Here is What You Need to Know About Goplus Fitness

Goplus was birthed in 2013 by a group of young, passionate innovators. Since its inception, Goplus' professionals have researched and developed high-quality products to meet the different needs of their customers. 

Also, this company has invested heavily in providing excellent customer service to the users of their products. The company says that they value customer feedback with the aim of improving its products, services, and customer experiences.

But which products does Goplus produce? Well, they are quite a number, falling under five broad categories: Exercise & Fitness, Automotive & Tools, Home & Decor, Health & Household, and Recreation.

Hereunder, we will look at one of these product categories produced by Goplus—Exercise & Fitness. Also, we shall see how you can contact this company for all your equipment queries.

Goplus Products—Exercise & Fitness


Treadmill workouts produce numerous health benefits like improved heart health, weight loss, stronger muscles, better mental health, well-regulated blood sugar, and better sleep quality. And Goplus knows all that very well and has lined up different treadmills to help you stay healthy and fit.

Here are the treadmill models produced by this brand:

Single-function treadmills:

● Goplus foldable treadmill, compact superfit treadmill with Bluetooth speaker and APP control

● Electric folding treadmill with adjustable incline and low noise design

● Ultra-thin electric folding treadmill with installation-free design

● Goplus portable electric superfit 2.25HP folding treadmill with W/APP control

● Goplus 3.75HP folding, superfit treadmill with APP and twelve preset programs.

● Under desk treadmill featuring touchable LED display and wireless remote control

● 2.25HP superfit electric folding treadmill with incline

● Electric folding treadmill featuring heart rate sensor and LCD display

● Electric folding machine, a running device with a mobile phone holder and LCD display 

● Folding treadmill featuring LED display and mobile phone holder

● 2.25 electric folding treadmill with 8-stage damping system and installation-free design

● 3.0HP foldable superfit treadmill

● 2.2HP electric foldable treadmill with running and jogging incline

● 4.7HP commercial and home gym foldable superfit treadmill, heavy-duty with 15% auto incline

● Goplus 2.25HP compact superfit foldable treadmill with APP control and LED display

● Goplus 4.75HP electric superfit folding treadmill with 15% auto incline, APP control, and W/Voice

● Goplus 4.75HP commercial heavy-duty superfit treadmill with APP, 15% auto incline, and 20 preset programs

● Goplus heavy-duty foldable treadmill for gym

● 2.25HP electric foldable superfit treadmill with W/LED display

● Goplus 3.75HP electric foldable superfit treadmill with W/APP control, incline, and three custom & twelve preset programs.

● Goplus 3HP electric foldable treadmill with HD touch screen, Bluetooth speaker, and APP control

● Compact foldable electric superfit treadmill for home gym

Goplus Treadmills

Multi-functional Treadmills:

● Goplus two-in-one folding treadmill, 2.25HP electric under-desk treadmill with WLED display

● Two-in-one folding treadmill, 2.25HP under-desk electric superfit treadmill

● Two-in-one folding treadmill featuring dual display, 2.25HP superfit under-desk electric pad 

● Three-in-one treadmill with a large front desk, 2.25HP superfit folding electric treadmill

● Goplus two-in-one folding treadmill, 4.75HP superfit under-desk electric treadmill featuring APP control 

Exercise bikes

These bikes have tons of benefits, from strengthening your lower body parts to boosting your cardio fitness. Also, exercise bikes are perfect if you want to pedal your way into fitness with minimal stress on your joints. Goplus helps you achieve all that through its bike lineup, which we shall see below.

● Goplus air bike, a fun exercise bike with unlimited resistance

● Magnetic resistance bike with a built-in safe flywheel and comfortable seat cushion

● Stationary bike with flywheel and LCD display

● Magnetic bike, stationary belt drive bicycle

● Goplus magnetic resistance upright bike

● Workout bike with device holders

● Indoor stationary bike with adjustable fitness saddle

● Stationary bike with LCD monitor

● Silent belt drive bike with a steel flywheel and phone holder

● Under desk bike pedal exerciser, stationary magnetic mini exercise bike with LCD digital monitor

● Stationary bike with adjustable seat and handle

● Smooth belt drive bike with heart rate, LCD monitor

● Magnetic bike with smooth belt drive

● Upright indoor stationary bike with eight resistance levels

● Magnetic upright indoor bike

● Stationary bike for home cardio workout training

● Silent stationary bike with dual-spring shock absorption

● Mini exercise bike—folding pedal exerciser with adjustable resistance

● Stationary bike with heart rate sensors

● Magnetic bike with adjustable resistance

● Silent belt drive bike with phone holder

● Adjustable professional bike for gym and home use

● 2 in 1 elliptical bike

Goplus Exercise bikes

Exercise bench

Goplus exercise benches are excellent choices for home gyms. Exercise benches help you in weight lifting and supporting body weight exercises like push-ups and crunches. Also, having this bench at home saves you many trips to the gym, and you can exercise any time you want.

With that in mind, here are the different exercise benches Goplus has in store for you:

● Adjustable situp bench, decline curved slant Ab bench crunch board with speedball

● Folding incline bench, adjustable sit-up bench, portable Ab weight bench

● Adjustable Roman chair, foldable, back hyperextension, for abdominal muscles and abs 

● Goplus adjustable weight bench press set

● Stable workout bench with 9-level adjustable backrest

● Goplus adjustable olympic weight bench

● Multifunctional full-body sit-up bench with detachable stretch ropes

● Multifunctional adjustable weight bench

● 6 in 1 adjustable, foldable, sit-up bench

● Adjustable sit-up bench, slant board decline

● Adjustable multifunctional dumbbell bench

● Adjustable weight bench with dumbbell holder

● Adjustable sit-up slant bench for abdominal training

Goplus Exercise Bench

Punching bag

A punching bag is a great option for your home gym, whether you want to start home-boxing classes or introduce a new full-body exercise to your fitness routine. And here is what Goplus has for you in this area:

● Freestanding 70” 220lb punching bag with shock absorber, gloves, and 12 suction cup base

● Freestanding reflex speed bags with 55” x 62.5” adjustable heights and a stand for adult kids

● 63lbs filled hanging boxing bag for adults with boxing gloves, and hand wraps

● 56lbs boxing bag with gloves and hand wraps

● Punching bag set for kids with gloves and hand wraps

● 22/40lbs punching bag with gloves, rucksack, and jump rope

● Boxing stand for speed bag and heavy bag

Goplus Punching Bag

Pull up bar

Pull-ups are among the best exercises for strengthening the upper body and overall fitness. That said, here are the Goplus pull-up bars that you can choose from for your home exercises:

● Pull-up bar for doorway, chin, and body workout equipment

● Foldable door chin-up bar with smart hook, padded foam grip, and protective pad

● Wall-mounted pull-up, chin-up bar with three grip positions

● Multi-grip, Pull-up, chin-up bar for the doorway with foam grips for the door frame

● Pull-up, chin-up, folding strength training bar with non-slip foam-wrapped grips

● Multifunctional adjustable power cage

● 2 pull up chin up wall mounted station

● Power tower, pull-up bar dip station

● Adjustable doorway pull-up bar, 25.5”x 39.5”

Other workout equipment from Goplus 

● Aerobic step stepper

● Shaping & Yoga Equipment

● Rowing machine

● Gopplus weighted vest

● Deep squat machine

● Gym climbing rope

● Dumbells

● 3-in-1 jumping box

● Kettlebells

● Multifunctional trainer for a full-body workout

● Goplus AB crunch for abdominal workouts

● Adjustable barbell rack stand

● Ellipticals

● Goplus balance board trainer

How to Contact Goplus

Goplus office hours are between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm PST, Monday to Friday, and they often respond to emails during business days.

You can reach out to this company through the following:

● for product pre-sales and after-sales services

● for marketing and product promotion cooperation

● for other business inquiries

● Phone number: 8442421885

● Filling out the Goplus query form

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Goplus is indeed committed to making fitness accessible to everyone through its enormous product offerings. And this brand hasn’t stopped here—it continuously invests in innovation, improvements, and exploring new products to bring quality and performance to every home gym.

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