KAT VR Treadmill: A Comprehensive Guide

Who doesn't love a virtual reality? It's immersive. It's amazing. And it transports you to a whole different world. It's even better when you're working out.

Well, the KAT Walk C VR treadmill gives you the best of both worlds.

The Kat C VR is an omnidirectional treadmill that lets you move freely about a virtual world. It feels real and natural. It's like running or working out outdoors and in real life.

The best thing? It's not just about running, walking, or working out, but the Kat VR C also offers virtual gaming. As a result, the treadmill is compatible with popular VR games.

Get your Oculus Quest 2 and enjoy killing zombies as you play Resident Evil.

What I love about the KAT Walk C treadmill is that you can perform all kinds of physical activities - sprinting, jogging, kneeling, walking, dodging, and running.

As the first VR treadmill targeting the consumer market, it's best to understand what it offers. Is it worth it?

Notable Features

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Let's look at some of the features that will blow your mind.

a) Low Latency

If you're a VR enthusiast, you already know just how important latency is. The Kat C VR boasts a latency of fewer than 10 seconds, which is pretty great for a treadmill VR experience.

The low latency is due to the VR's technology, which uses K-KF filtering algorithms that accurately capture your motion.

As the low latency isn't enough, the Kat walk C VR also comes with 1-to-1 foot tracking, making the VR experience more realistic.

b) Easy to Control and Adjust

The VR treadmill has been installed with the KAT Gateway, a control panel accessible on both the VR and the desktop.

With the Kat Gateway, you can easily adjust the treadmill's parameters per your requirements.

Its default settings are great, but I love that it allows me to change my motion and speed settings. This way, I don't have to worry about the monotony that's famous with treadmills.

c) Tired of Standing? Then Have a Sit

Even though the Kat C VR treadmill is meant for working out, they have the Kat C2 Plus version that allows you to sit and relax. This is perfect for gamers who love racing games like Death Lap.

But hey, that's if you feel like sitting with the zombies on Resident Evil after a long run. Either way, you've done some exercise on your VR treadmill.

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d) Amazing Decoupling

For those green when it comes to virtual reality, either gaming or otherwise, decoupling is where your movement and vision (where you're looking at) are separated.

That is, if you look to the sides, then your movement feels natural.

The Kat C VR's sensors offer you decoupled head and body movements. Because of this, you can easily and independently look and move around in the most natural way possible.

e) Compatible with Various VR Headsets (As Well as Lots of Games)

If you have an Oculus Quest and want to burn some calories whilst playing your favorite game, then you better get a Kat walk C VR.

The VR treadmill is compatible with most headsets. And as long as the game offers locomotion, it will probably be compatible with the Kat VR treadmill.

Even better, the KAT C lets you play with friends even if you're the only one on the treadmill. It's basically a multiplayer VR.

You just need to pick one of the locomotion-based games on PlayStation Store or SteamVR and burn some of those calories you've gained by playing 8 hours seated.

f) Offers Natural walking

You don't want to go out but feel like taking a walk? No worries. Just take a walk virtually on the KAT Walk VR treadmill.

The VR machine comes with footwear designed especially for walking around. In addition, the treadmill's surface base augments this walking experience by making it feel natural.

The shoes offer multiple friction levels depending on your experience with the VR treadmill. Also, the VR treadmill has a special waist harness that automatically adjusts to your body's tilt and angles.

g) Enough Space

Now, if you're worried that the VR treadmill will take much of your space, don't. Unlike most treadmills, the Kat walk C has been designed to keep you within a small space, but with the advantage of walking, running, and crouching.

It only covers 0.69 meters squared of your floor space. And even though that may seem too small for a treadmill that offers walking around a virtual reality world, it's more than enough. That's because the Kat VR comes with a harness system to keep you safe in place.

The harness features a reverse-tightening system, which is kinda self-explanatory. First, it tightens you on the reverse. Then, as you go forward, it securely fastens your body, so you don't fall over.

Frequently Asked Questions on KAT VR Treadmill

Let's elaborate on some of the most commonly asked questions about the KAT VR treadmill.

Question-1. How different is the KAT VR from other treadmills?

The Kat walk VR is more than a treadmill. It's also an omnidirectional gaming experience. So whether you love VR gaming or not, the Kat C VR will help you lose some calories and keep you fit.

While it's mostly used for gaming, it's a great treadmill, especially if you find a normal treadmill a little bit monotonous. So instead, immerse yourself in a virtual world as you run, walk, dodge, and jump around but still attached within the same place.

Question-2. How close is the KAT VR to natural walking?

Very close, if not the same. The Kat walk VR has been designed to explore human's natural gait. And it doesn't disappoint.

The VR treadmill analyzes your physique and biomechanical properties of your legs and spine, thus giving you the natural feel as you walk or run.

On top of that, it's a virtual reality, which means you're never bored. Simply pick a virtual city or town and take a walk. Even better, it comes with custom-made shoes meant to enhance natural walking.

The shoes feature various levels of kinetic friction. And along with a reverse-tightening harness system, you don't feel like you're leaning forward or about to fall.

Question-3. Is the KAT VR safe?

Absolutely. It's obvious the Kat VR has been designed with safety in mind. In addition, its mechanical components are made of highly durable materials.

For example, the Kat VR has a back-supported structure attached to the harness system, and it's made of special alloy material. The alloy is ten times much stronger than steel but lighter.

The harness offers an overall safety balance without necessarily affecting the inertia required for a quick 360° turnaround.

Question-4. Does the Oculus Quest 2 work with Kat Walk C?

Yes. Compatibility is perhaps the biggest advantage of the Kat walk C treadmill. They ensured the VR was compatible with almost every VR headset and game.

You can play all your favorite VR games, as long as the game offers locomotion. And it doesn't matter the type of gaming platform you prefer - Oculus Home, SteamVR, etc. Some major headsets it supports include Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Pimax, PlayStation VR, and Windows Mix Reality.

Question-5. What does the C in KAT VR stand for?

The C in the KAT VR treadmill is inspired by what the machine does. The VR is:

  • Consumer-based
  • Compact and doesn't have restrictive ergonomics
  • Compete and offers natural locomotion
  • Compatible with as many games and VR headsets
  • Cost-effective

Question-6. Why does KAT VR make me sick?

It's not uncommon to feel sick after a VR experience. And for a VR treadmill like Kat walk C, it may trigger motion sickness.

That is, your brain thinks you're moving forward and backward, but in reality, you're static within one place. Therefore, you shouldn't worry much about motion sickness because it fades off within time. You'll get used to the VR experience, and motion sickness won't be a problem.

Question-7. Does Kat C VR help with motion sickness?

Unlike experiencing VR through your headsets alone, the Kat walk C helps with motion sickness. With the Kat VR, you're using your whole body to move around, which enhances your physical balance.

When walking, the Kat VR treadmill stimulates your inner ear, thus giving you a natural feel. So, yes, the Kat walk C may help you with motion sickness, even though you may experience it yourself as you begin using it.

Question-8. Can KAT VR help me lose weight?

Of course, yes. That's what the VR treadmill is meant to do. Although most folks buy it for the gaming experience, it's a much better "treadmill" and a great way to lose some extra weight.

Even when playing your favorite VR games, you'll be working out. The Kat walk C is an omnidirectional treadmill where you get to run, jump, and sprint as you chase after opponents.

Final Thoughts As the world's first omnidirectional VR treadmill, the Kat walk C is a game changer. I mean, omnidirectional VR has always existed, but it was too expensive for most people. But for about $1,000, you can now take your treadmill workouts to a new level.

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