The 10 Best Gyms in Georgia

City life is buzzing with lots of activities, including health and Fitness. If you have just moved in and are looking for the best gyms in Georgia, many options will interest you.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is always someplace better for everyone where you can train and achieve perfect physical Fitness and well-being. People have varied interests and are looking to meet different fitness objectives, including rowing, biking, rock climbing, MMA, boxing, Spa, sauna, and swimming.

These are the top 10 gyms to look out for when you visit Georgia

  1. Lovely Bodies
  2. The Loft Athletic Club
  3. KoloFit Personal Training Studio
  4. Escalade Rock Climbing
  5. Hard Knox MMA & Fitness
  6. Independent MMA & Fitness
  7. The Refinery
  8. Buckhead Fight Club
  9. Snap Fitness
  10. Oktopus City Mall

1. Lovely Bodies

If you are looking to run into a celeb near you while in Georgia, Lovely Bodies gym is probably the closest you will get. The owner of this luxurious high-end training facility is Kory Phillips, whom you all know as the expert for revenge body fitness.

Training with stars can build your self-esteem in many ways as you get to rub on to their personalities and understand what drives them. But, of course, by now, you already know that you can expect top-class amenities, professional trainers, and a serene environment to focus on your physical Fitness.

You will enjoy the full-size boxing ring for professional athletes and other features in the surrounding area like the aqua pound bag, hanging boxing, double-end, uppercut, and speed skits.

The workout floor has an exciting theme that gets you lively the moment you step in, a football field, conditioning room, and stamina studio.

You can become a member and enjoy full access to a personal trainer, group classes, or enjoy your routine at the gym.

4417 Commerce Circle, Atlanta
Phone: +1 470-735-5085

2. The Loft Athletic Club

The Loft Athletic Club is among the few luxurious gyms in Georgia that offer the top experts and trainers to balance your nutrition and workout programs. While there, be sure to try their Zumba sessions and ab lab famous for delivering over-the-top results.

The owner and chief operator is the 2019 IBE GALA "Trainer of the Year" winner, Jason Lobdell, who fellow expert trainer Gee Bryant assists. The chances of meeting celebrities here are also high because it provides the best services and environment that attracts high-end clients.

You can become a member and enjoy the private sessions from top trainers worldwide or the various group workout classes.

If you want some personal time at the gym to practice your routines, there are various sports and massage therapy stations within the facility.

1122 Old Chattahoochee Ave. NW, Suite E, Atlanta
Phone: +1 404-732-3975

3. KoloFit Personal Training Studio

Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when you visit the KoloFit Personal training studio. The owner is the famous Brad Kolowich Jr., who is a top certified fitness, personal trainer, and nutrition specialist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brad Kolowich Jr. is a celebrity trainer who has worked with actress Alicia Silverstone, actor Jason Hall, and director Tyler Perry among others. The studio is spacious and features a 20-foot ceiling, smart HDTVs in strategic places, modern gym fitness equipment, and WIFI.

Other perks that you will find alluring include their towel service, complimentary branded merchandise, and organic coffee bar. Membership comes with access to personal trainers and group classes to help you meet your physical objectives.

1465 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA, 30318
Phone: +1 404-862-6622

4. Escalade Rock Climbing

Georgia has the best rock-climbing scenery and culture; therefore, most gyms offer rock climbing training and facilities. Among the top options is the Escalade Rock climbing gym, which has two locations within Georgia.

Both locations offer different challenges for people with different levels of expertise. There are interactive classes for children aged 5 and above, youth, and adults. You can enroll in beginner classes if you are new or opt for expert training that matches your level.

Enjoy the summer and Spring camps and parties, including the Climbtopia, a family-themed 10-course challenge. There's also the Homeschoolers offer every Thursday where you can train at discounted prices.


Escalade Rock Climbing - Kennesaw
3694 Kennesaw South Industrial Dr
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: +1 770-794-1575

Escalade Rock Climbing - Peachtree City
125 Depot Court
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Phone: +1 678-870-1400

5. Hard Knox MMA & Fitness

Hard Knox MMA & Fitness serves a wider area of Georgia, including Dallas, Atlanta, Woodstock, Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, and Marietta. It's the best facility for people looking to improve their competitive edge in MMA and Fitness.

Among the things to expect are their top workout programs and courses for MMA, Kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, and circuit training. The sessions cover Highly-intensive, interval training and a full-body workout.

Besides the group classes and well-curated programs, you will also get a personalized trainer assigned to you for guidance and instructions. So whether it's for personal Fitness or competitions, the team of experts will design a workout program for every level and challenge.

You can visit the gym and enjoy the first-day free class if you need to make further assessments.

1025 Cobb InternationalDr. Suite #270, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Phone: +1 770-792-2999

6. Independent MMA & Fitness

It's challenging to imagine that self-defense classes, MMA, boxing, and kickboxing can be a family-friendly environment. But at the Independent MMA & Fitness gym, the environment fosters all generations for a day out.

The variety of programs available includes Muay Thai, cardio kickboxing, kids, and adult kickboxing classes, etc. In addition, you can also benefit from their HIIT, RIPPED, boxing, and Rumble training.

The Independent MMA Fitness gym has a proven success record of members in various competitions. In addition, competitors' testimonies inspire people who wish to join this prestigious and elite gym.

You have expert coaches at your disposal and trainers to enable you to gain your competitive edge. So if your goal is to become a champion or to improve your levels as a pro athlete, you will have everything you need.

Group classes are interactive, and the gym amenities are top-class to make you achieve your highest physical potential.

235 McDonough Pkwy, McDonough, GA 30253,
Phone: +1 678-432-9005

7. The Refinery

The Refinery is among the most popular gyms in Georgia because of its class, consistency, and high-level success. If you have children and still want to go to the gym, they can come along because The Refinery offers the safest kids-friendly environment.

Your kids and teen children can start training for various sports and competitions early, nurturing their potential when they are still young. There's plenty to do at the Refinery gym, including youth programs, adult workouts, group classes, private training, and the open gym area.

The equipment is all modern to offer you the best experience. In addition, the ambiance is set to inspire a mood that lets out your beast mode.

The Refinery also offers wellness amenities like the chiro spa, massage, and recovery room. It sits on a 12000-square feet plot and has an industrial design of open spaces for different training exercises.

You can enjoy sports like swimming or other indoor activities on the 40-yard track. Biocircuit technology in the training area is revolutionary for strength and cardio workouts, and the Inbody scanner lets you measure metrics such as body fat, weight, and muscle mass.

Most of the amenities at the Refinery offer a luxurious experience because of the use of cutting-edge machines and technology.

2260 Marietta Blvd NW #108, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: +1 678-270-2676

8. Buckhead Fight Club

The Buckhead Fight Club is the best place in Georgia if you are looking to train specifically for boxing. It's a top boxing gym that offers the best experience for beginners and pro athletes.

Among the classes on offer include martial arts and Shotokan, which improve your movement and technique across various sporting events. In addition, there are programs for kids and adults, both kickboxing and boxing competitions.

You can become a member by paying their affordable monthly rates granting you access to private lessons from expert coaches. You can also enjoy the group classes offered on different weekdays where you can interact freely with other members.

If you wish to train alone, you can work out in the fully equipped gym area to achieve individual fitness objectives.

3293 Buford Hwy NE #500, Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: +1 678-322-7511

9. Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness represents the people of Georgia who are tired of carrying excess weight and want to shed off some of it. It's the best gym for weight loss and operates 24 hours, meaning members can schedule their preferred workout times.

Other training programs include powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and full-body workouts. You can expect top-class gym machines, equipment, and amenities as a top-rated gym in Georgia.

There are group classes you can join and work with other members or opt for a private trainer to offer individual lessons and training programs. Then, when you feel like training alone, you can access the gym area and enjoy your custom workout routine.

Programs include cardio, strength, and endurance training. Membership rates are affordable and grant access to advanced technology equipment to track muscle mass, weight, and heart rate metrics.

920 Glenwood Ave SE suite 102/103, Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: +1 404-627-8000

10. Oktopus City Mall

Oktopus City Mall is Tbilisi, Georgia's largest and most modern gym. It occupies the top floor of the City Mall giving you a good view of the city as you work out. Oktopus is still new, meaning that when you visit, you will get to use new machines and equipment.

This gym has expert trainers if you are looking for a place that can deliver the best CrossFit training. In addition, the space between machines is spaced-out, giving every individual ample space to work.

The gym is never crowded and this will make you enjoy the amenities and equipment as long as you want. You can work out in the spinning or Pilates studio and more.

You can join plenty of group classes and share a common workout objective with other members. Or you can opt for private lessons from expert trainers who are always ready and willing to assist.

The staff is friendly, and the high prices only ensure that you get a high-end experience with access to the best equipment.

Tbilisi City Mall, top floor
1 Petre Kavtaradze St, Tbilisi 0186, Georgia
Phone: +995 32 230 18 88


All the gyms and clubs listed in this article feature the best gyms in Georgia as they cover luxury, modernity, technology, affordability, and ambiance. You can now choose a gym near you if it meets your preference and become a member to enjoy unlimited access to various gym facilities.


What is the best 24-hour gym in Georgia?

You can visit the Snap Fitness facilities for the best workout class and high-end experience. The staff is ready to assist you at whatever time of day or night.

What is the best gym in Marietta, GA?

If you live in Marietta, GA, you can visit the Refinery and enjoy the most modern equipment and amenities to help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Can I find a personal trainer in Atlanta, GA?

Yes. All the gyms mentioned in this article provide expert trainers and coaching services. But, for most, you get a personal trainer at your disposal when you become a member.

Are there gyms near Atlanta, GA?

Yes. Most of the gyms in this article are in Atlanta, GA, including Buckhead Fight Club, Snap, Fitness, and the Refinery.

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