Surge Protector For Treadmill- Top 10 Picks In 2023 (Review and Buying Guide)

If you decide to work out at home, you need to invest in gym equipment to help you with your routine. Buying a treadmill is an investment worth protecting for most indoor exercises, which include running, jogging, and sprinting. Also important is buying the best surge protector for the treadmill.

Does a treadmill need a surge protector? A treadmill is a heavy-duty electrical machine that commands exorbitant prices. Because it uses electricity, it's susceptible to power spikes and surges. There are cases where treadmill owners incur damages beyond repair, losing in an instant a machine that should serve for several years.

Unfortunately, there's no predicting when an electrical spike or surge will occur. So the best you can do is protect your electrical machines and devices from an early junkyard by getting a surge protector.

All surge protectors carry the same function, but before buying any, you should at least spend some time evaluating the unique features that set them apart. In this review, you will find the best ten treadmill surge protectors available in the market today.

Top 10 Best Surge Protector for Treadmill: Comparison Table


Product  & Feature


Tripp Lite Treadmill Surge Protector - SUPER7B 7

  • 2160 joules energy rating
  • 7-Foot power chord
  • LED lights for diagnostics

Tripp Lite Isobar Twin Outlet Surge Protector

  • The design features a metal casing for durability
  • 6-foot cord accompanied with a 12-foot extension power cord
  • Two power outlets
  • A maximum of 1410 joules energy rating
  • It comes with a noise filter

Huntkey Treadmill Surge Protector - SMC127

  • 2 USB charging ports (Smart IC Technology)
  • 12 power outlets (six widely spread)
  • It has a safety circuit break On/Off switch
  • 6-foot power extension cord
  • A high energy rating of 2390 joules

Echogear Treadmill Surge Protector - 8 Power Outlets

  • It comes with eight power outlets
  • 3420 joules maximum energy rating
  • Fireproof cover
  • It features an in-built circuit breaker and a 6ft power extension cord
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering bank

APC 6-Outlet Treadmill Wall Surge protector

  • 1080 joules energy rating
  • 6-power outlets
  • 2 USB charging ports (2.4 Amp)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Compact design

Belkin 12-Outlet Treadmill Surge Protector

  • 12 power outlets
  • 8-foot power extension cord
  • Up to 6,000V spike voltage
  • 4320 joules energy rating

APC P11U2 Treadmill Surge Protector-11 Outlets

  • 2880- Joules energy rating
  • 11 power outlets
  • 6-foot extension power cord
  • 2 USB ports giving 2.4Amps and 120V
  • $ 250,000-lifetime warranty

APC P11VNT3 Treadmill Surge Protector

  • The power cord rotates 180 degrees
  • In-built faulty wiring indicator
  • Fail-safe capability
  • An LED light overload indicator
  • A resetting circuit breaker

Belkin Treadmill Surge Protector - 12 Outlets

  • A high 4,000-joule energy rating
  • 8-foot power cord
  • 12 outlets
  • Low-Profile Plug

Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV Treadmill Surge Protector - 12 Outlet Surge

  • All 12 outlets are protected against electric surges and spikes
  • USB charging ports Protects all electronic devices from power surges & spikes
  • Keyhole shape holes for wall mounting
  • Lifetime warranty of up to $150,000

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Tripp Lite SUPER7B 7 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

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The seven outlets mean that you can plug in other machines with your treadmill, and they will all be protected. In any setup, whether at home or a public gym, it's an upside to plug in other devices like a personal computer, home theatre, TV, router, fax, and phone.

The Tripp Lite surge protector has a right-angle shape plug that allows easy maneuverability of machines and furniture against the wall saving much-needed space. In addition, the attached 7-foot cord gives you the extension you need to retain machines at their spot by moving the power outlet closer.

It's a product that conforms with the safety standards UL 1449 surge protector for the treadmill. The surge protector can cut power from the outlet if it detects a compromised circuit. Installed with LED lights, you can determine if the connection isn't grounded.

 Because of the high 2160 joules energy rating, all your machines are protected against power surges and spikes.


  • The design features keyhole mounting slots
  • It has seven well-spaced power outlets
  • The 2160 joules energy rating is high
  • Eliminates line noises


  • Plastic covers for outlets can break and fall off, allowing dirt to get into the power outlets

The Tripp Lite Super7B7 treadmill surge protector has a keyhole slot that allows neat mounting on the wall. The ultimate upside is the 2160 joules energy rating that can tolerate high electric spikes and surge.

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

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Whereas having many power outlets is an advantage, sometimes there isn't a need when you only need one or two. The Tripp Lite isobar twin power outlet is a reliable electric surge protector and electric noise elimination. The noise bank filter also helps to reduce interference from other devices connected to the surge protector.

Even though it has a low energy rating (1410 joules), it is more than enough to protect your treadmill from electric surges. The in-built circuit breaker can tolerate up to 12-amp and cuts the electric connection once it detects a problem. In addition, the protective metal casing is fire resistant.

A six-foot cable attached to a right-angle treadmill plug makes it convenient for use in limited spaces and brings the outlet closer to the treadmill position. In addition, it has keyhole mounting slots to mount on your wall.


  • Up to 1410-joule energy rating
  • Protective metal housing (Fire-resistant)
  • In-built circuit breaker
  • Keyhole mounting slots


  • People complain of some buzz or line noise when using both power outlets

When other devices are plugged in, they might cause electrical interference. A noise bank filter eliminates these noises.

Huntkey 12 Outlets Power Strip Surge Protector 2 USB Ports

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The dual smart USB charging ports make it a multipurpose treadmill surge protector. The Huntskey SMC127 is a surge protector with a smart IC USB technology charger. It has an energy rating of 2390 joules.

The protective cover material is fire retardant. In addition, all the 12 power outlets are protected against overload with an automatic On/Off switch that detects power surges and spikes.

The attached 6-foot power extension cord is deliberate to allow you to reach the power outlets even when the treadmill is distant.

Never run out of charging outlets again when juicing up your wide arrays of electronics at home while protecting them against nasty power surges at the same time.


  • The overload switch turns off automatically when there are power spikes/surges
  • Know your power status by looking at the indicator
  • A protective fire-resistant cover
  • Keyhole wall-mounting slots
  • 3-year warranty


  • Some users feel the 6-foot power extension cord is too short

With 12 power outlets, you can plug in many devices at home or the gym without fear of a power overload.

ECHOGEAR 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

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The slim design can be deceiving, as it holds the 3420-joules energy rating making it a powerful surge protector. In addition, the design makes it convenient for wall mounting and can fit in-between treadmills and other gym furniture.

The additional fire retardant cover protects the surge protector against external fires. Finally, with eight ports to choose from, you can connect most of your electric devices without the fear of overload.

Manufacturers test the Echogear treadmill surge protector joules and are UL certified.


  • It has a slim design. The best for wall mounting
  • All eight power outlets are protected against electric spikes and surges
  • A long-term solution to electric surges


  • Five power outlets are too close together, making them unsuitable for larger adapters

You can plug in three monster plugs without interfering with other plugs because of the wide spaces in between.

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A power extension cord is only useful when moving the surge protector close to a power outlet. But when the treadmill is set up near a power outlet, you need a wall-mount surge protector.

Cordless doesn't mean that the surge protector serves only one electric device. For example, the APC treadmill wall surge protector has six power outlets. In addition, it's multipurpose and compact to allow it to fit in narrow spaces.

It has a noise filtering bank that reduces RFI and EMI interferences. The lights warn you if the surge protector detects wiring faults. The SurgeArrest fail safe lets you know if there's a problem with the surge protector and that your electronic devices are no longer protected.


  • A high energy rating (1080-joules)
  • It has a failsafe that triggers when there's an electric surge
  • A circuit breaker that resets
  • Noise bank Filters for RFI/EMI line interferences
  • Has two USB ports for charging
  • Sole treadmill surge protector


  • Some wall outlets may not have the central screw mount

It's unique and compact, making it the best when you have limited space. In addition, the surge arrest failure safe makes you know instantly if the surge protector isn't working.

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The Belkin treadmill surge protector has a 4320 joules energy rating, which is the highest in the market. All the 12 power outlets are protected against electric spikes and surges for up to 6000 v spike voltage.

If your home gym has a TV, the in/out port is convenient to centralise all your electronic devices' power sources. Moreover, with 12 power outlets, there can be no incidence of electric power trips from overcrowding an outlet.

With an 8-foot-long power extension cord, you can set up your treadmill at any position in the room, not necessarily near the power socket outlet. You can use all outlets regardless of the plug size.

While this model has many positives, it has only one downside. Compared to other surge protectors, it tends to burn out. Fortunately, it comes backed with up to a $ 300,000-lifetime warranty.


  • It charges and protects multiple electronic appliances at a go
  • All power outlets are usable even when using large adapters
  • A high energy rating of 4320 joules
  • Twelve power outlets with an 8-foot-long cord
  • RFI/EMI noise filter


  • Tendency to burnout
  • The plastic sliding covers get loose and eventually drop off

If the $300,000-lifetime warranty isn't enough incentive, then the high 4320-joule energy rating should be enough to motivate you.

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USB charging ports are an added advantage because many electric devices use this feature. There are 11 power outlets with six well-spaced to fit large adapters and five options for normal-sized adapters.

It has a slender design that makes it aesthetically appealing and practical if you have limited space. The 90 degrees plug doesn't take much space adding more to its practicality.

The two USB ports use smart charging technology that delivers the required charging efficiency to all electronic devices. When you aren't using the power outlets aren't in use, the safety shutters close to prevent dust from entering.

There's a fail-safe SurgeArrest and an in-built circuit breaker to protect your treadmill from electric surges and spikes. The fail-safe lets you know when the APC treadmill surge arrestor is no longer functioning.


  • In-built faulty wiring indicator
  • It has a fail-safe
  • 2.4 Amp, 120V Double USB ports
  • It has a flexible power extension cord (rotates 180 degrees)


  • Using both USB charging ports simultaneously reduces the charge speed

It has a sleek and slim profile. The 11 power outlets have six that are widely spaced. As a result, you can plug in most of your electronic appliances from a single power source. The 8-foot power extension cord is also an advantage.

8. APC Surge Protector - P11VNT3 (Best all Purpose)

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The APC P11VNT3 treadmill surge protector is the go-to protection device you need when you aren't sure of the power quality. Despite being under three pounds, it serves the heavy purpose of protecting your treadmill and other attached devices.

The 3020 joules is a high energy rating. Its ability to protect all 11-outlets is commendable. In addition, the surge protector can display if the outlet carries a potential shock threat.

The fail-safe SurgeArrest mode has an inbuilt circuit breaker that resets automatically. As a result, you will know when your surge protector is no longer protecting your treadmill and other electronic devices.

The right-angle power plug helps reduce stress on the cord, which will serve you for a long time.


  • Overload Circuit Light/Indicator
  • Faulty wiring indicator
  • RFI/EMI Noise Filter
  • In-built resettable circuit breaker
  • Phone line protection


  • It doesn't have proper electrical shielding
  • If the plug prongs are too tight, they may break the outlet protective covers

It's an all-purpose surge protector. The 3020-joule energy rating is high and protects your treadmill against heavy electrical surges and spikes. It's the best surge suppressor for the NordicTrack treadmill.

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Modern home gyms include much electric equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, TV, home theatre, PC, and other devices. Therefore, you need an electrical surge protector with many outlets to power all these devices.

The 12-power outlets to give you a single power source for neat electrical connections.

With an energy rating of 4000 joules, it's among the top surge protectors you will find today. As a result, you can ensure that all your high-end electrical equipment is protected from significant electric spikes and surges.

It has a limited 2-year warranty for equipment connection of up to $ 250,000. The 8-foot power cord is advantageous when moving the power outlets closer to your treadmill position.


  • It has a low profile plug convenient for tight spaces
  • A protective fire-resistant casing
  • Up to $ 250,000-lifetime warranty of connected equipment


  • It's bulky and fairly large

When you aren't sure how many amps does a treadmill use. The new technology for power filtration reduces EMI and RFI interferences. In addition, the protective cover is fire-resistant, scratch-proof, and durable.

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The 12 power outlets all have the 2880-joules energy rating surge protection. In addition, there are four wide-spaced power outlets to plug in large adapters or transformers.

The safety shutters protect your surge protector from dust and prevent people from sticking in things that could damage it. The eight-foot power extension cord has a 90-degree plug that makes it convenient for tight spaces.

If you have other connections in your home gym like phone lines, fax, modem, or router, they are all protected. Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV has an in-built circuit breaker that makes it safe for all your appliances whenever it detects an anomaly with the power distribution.

If the light is green, it means your treadmill is protected, but if it glows red, it indicates that the unit needs to be grounded.


  • 2880-joules of energy rating
  • outlets have sliding safety covers
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Four well-spaced power outlets for large adapters


  • The sliding safety covers are sometimes stiff
  • Plugging in appliances can be challenging

A lifetime warranty of up to $150,000 is an incentive you should consider. In addition, the 2880 joules energy rating offers sufficient protection to your treadmill. You can also mount it on the wall to offer you one power source for all your electronic appliances.

Ultimate Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Treadmill Surge Protector

There are many treadmill lubricants, but not all are suitable for your treadmill. These are the features that determine the best treadmill lubricant to help you decide.

1. Energy Rating

We measure the protection level of a surge protector in joules. A high energy rating means better protection for your treadmill. The lowest rating is 600joules, and the highest is 4000 joules.

If you plan to connect many electric appliances, consider a surge protector with a high energy rating.

2. Jacks and Outlets

The power outlets you need will depend on how many appliances you want to plugin. The more, the merrier because some adapters are large and may overlap, blocking other outlets. There are surge protectors with only two power outlets, and others have 12.

Rotational outlets are convenient when fixing large adapters, preventing blocking other outlets. Remember to check the configurations of your treadmill surge protector. It should be well-spaced, in two rows, outward, or rotational.

3. Connections

Modern home gyms don't feature only a treadmill and weights. You can make it comfortable by adding other electric devices like phones, fax, TV, PC, and router. Finding a surge protector that can accommodate all these devices and shield against surges is important.

4. Sliding Safety Covers

Treadmill powers surges can be costly, and it's an investment you would want to protect. The covers help keep away dust when the outlets are idle. They are also child safety as it prevents kids from sticking objects that might cause them to harm or damage the surge protector.

5. Design

While the design isn't the first thing you would want from a surge protector, it has a significant bearing on your decision. In addition, features like wall mounting options are important if you want a single power source.

Additionally, the design helps with limited space, and slimmer profiles are suitable for tight spaces.

6. Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a switch that turns On/Off when the surge protector detects an electric spike or surge. Some models have a resettable circuit breaker that you can turn on if it goes off following a power trip.

7. Cord Length/Cordless

The cord length depends on your needs. Some prefer shorter extension cords, while others want longer cords. The standard length of power cords for surge protectors ranges from 6-Foot to 10-foot.

However, you can buy cordless models. These are space-conscious and give the same protection level as the corded ones.

8. Plug Type

You will find two versions. The first option extends from the wall, while the second option is a 90-degree angle plug that runs parallel to the wall when plugged into the socket.

Depending on your space, you can acquire either option. Another functional plug design is the 180-degree rotational power cord.

9. Warranty

Not all surge protectors offer warranties that cover the connected equipment plugged in. Some offer lifetime warranties (which shows how confident the manufacturers are with their product) and limited warranties.

The warranty covers up to a specific amount. The lowest amount is $ 50,000, and the highest is $ 300,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does a treadmill need a surge protector?

Treadmills have microprocessors, which makes them vulnerable to the slightest power surge. So the surge protector cuts off power if the spike is too high, preventing it from reaching the treadmill's microprocessor.

2. Does a treadmill need a surge protector?

If your manufacturer recommends a particular surge protector, it might be wise to follow their instructions. However, all surge protectors serve the same purpose. Therefore, you should look for all the necessary protective features, including a high-energy joule rating and a circuit breaker.

3. Will my surge protector consume electricity?

Surge protectors aren't designed to consume electricity. However, they do just a little bit. The amount is small because it uses power only to monitor how much your device needs to absorb the excess voltage.

4. Should my surge protector be on if I am not using my treadmill?

Always unplug your treadmill from the surge protector when you aren't using it. Likewise, switch off the surge protector because they still absorb voltage and wear down in the process when on. This will significantly reduce their lifespan.

5. How long does a surge protector last?

There's no way of telling how long your surge protector will last, as this depends on the brand and use. Before buying a surge protector, consider the equipment you want to protect. Power-thirsty equipment requires a high joule surge protector.

In general, surge protectors have a life span of about 3-5 years. Some might last longer with minimal use and are switched off when you aren't using the treadmill.

6. Can I plug my treadmill into a regular outlet?

Treadmills are expensive equipment, and regular outlets don't have surge protectors. So if you were to experience an increased power surge, it could damage your treadmill. Some people have concerns and ask can a treadmill be plugged into a power strip? Ideally, yes, but a power strip doesn't protect your treadmill from electric surges.

7. How many joules surge protector for treadmill?

A surge protection joule rating indicates how much power it can sustain before an overload. The smallest joule rating is 600 joules and the highest is 4320 joules. Choosing a higher  joule rating will offer your treadmill better protection.


While the protectors under review focus on treadmill protection, there's no rule against using them to protect your other high-end electronic devices. Before choosing the best surge protector for the treadmill, you can consider the editor's choice.

We highly recommend the Belkin 12-Outlet Treadmill Surge Protector is a top choice with all the protective features you need.

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