Freemotion Fitness—Why This Brand Has Been leading In The Fitness Industry

Freemotion Fitness was founded in 1999 and later acquired by ICON Health & Fitness in 2000. And that itself speaks volumes about Freemotion Fitness. 

ICON has been the largest manufacturer and marketer globally of fitness equipment since 1977. Also, ICON has a rich legacy of revolutionizing the fitness industry with innovative products. 

But besides being fully owned by ICON and enjoying the benefits of global connections that come with that relationship, Freemotion stands independently. This company independently runs its operations, research, development, sales, and marketing.

And over the years, Freemotion Fitness has been dedicated to providing total fitness solutions through unparalleled products, competitive financing, comprehensive training, and quality customer service. 

Additionally, Freemotion cardio has transformed the fitness industry with workout TVs—the first access cable TVs added to the consoles of fiatness equipment. Also, this brand’s strength equipment features ergonomic designs that have never been seen before, aiming to strengthen traditional strength training. 

In this article, we shall see the ins and outs of the Freemotion Fitness brand: products, contacts, and more.

Freemotion Products


Cardio equipment crushes calories, helps build endurance, keeps your arteries clear, and keeps the heart pumping. Additionally, Freemotion cardio equipment gives you an interactive cardio experience powered by iFIT..

Freemotion Cardio Products

Here are the machines that Freemotion Fitness lists in this category:



Incline trainers

● i22.9 incline trainer

● i10.9b incline trainer


● t22.9 reflex treadmill

● t10.9b reflex treadmill

● t10.9 interval reflex treadmill

● t8.9b treadmill


● e22.9 elliptical

● e10.9b elliptical

● e8.9b elliptical

Stationery bikes

● r22.9 recumbent bike

● u22.9 upright bike

● r10.9b recumbent bike

● u10.9b upright bike

● r8.9b recumbent bike

● u8.9b upright bike

● Coach bike


Strength training has significant health benefits which include increased muscle mass, stronger bones, joint flexibility, weight control and body balance (prevents falls and injuries). Freemotion helps people achieve these benefits through its lineup of strength equipment, as listed below.

Freemotion Strength Products




● G624 - IU Dual cable cross - inclusive use

● G600 Multiplane chest

● G424 Dual cable cross lite

● G601 Multiplane shoulder

● G626 Multi-pull/Rotation low

● G602 Biceps

● G603 Triceps

● G627 Multi-pull/Rotation high

● G604 Low

● G607 Multi-plane calf

● G628 Total quad/hip

● G629 Total glute/Hamstring

● G610 Squat

● G611 Abdominal

● G612 Multi-plane lift

● G614 Step

● G620 Lat

● G625 Cable column

Genesis DS

● GD500 Chest/Shoulder

● GD501 Abdominal/biceps

● GD502 Lat pulldown/High low

● GD503 Quad/Hamstring

● GD504 Lift/step

● Multi-pull press

Epic selectorized

● ES800 Chest press

● ES801 Leg extension

● ES802 Lat pulldown/High Row

● ES803 Leg curl

● ES804 Leg press

● ES806 Pec fly/Rear Delt

● ES807 Shoulder press

● ES809 Hip adduction/Abduction

● ES810 Biceps curl

● ES811 Triceps extension

● ES812 Dip-chin assist

● ES813 Calf extension

● ES814 Prone leg curl

● ES815 Back extension

● ES816 Lateral raise

● ES817 Seated row

● ES818 Torso rotation

● ES819 Abdominal crunch

● ES820 Glute

Free weights

● EF203 Adjustable bench

● EF201 Flat bench

● EF202 Olympic flat bench

● EF204 Utility bench

● EF205 Preacher curl

● 45° Back extension

● EF207 Dip chin/AB

● EF213 Abdominal bench

● EF214 Olympic incline bench

● EF215 Olympic decline bench

● EF216 Military press

● EF217 Plate loaded squat

● EF218 Plate loaded leg press

● EF209 Twin tier dumbell rack

● EF210 Barbell rack

● EF211 Smith machine

● EF212 Olympic squat rack

● EF219 Olympic weight bar and rack

● EF222 Plate-loaded calf


● Pro power rack

● Pro half rack

● Double half rack

● Multi-storage unit (6’)

● Multi-storage unit (10’)

● Multi-storage unit (16’)

● Glute-ham developer

● Dumbell rack (saddle)

● Dumbbell rack (flat)

● Hex dumbbell rack (short)


● 4’ Monkey bar rig

● 6’ Monkey bar rig

● 14’ Monkey bar rig

● RIP:60 Suspension trainer

● 14’ Premium 4.0 Rig

● 10’ Standard rig

● 14’ Standard rig

● 24’ Standard rig

● 6’ Premium 2.0 rig

● 12’ Premium 3.0 rig

● 14’ Premium 4.0 rig

● 14’ Premium 4.5 rig

Contacting Freemotion Fitness

You can contact this company through the following options.

Sales & General inquiries

If you are planning to buy equipment for your facility or home gym and have queries, Freemotion will be glad to answer your questions. You can reach out to them at +1-877-363-8449 or fill out an inquiries form.

Service & Support

You can contact the service and support team if you already have the equipment but have questions or want to order parts. 

You can reach out to this team at +1 800-201-2109 for domestic clients and +1 800-527-5417 for international clients. Or you can fill out a form during weekends or beyond working hours and get a response in the next business day.


Freemotion Fitness is among the best manufacturers of gyming equipment because of its wide array of options. Also, innovation is their everyday thing which backs up their numerous products.

So, in terms of high-quality production, Freemotion fitness equipment is at the forefront. And with great innovation and top quality comes a high price which makes this brand’s equipment a bit more expensive than other brands.


Who is Freemotion?

Freemotion is a global leader in fitness equipment and technology. This brand introduced the world to cable-based strength training, the first road-stimulating indoor bike, the incline trainer, and is now leading in interactive, connected fitness training.

What is a Freemotion treadmill?

A Freemotion treadmill is a workout equipment that provides users with a smooth running or walking surface. This treadmill is easy to use, requires low maintenance, and is reliable.

Which brand is the best for gym equipment?

Freemotion Fitness is among the best brands for gym equipment due to its highly innovative products that provide superior performance. Also, this brand has a rich product line that includes all equipment needed to complete a gym. Lastly, this brand's customer service is responsive, which adds to the brand’s reliability.

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