifestyles depending on personal preference. The HOKA brand is continuously evolving and several athletes and podiatrist associations approve of their quality and health benefits.

HOKA shoes are recommended for orthopedics to help people suffering from various foot injuries and ailments.

Brand Overview

Features that Make HOKA Shoes Special

HOKA shoes pass through a strict manufacturing process to ensure the high quality and authenticity of the product and brand. HOKA uses advanced technologies and modern studies to curate the perfect shoes for training and running.

Here are some of the outstanding HOKA shoes features:

Cushioned Midsole

The layer between the insole and the outsole is the midsole. A cushioned midsole protects your knees and joints from shock when you hit the ground running, jogging, or walking.


The Meta-Rocker reduces the height difference from the heel to toe making it cause less stress on your feet. HOKA shoes also use rounded soles to help athletes with their forward momentum.

Active Foot Frame

You will find this frame at the back of your HOKA shoe. It supports the heel and comfortably secures the foot inside the midsole.


PROFLY is a unique HOKA midsole with firm foam for the toe area and soft foam for the heel. PROFLY offers a powerful toe-off and cushioned landing with each stride.
Features that Make HOKA Shoes Special


The J-frame is a protective feature on the medial side of each shoe to provide stability and prevent the inward rolling of the foot when running or walking.

Carbon fiber plate

The carbon fiber plate is lightweight, comfortable, and smooth to give you the best propulsion moving forward.


The HUBBLE heel is specific to some HOKA shoe models. The purpose is to give a smooth transition of the heel-to-toe and reduce the impact on your strides as you hit the ground.


·    Adequate shock absorption

·    Perfect balance and stability

·    Comfortable to wear for long

·    Wide toe box. Suitable for supinator and pronators.


·    Can be heavy

·    Some people feel they have too much cushion.

Why You Should Buy HOKA Shoes

Why You Should Buy HOKA Shoes

InnovationHOKA shoes are popular for their comfortable cushioning shoe models. But they also offer other superior design qualities that include breathable shoes and lightweight carbon plates to protect the feet.


HOKA shoes use superior materials that make the shoe durable and aesthetically appealing.


Athletes have run their personal best and smashed course records while wearing HOKA shoes. Comfortable shoes make the running experience enjoyable.


Athletes looking to buy running shoes wonder if HOKA shoes are good. The HOKA brand is suitable for running long distances and on rough terrains because of its many protective features. The added cushioning and breathable mesh are among other outstanding features that make HOKA shoes worth buying.


Why are HOKA shoes chunky?

The shoe design aims to reduce shock on impact. The heavy cushioning extends all through the shoe's length ensuring that your entire foot is protected and not just the heels. The cushioning theoretically supports forefoot and midfoot runners.

Are HOKA shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

There are many anecdotes from athletes who claim that HOKA shoes helped them cope with plantar fasciitis and significantly reduced injury risks.

Should seniors use HOKA shoes?

Seniors are better off wearing HOKA shoes. The shoes have rigid midsoles that give extra support and stability. The closed heels are protective and the grippy soles prevent slips and falls. The extra cushioning makes the shoes comfortable to wear for a long time.

The shoes are lightweight meaning that seniors won't expend too much energy walking in the shoes. They are durable and will serve them for a long time without needing a replacement. Finding comfortable shoes can be a challenge for seniors and HOKA shoes reduce the hassle.

What's the best HOKA shoe model?

All HOKA shoes are manufactured to be the best in the market. However, running shoes are a personal preference. Try running in different models and you will most likely find your ideal pair.

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