The Brighton Marathon Weekend 2023 Updates

The Brighton 2023 UK marathon is an annual event that started in 2010 and will be staging its 13th edition. The Brighton 2023 marathon event is scheduled for Sunday, April 2, 2023, and is expected to attract over 12000+ participants.

The marathon event has since established itself as the second-largest marathon in the UK and takes an overall 8th position in Europe. 

You can expect an exciting weekend with many activities, participants, and an active crowd that fill the London streets to cheer the runners. You can participate in the 42KM marathon race, BM Ride, BM 10K, or the Mini Mile Races for a weekend fun pack for your family and friends.

The Brighton Marathon Event Take-Over

The 2023 Brighton Marathon Weekend has new organizers following its purchase by the London Marathon Event (LME) in the latter months of this year. The available entries for the Brighton marathon weekend 2023 have already closed, but following this new takeover by LME, some limited slots are available.

You can now apply for entries as they have been open since Tuesday, December 2022, and will close when the maximum capacity is attained. 

The entry fee is now £69.99.

The Brighton Marathon Event Take-Over

The Brighton Marathon 2023 New Course Info

This event has always attracted fast times and is on record as the UK's second-fastest marathon race. The course record time for the men's category is held by William Chebor, who stopped the clock at 2:09:25 in 2014.

The women's fastest time was set by Eunice Kales in 2013, who clocked a time of 2:28:50. The event always attracts elite runners from all over the world, but the 2023 event is yet to release any names. 

Course Change

There are changes from the Brighton Marathon weekend past events. The 2023 course will now see that participants run on crowd-supportive streets that offer beautiful sceneries of the city.

The Shoreham Port from miles 20-23 has been scrapped away as it ran past the power station, which is dull and has limited crowd support. The new route incorporates new miles on the leafy and flat roads running by the city center, stretching towards the seafront for miles 15-25. The race continues through Hove and finishes at the Palace Pier. 

Brighton Marathon 2023 Concerns–Answered 

Participants are concerned about their slots as they have already paid for the 2023 Brighton Marathon Weekend. However, London Marathon Events assures all registered runners and allocated charity slots that the takeover won't affect their positions and that they can still participate in the event.
Brighton Marathon 2023 Concerns–Answered

Refunds and Deference

Unfortunately, there will be no refunds if you have already paid for the 2023 marathon event. The entry fee paid to previous organizers Grounded Events Company can only be deferred or forfeited as the company has now taken the administration role.

You can defer your place for the Brighton Marathon 2023 and participate in the 2024 event under the new organizers, London Marathon Events. But you will have to pay a new fee. (Details to be issued by the end of March 2023). 

Race Numbers

The new changes include the delivery of race packs and bib numbers by post free of charge. The event organizers will also allow runners to wear headphones during the event but strongly discourage them due to safety concerns. 

Prize Money

The London Marathon Events will pay the Brighton Marathon 2023 Prize money for winners. But it's under no obligation to pay the winners of the Brighton Marathon 2022. This is after it emerged that the Brighton marathon 2022 prize winners and contracted companies are yet to be paid by Grounded Events Company. 

Brighton Marathon 2023 Summary

Start Time: 9.45 a.m.

Number of Places: 11,000+

Registration Deadline: When the race is complete.

Tel. : +44 (0)8453 100088


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