Smooth Workout Experience: Body Rider Fan Bike

Fan bikes are a staple in many gyms. This is because these bikes provide a level of exercise that surpasses most other types of cardio equipment on the market today. If you haven't used one before, you'll love it when you do, especially when it comes with a ton of features that make workout sessions enjoyable.

We'll scrutinize the Body Rider Fan Bike in this article to know if it meets the everyday user's needs or if it's just another exercise bike.

Why Should You Choose The Body Rider Fan Bike?

 Body Rider Fan Bike Review

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The Body Rider Fan Bike is among the best exercise bikes for home use. It comes with many features that make it easy to use and quite comfortable. For example, its seat adjusts vertically to accommodate most users, and it comes with padded handlebars for additional comfort. Anyone can use this exercise bike, including those experiencing joint problems or mobility issues. However, it would be best to weigh under 250lbs as the maximum weight limit is supported.

Features of Body Rider Fan Bike

The Body Rider Bike packs many features like the following, including

  1. A Sturdy steel frame that supports users weighing under 250lbs.
  2. Fan wheel in place of the flywheel.
  3. Easy tension adjustments.
  4. Handlebars allow you to work out your body's upper and lower parts efficiently.
  5. Display screen showing you a handful of workout data.
  6. Adjustable seats with seat cushion.

Specifications of Body Rider Fan Bike

Name of Feature




Weight Limit


Min. & Max. Height

27 inches; 45.5 inches

Drive System



41.75in x 22in x 46.5in

Design of The Body Rider Fan Bike

This bike takes the shape of your traditional exercise bike in its full glory, but with a twist. Unlike some other upright exercise bike models that work out only the legs, the Body Rider works out both your body's upper and lower parts. This helps you get full-body workouts for the price of one workout machine. And to crown it up, it's pocket-friendly.


The air resistance offered by this affordable exercise bike is somewhat different than what you'd find in other budget-friendly indoor exercise bikes. However, the Marcy Fan Exercise bike shares similarities with this Body Rider bike, and both don't belong to the class of the expensive exercise bikes.

This Body Rider bike has no built-in workout program, but you can get intense workouts by creating them yourself.

body rider exercise bike

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The Body Rider bike features a fan wheel in place of the traditional air wheel found on some competitors. This fan wheel delivers a smooth response to each thrust of the pedal. In addition, you can use the fixed handlebars to hold yourself in place or the dual rotating arms to work out your upper body.


With the adjustment knobs, you can adjust the wheel's resistance to make sure you get the perfect level that'll suit your fitness goals. Also, you'll be impressed with how quiet the bike is even when you're using it. It does get a bit squeaky here and there, but that's just about it.


There's the cushioned adjustable seat on the rear end of the bike. The seat on this unit is somewhat better than what you'd find on the seat in its predecessor. However, if you feel the seat is still uncomfortable, you can replace the seat with another.

body rider brf700 fan upright exercise bike

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The pedals feel sturdy, too, and they're somewhat oversized to ensure that it fits the legs of most users. You can easily adjust the straps to ensure they fit snugly to your feet while you're working out. But given its design, you cannot pedal the bike while standing.


Concerning your workouts, the easy-to-read LCD screen gives you a perfect picture of how your training is coming along. It provides details such as speed, distance, time, and the number of calories burned. While some of these data may not be as accurate as expected, it does give you a relatively good idea of how you're doing.


This Body Rider bike is compact-sized and takes up little space. However, you need to ensure that other items that you'll place around it are at least three meters away. It would be best if you also considered the height adjustments you'll make on the bike to ensure you're comfortable all the while you're working out.

Setting Up

This bike is easy to set up right out of the box. There's a step-by-step assembly video on YouTube that'll probably make you feel like a DIY geek – just kidding. You'll tighten the screws and knobs with your hands for the first stages of assembly and subsequently use a spanner to tighten things up later.

Body Rider Fan Bike Pros & Cons


  • A more fluid workout experience, thanks to the fan wheel on the unit
  • Ability to do lower and upper body workouts simultaneously given its design
  • Adjustable parts allow you to set the bike to suit your personal preferences
  • A sturdy lightweight frame and compact design make it easy to fit into small spaces


  • Users taller than 6ft may not be comfortable using this bike
  • The weight limit is barely 250lbs, so the bigger users won't enjoy the bike.

Who is This Bike For?

The Body Rider bike is ideal for people interested in a pocket-friendly elliptical bike that allows you to get the best body workout for your upper and lower body areas. Given its compact size, build quality, ease of assembly, and ease of use, little wonder it gets a truckload of love each time you make mention of it in the fitness world.

Suitable Alternatives to the Body Rider Fan Bike

Here are three other exercise bikes you can buy in place of the Body Rider:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty on this Body Rider Bike? 

The Body Rider bike has a one-year warranty period for the frame and a 90-day warranty on the parts.

2. Are fan bikes good workout machines?

Fan bikes are a good tool for getting intense workouts that are comfortable yet effective. However, a bad bike can turn your workouts into a nightmare.

3. What is the size and weight of this bike?

The bike measures 42in x 20in x 47in and weighs about 47lbs. It's easy to move around with little to no assistance, although it doesn't have wheels for movement.

4. How can I adjust the seat's height?

To change the size of the seat, line up the holes on the seat's pole with the bike pole's holes and make sure it snaps into place properly.

5. Can I use this bike since I'm over 6ft?

Users over 6ft tall may find this bike uncomfortable because their knees may be hitting the handlebars while working out.


If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable stationary bike for an effective full-body workout, you can't go wrong with the Body Rider Fan Bike. With its adjustable resistance and snuggly pedals, it's sure to be a great addition to any fitness enthusiast's workout routine. You will find amazing deals here without stress.

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