High-Intensity Interval Training Quiz

High-Intensity Interval training Quiz

Are you thinking of adding a HIIT workout to your daily fitness routines? If yes, let’s first check out your knowledge on the subject by taking this quiz.

Welcome to your High-Intensity Interval Training Quiz

1. HIIT stands for

2. High-intensity interval training is defined as

3. HIIT can be performed by doing any activity as long as it’s done at high intensity.

4. High-intensity workout is defined as any activity that

5. According to the ASCM, you should aim for____ during intense work periods.

6. The intensity of the recovery period during HIIT should be

7. HIIT provides the same benefits ______ as continuous endurance workouts.

8. HIIT burns more calories than a traditional workout.

9. Post-exercise period, also called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, lasts till

10. EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, adds ____ more calories to the energy expenditure.

11. Which of the following conditions needs medical clearance from a physician before starting HIIT?

12. Base fitness level is recommended to establish before HIIT because

13. People should focus on finding their optimized interval training instead of keeping up with others.

14. For a beginner, the best work-to-recovery ratio is

15. The recovery period should last till

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