Everlasting Comfort Deodorizing Boot Dryer: Quick Dry-Out Solution For Your Boots

If you're someone who likes hiking, hunting, or skiing, the last thing you want is to walk around in a pair of soggy, wet boots. That's because wet boots are uncomfortable and often facilitate bacteria growth due to the dampness. This, in turn, causes your shoes to emit foul odors.

Fortunately, the best electronic boot warmers (or boot dryers) can help. With this appliance, you can dry your shoes quickly compared to air-drying.

This article will provide you with a detailed look at the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer to help determine if this top-rated boot dryer is the right choice.

So, keep reading to learn more!

Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer

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The Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is a perfect option for anyone looking for a top-tier boot dryer and deodorizer. Thanks to its valuable features, it's also one of the top choices for most people.

For example, the sophisticated ozone technology sanitizes and eliminates odors apart from drying your shoes quickly. Additionally, you get four extendable tubes and multiple attachments for your shoes and helmet. A drip tray helps prevent water drippage and protects your carpets and floors. Lastly, the 2-year warranty is just the cherry on the cake.

Features of Everlasting Comfort Deodorizing Boot Dryer

This electric dryer from Everlasting Comfort boasts an exciting host of key features, including:

  1. A hybrid forced air system will dry your shoes in under 80 minutes or even less.
  2. Four extendable tubes to dry multiple clothing items at once.
  3. It comes with attachments to fit shoes of different shapes and sizes comfortably.
  4. A built-in deodorizer to sanitize and ensure your boots and other damp items remain odorless.
  5. Its carrying handle makes it a portable boot dryer.
  6. Replacement policy allows you to replace the product for two years if you encounter any issues.

Specifications of Everlasting Comfort Deodorizing Boot Dryer

Here are the specifications of Everlasting Comfort Deodorizing Boot Dryer:

Name of Feature







250 Watt


120V 60 Hz



Max drying time

180 minutes

Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer Detailed Review


A quick look at the everlasting comfort boot dryer reveals that it boasts an innovative ergonomic design. For example, the switches for the off-timer and ozone generator function, followed by the optional heat, are all placed smartly. This allows you to use the boot dryer and deodorizer comfortably. Additionally, the carrying handle in the middle makes it much easier to carry the appliance around.

Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer Detailed Review

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Hybrid Forced Air for Speed Drying

The Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is a powerful forced-air boot dryer. It uses induction and a fan, which allows it to draw in warm air and then push the air through the tubes. If you use the appliance for drying your shoes, helmets, gloves, or boots, they all get done under 80 minutes.

Optional Heat Switch

With this electric shoe dryer, you have the option to dry your shoes, gloves, or clothes with or without heat. For example, if you want your boots dried safely and quickly, you can switch the heat on. Similarly, the alternative option is perfect when you're not in a rush and want the shoes to dry at room temperature.

Multiple Timer Options

When looking for the best work boot dryer, most people go for one that comes with a timer. This is because you don't want to be spending your time babysitting the appliance while it dries. Fortunately, the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer has multiple timer options, with a maximum drying time of 180 minutes.


This appliance boasts a pretty good capacity as any other hunting boot dryer. We found that it can accommodate different items.


Despite not being the most compact boot dryer and deodorizer, portability isn't a problem with this boot dryer. It features a comfortable carrying handle in the middle for easy movement.

Removable Tubes

Today, most top-tier work boot dryers come with removable tubes, and the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is no exception. You get two customizable and detachable front and back dryers. The front tubes are suitable for gloves, socks, kids' clothing, and shoes, while the latter fits helmets, taller boots, tennis shoes, and larger clothing pieces.


Aside from the removable tubes, you even get helmet and boot attachments. These features let you customize the drying rack based on your needs. Additionally, you can fix and position the attachments in different angles to fit the boots and helmets at once.

Everlasting Comfort Deodorizing Boot Dryer Reviews

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You'll be glad to know that Everlasting Comfort has a 2-year replacement warranty for this ski boots dryer. The company assures that you can replace the product if you face any difficulty throughout the policy period.


Operating the Everlasting Comfort Boot dryer is a breeze! Moreover, you even get a comprehensive, reader-friendly manual that explains everything you need to get the device up and running.

Pros & Cons

We love so many things about Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer and we shared a few of them below.


As one of the best electronic boot warmers in the market, the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer packs several benefits. Some of its key advantages include:

  • Ability to accommodate multiple clothing pieces at once
  • The built-in deodorizer sanitizes and keeps your boots and clothes away from unwanted odors
  • You can easily connect shoes and helmet attachments and change their angles to fit your gears simultaneously
  • Employs a hybrid air-forced system to dry your damp pieces within 80 minutes


This boot dryer from Everlasting Comfort has a few caveats like any other product. They include:

  • It can be pretty expensive for those with a limited budget (but the benefits outweigh its high price)
  • Some may find it to be a little bulky

Who is this Electric Shoe Dryer for?

The everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is perfect for anyone who wants a powerful boot warmer that can get their wearables and shoes dried quickly. It's also ideal for those whose job requires them to be in conditions that routinely get their shoes or boots wet. Considering the multiple vital features, it's no surprise why it's a favorite choice for most people.

Other Alternatives to the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer

Following are three other suitable and best boot dryers that you can check instead of the Everlasting Comfort Boot dryer:

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Overall Rating: 4.7/5


1. How does this boot dryer from Everlasting Comfort work?

The Everlasting Comfort boot dryer sports a hybrid drying system that helps dry your clothes and shoes. The innovative technology draws in and warms the surrounding air, which the in-built fan then pushes through the tool's drying tubes. At the same time, it rids any smelly odor emitting from your wet, soaked clothes and footwear. Most of these things will be dry in under 80 minutes.

2. How does its Ozone technology work?

The Ozone function available on the Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is a feature you won't find in most products. This unique technology helps create ozone to remove foul-smelling odors from your clothing and shoes while keeping them dry at the same time.

3. Can this boot warmer dry gloves?

Most definitely. This boot dryer comes with two back and front drying tubes that you can easily remove and extend. They allow you to accommodate helmets, mittens, gloves, and even footwear & garments for kids.

4. Are electric boot dryers prone to fire hazards?

Like all electrical items, shoe dryers are susceptible to fire hazards. However, the best boot and glove dryer often comes with valuable features that prevent such threats. The Everlasting Comfort shoe dryer, for example, sports overheating protection and a timer to keep you free from such dangers.

5. How long do shoe dryers or warmers take to dry your shoes?

There's no one answer to this as it depends on different factors. For example, the type of shoe dryers you buy and how wet your boots are will determine the drying time. Generally, a top-rated boot dryer can dry your soaking damp clothes and shoes in a short time.


What is the best boot dryer? From this Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer Review, it's clear that this appliance is one of them. It can accommodate and dry different items simultaneously in under 80 minutes.

Furthermore, its host of key features combined with the 2-year replacement warranty makes it the best shoe dryer. Overall, this electric shoe dryer from Everlasting Comfort is a top choice for most people looking for a reliable and top-tier product.

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