How to Lubricate Manual Treadmill ?

Are you a new manual treadmill user? If you are, you may have to face the problem in lubricating the treadmill. Though most of the people are now using the motorized manual treadmill, some are still using the manual one. It’s quite tough to operate but cheaper than the mobile one. The new user doesn’t know the proper way of lubricating. So, they pick lubricate randomly and apply to them. It results in diminishing the machine’s performance. Sometimes, it may cause harm to the belt too. By knowing the proper way of lubrication, you can do the job easily. Also, it will help to increase your machine’s belt life.

Which type of lubrication is suitable?

For every manual treadmill, the lubrication process is the same. Especially lube need to apply on the belt and rollers. It makes the belt more smooth and easy. When and how much you need to oil your machine depends on each type and brand. Again, what kind of lubricant is more preferable? It’s a common question for the new user. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect one.

  • Never choose a lubricant which the main ingredient is petroleum. It is strictly forbidden by the manufacturers.
  • You may find various type of lube on the market. But you should choose the lubricant that contains Silicone 100%.
  • Silicone spray may help you for easy application. Expert’s advice to use silicone spray of any brand. In fact, it is suitable for about 95% of treadmills. Again, you can pick a silicone tube with your preference.
  •  Another type of lubricant is the wax stick. But there’s instruction you need to follow for using this lube. You have to run about 20-30 minutes before applying this stick. You have to warm your machine first.

Please be careful while buying a lubricant for the manual treadmill. Ask your manufacturer’s recommendation for first-time buyer.

How to apply lube to my machine?

It’s a frequently asked question for the new users. If you don’t know the proper procedure for lubricating your machine, it may cost you. Most often you remain too much careless about lubricating the mill. Your machine is making noise and your not paying heed to it. This kind of deeds may cause severe damage to the belt. The rising friction may harm the system and reduce the belt’s life. So, follow step for lubricating your device:

Step-1: Gather essentials: At first, you have to collect the things that will be needed for applying the lubricant. Have clothes and a towel. Pick a lube that is suitable for your mills. If you want to use liquid oils, you’ll need a syringe.

Step-2: Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: At the time of buying the product, you will receive a user manual. So, you may have the first instructions. If that is not enough, ask your manufacturer. You need to know when and how many times you have to lubricate the treadmill. Sometimes, they only recommend for using before the first use or only in a severe condition of belts. But it is not the exact way to keep your machine well. Then you got to contact your customer service office for further help.

Step-3: Apply recommended lube: If your manufacturer was providing any lubricant, you should only use that particular one. If not, use the lube of 100% silicone. Remove the belt from the deck and clean that properly with a clean cloth. Then apply the Silicone spray on the deck. Spray the silicone lube under the belt too. You need to place a towel under the machine. It’ll keep your floor clean.

Step-4: Change the Belt Side: To make sure that the lubricant is reaching each portion of the belt, change the belt sides. Move it up and down. You can use a syringe also to apply to the edges of the deck for liquid lubricants. Don’t implement the lube to your running side.

Step-5: Clean Up the Surface: After finishing lubricating, clean the surface, frame and outside part of the belt. As lubrication is oily, you can use mild detergent for wiping. Otherwise, it’ll become slippery. This may cause accidents.

Step-6: Run The Mill: When you are done with the applying procedure, run the treadmill. Again, walk on the mill for about 5 minutes. Then the lubricants will spread out over the belt area. It is recommended to lubricate the machine for every three months.

Final Verdict

Lubricating the treadmill is not a difficult job. Again, now you got your desired answers for lubricating the oil. I will suggest not to delay in lubricating your device. Be careful while choosing the lube. Also, avoid the products containing petroleum. If you hear the noise, it’s high time to apply the lubricants to the manual treadmills.

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