Best Nike Running Shoes for Kids

Choosing the right track shoes for your child can be pretty daunting. And with the market flooded with several options, the search gets even more challenging.

To help you in your search, we have scoured the internet and handpicked Nike's ten best children's running shoes.

At a Glance – Our Favorite 10 Picks for Best Nike Running Shoes for Kids

These running shoes from Nike are durable, comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. So, if you're looking for some good running shoes for kids, the following picks on this list are worth considering.

  1. Nike Kid's Revolution 3
  2. Nike Preschool Flex
  3. Nike Star Runner 2
  4. Nike Unisex Revolution 5
  5. Nike Renew Run
  6. Nike (TDV) Star Runner 2
  7. Nike Revolution Velcro
  8. Nike Star Runner 3
  9. Nike Revolution 4
  10. Nike Flex Plus

Best Kids Nike Running Shoes in 2022 – Table Comparison

Check out the following table to get a brief idea of what these shoes offer.


Product  & Feature


Nike Kid’s Revolution 3

Nike Kid’s Revolution 3

  • Breathable fit
  • Rubber sole
  • Deep flex grooves
Nike Preschool Flex

Nike Preschool Flex

  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Rubber outsole
  • Easy slip-on design
Nike Star(GS) Runner 2

Nike Star(GS) Runner 2

  • Man-made sole
  • Soft midsole foam
  • Durable traction
Nike Unisex Revolution 5

Nike Unisex Revolution 5

  • Unisex
  • Superior comfort
  • Flexible & durable traction
Nike Renew Run GS

Nike Renew Run GS

  • 10+ color combinations
  • Reinforced toe tip
  • Breathable mesh upper
Nike (TDV) Star Runner 2

Nike (TDV) Star Runner 2

  • Durable traction
  • Easy to wear
  • Cushioned comfort
Nike Revolution Velcro

Nike Revolution Velcro

  • Unisex
  • Multiple color options
  • Pretty long-lasting
Nike Star Runner 3

Nike Star Runner 3

  • Great comfort
  • Recycled mesh and synthetic leather
  • Super-soft foam
Nike Revolution 4

Nike Revolution 4

  • Optimal breathability
  • Excellent traction
  • Deep grooves allow free movement
Nike Flex Plus

Nike Flex Plus

  • Easy slip-on
  • Super-soft cushioning
  • Super flexible

10 Best Nike Running Shoes For Kids

Here are our top ten favorite Nike track shoes for kids that you can get in 2022.

1. Nike Kid's Revolution 3

best nike running shoes for kids

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Style: Lace

Department: Girls


  • Available in multiple sizes and color combinations
  • Rubber sole with flex grooves allow natural motion
  • Quite durable and breathable


  • Higher price tag

The Nike Kids Revolution 3 shoes are a decent pair of running shoes for girls aged 4-8 years old.

Little ones who like running around will have no trouble doing so with these shoes on. The rubber sole features flex grooves that allow natural movements.

The different color combinations and five unique sizes are a plus. The sneakers have full-length foam inside that provides optimum bottom and heel support.

This Nike running shoe pair features a full-length mesh that's breathable and without overlays, making the shoe more flexible. Furthermore, they have laces with durable, lightweight, and stylish soles.

  •  Get this pair for the incredible flexibility and comfort
  • Its durable and breathable material

kids running sneakers

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Style: Slip-on

Department: Boys


  • Slip-on design makes wearing super easy
  • Leather sole for better breathability
  • Mesh footbed and lining for optimum comfort


  • Size runs small according to some parents

These shoes are among the best Nike running shoes for boys you can get for preschoolers. They are comfortable, available in multiple colors, and boast a handy slip-on design.

For parents whose little kid has difficulty with laces, this running shoe's style is a perfect choice.

They feature a leather sole to allow your kids' feet to breathe and keep the shoes dry and cool inside. The stretchy mesh upper lets your little one quickly wear and remove these shoes.

The shoes' heel pull loops further accentuate their functionality. The shoe size may run small, so you might want to keep that in mind.Check out these simple running programs for kids.

  •  Putting them on is easy
  • Ideal for kids who have difficulty with laces

good running shoes for kids

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Style: Lace

Department: Unisex


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Extra foam offers great comfort
  • Velcro strap for a secure fit


  • Kids with chubbier feet will find the strap a little short

The Nike Star Runner 2 is among the best running shoes for youth. This model comes in big kid sizes suitable for ages 8-12. Plus, there are multiple color variations to choose from.

Parents looking for cool running shoes for boys and girls will find these Nikes perfect. The unique design featuring laces and a Velcro strap make them stylish and secure.

This running shoe features a rubber sole with grooves that offers excellent grip, durable traction, and flexibility.

There's extra foam around the sneakers' tongue and collar for comfort. The soft foam midsoles provide support underfoot and cushioning. The strap is short for children with chubbier feet.

  • Supports every step with ultra-soft padding
  • Breathable material keeps feet dry and odorless

what are the best running shoes for kids

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Style: Lace

Department: Unisex


  • Best kids' cross country shoes
  • Soft foam padding allows comfortable runs
  • Multiple sizes and color options


  • The Velcro may stop working overtime

Your search for the best Nike youth running shoes may end with the Revolution 5, designed for children in grade schools.

If you have a boy or girl between 8 to 12 years old, you'll surely find a decent pair in this model. Available in 6+ sizes, there's a perfect shoe for every foot size.

The rubber soles in these shoes offer more durability and better protection to your child's feet. In addition, the soft foam cushions every stride and allows one to run comfortably. Thus, you won't have to worry about your kid playing outdoors.

The Revolution 5 features a lightweight mesh that's breathable and stretchable, allowing one to run around freely.

  • Ideal for everyday run
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

cool running shoes for boys

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Style: Lace

Department: Unisex


  • Best casual, everyday running shoes
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh
  • Offers superior comfort & durability


  • Some sizes tend to run out of stock quickly

The Renew Run GS is for anyone who wants a comfortable, casual running shoe for their kids.

These kicks come in 10+ fun color combinations and multiple sizes, so you can find a perfect pair for your child.

Besides the lightweight and breathable mesh, these kicks have a soft inner core with slightly firm foam for superior comfort and stability.

The breathable, lightweight mesh allows your child to play and run around comfortably. The reinforced toe tip further keeps their foot safe from falling objects.

  •  Quality running shoes at an affordable rate
  • Quite sturdy

best girls running shoes list

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Style: Slip-on + straps

Department: Unisex


  • Good traction
  • Extra cushion for comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh


  • The opening can be a bit wide for some kids

These cute yet equally sturdy and comfortable sneakers from Nike are perfect for toddlers.

Durable traction, lightweight mesh upper, and optimum support make the TDV a favorite among most parents worldwide.

With extra padding around the shoe's tongue and collar, your toddler can enjoy playtime outdoors comfortably. The soft midsole foam further improves the comfort level of these sneakers.

They're comfortable, easy-to-wear shoes that boast a lightweight mesh upper and offer excellent traction and support.

  •  Secure fit with two straps
  • Built to offer optimum comfort and support

childrens running shoes list

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Style: Velcro

Department: Unisex


  • Secure fit
  • Supportive design
  • Reinforced toe tip for protecting your kid's feet


  • Not everyone will prefer the Velcro straps

This Nike model is a sure winner for anyone searching for quality sports shoes for toddlers. The supportive design featuring a Velcro strap makes these Nikes ready for action wherever your little one goes.

With these kicks on, you won't have to worry about your kids jumping, walking, and running around. The soft foam underfoot will provide the much-needed cushioning wherever their little feet step.

The elastic laces coupled with the simple strap allow one to put on and remove the shoes with ease. Additionally, the reinforced toe tip will help protect your child's feet from falling objects.

The breathable, stretchy mesh and cushion around the ankle ensure your little one's foot remains comfortable. Meanwhile, the leather underfoot provides stability and support wherever needed.

  • Supportive design and reinforced toe tip provide comfort and protection
  • Soft foam underfoot supports each step

youth running shoes list for flat feet

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Style: Lace

Department: Unisex


  • Value for money
  • Ideal for preschoolers
  • Excellent traction


  • Some may find it a little narrow

These kicks from Nike offer great value for money. If you want versatile kids running sneakers for preschoolers, you'll find a perfect pair in this model.

The Star Runner 3 doesn't hold back on breathability, comfort, and durability. This means your child can play, run, and jump without discomfort.

The shoe front comes with recycled mesh to help keep little feet cool while giving little toes enough space to wiggle. The heel features synthetic leather for durability and stability. The soft insole and foam underfoot deliver cushioned comfort.

In addition, the grooves and molded stars on the shoes' soles provide excellent traction in every direction.

  •  Available in fun colors
  • Offers great value

best nike running shoes list for boys

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Style: Lace

Department: Unisex


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Flex grooves allow kids to move naturally
  • Comfortable cushioning


  • Some customers had issues with the fit

The Revolution 4 from Nike is another lineup of kicks worthy of praise. It has almost every critical feature you'd want your children's shoes to have.

From lightweight, breathable mesh upper and soft foam midsole to a rubber outsole and deep flex grooves, these kicks are built for optimum comfort, support, and all-day fun.

Like most of the Nikes on this list, the Revolution 4 comes in many color options. They're available in different sizes, mainly designed to fit children aged 8-12.

These shoes have a breathable mesh upper to ensure your kid's feet remain fresh and dry all day long. In addition, the soft foam midsole provides a lightweight and comfortable cushioning to their feet. Deep flex grooves and rubber outsole ensure natural motion and excellent traction.

  •  Keeps your feet and shoes fresh and odorless with breathable material
  • Moving around feels natural

best nike running shoes list for kids

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Style: Slip-on

Department: Unisex


  • Superior comfort
  • Slip-on design
  • Adequately supports your child's every step


  • Expensive

These incredibly stylish kicks from Nike are ideal for any parent looking for the best youth running shoes for flat feet. Superior comfort, optimum support, and traction are what these shoes offer. These are all key features children with a flat foot need in their shoes.

The Nike Flex Plus offers all-around comfort with super-soft padding in every critical place. Thus, offering your kid the necessary support in every stride and step.  

These Nike shoes boast a stylish slip-on design featuring two pull tabs that allow little feet in easily. There's also a stretchy strap accompanied by leather on each side of the footwear to give your kid a secure feel.

Furthermore, under the forefoot, the sneaker features flexible grooves, which allows for a more natural motion. That said, these Nikes fall on the expensive side.

  •  It's easy to slip them on
  • Ideal for children with flat feet

How We Picked The Best Nike Running Shoes for Kids

Each running shoe on this list has been carefully handpicked by considering a few critical factors. They include:

⦿ Durability:

Because your kid will most likely use the running shoes daily, it makes total sense to pick durable and wear-resistant shoes. Each Nike shoe on this list can withstand rough use.

⦿ Design:

Because each child will have a different preference, we chose slip-on sneakers (a popular choice among kids who have difficulty with laces) besides the regular lace shoes.

⦿ Support:

The best footwear for kids should offer good support and protect their feet from uneven terrain. This is vital, especially when choosing shoes for those with flat feet. The sneakers on this list have been picked to ensure each parent finds a pair that appropriately fits and supports their kid's feet.

⦿ Breathability:

Just like adults, kids' feet tend to sweat, causing the same discomfort that we feel. Therefore, it's important to pick footwear with uppers boasting breathable construction. You'll only find sneakers with a breathable mesh upper on this list.

Buyers Guide: Quick Summary

With the top 10 Nike kids running shoes covered, here's a quick buyer's guide to help you make the best buying decision.

Want affordable Nikes for kids?

The Nike Preschool Flex and the Nike Renew Run are both great choices. One features a slip-on design, while the other comes with laces. Nevertheless, both have excellent comfort, durability, and support despite being affordable compared to the others.

Need the best slip-on Nikes?

Go for either the Flex Plus or the TDV Star Runner 2. The latter boasts durable traction and a lightweight mesh upper and is comparatively cheaper than the Flex Plus. The former offers optimum comfort, support, and protection with its innovative design.

Need the best Nike Lace shoes?

You can't go wrong with Nike's Revolution 4 (GS) and Revolution 5. Surely, they're more on the expensive side, yet the value they offer makes up for its price.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the best running shoes for kids?

While there isn't one answer to this, as it'll vary depending on each kid's preference, it's always wise to go for footwear that offers decent stability, support, comfort, and uses breathable materials. And that's what leading shoe brands like Nike, New Balance, and Asics offer.

2. Are Velcro or lace shoes better?

Shoes with either style will work perfectly if your kid just runs around in the backyard or playground. But if your child is athletic and runs several miles daily, lace shoes would be ideal. Laces provide a fit that's more secure than Velcro. Plus, they add another level of support when in motion.

3. Are Nike sneakers heavy?

They can be heavy. However, the brand offers several lightweight models appropriate for younger kids.

Final Thoughts 

These are the ten best kicks from Nikes that you can consider getting for your little runner.

While every model on this list offers great value, each has its own pros & cons. And so, the right pair will depend on the kid's individual preference and foot type.

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