Top Reasons Runners Should Buy Kendal Mint Cake

As the year starts, there are so many half marathon and marathon competitions worldwide. As people continue to train for the events they have signed up for, an important part of the training includes finding the best fuel strategy. With so many options in the market, it makes one wonder, is Kendal mint cake good for runners?

Marathon races are all about endurance and strength to go the distance. One of the top fueling products is the Kendal mint cake which has a long history of good standing in the market for runners. 

Kendal Mint cake isn't only great for runners as it's a popular energy source for climbers and cyclists. It provides athletes with a durable and portable energy source. According to a BBC Journal, the high glucose levels get digested fast, providing runners with instant energy replenishment on the course. 

Kendal Mint cake has received many accolades over the years as a top glucose source that fuels runners in popular world marathon events. The recent achievement is the winner of the 2022 best recovery and training aid (trail running awards). 

What Makes Kendal Mint Cake the Best Running Fuel?

Besides earning its reputation over so many years (since 1869), it has been consistent as a top glucose source for various athletes. Humans digest around 50-60g of carbs in an hour. Only a small amount can be stored as glycogen runners tap into when running. 

It takes the average human to 90 minutes of running to deplete the reserves and tap into body fat. 

Without additional fuel, the body may lack the power and will to continue covering the miles. Kendal mint cake is a necessary fuel that makes the runs less difficult. Failure to have a fuel source when running distance races can lead to injuries or a compromised immune system. 

Regardless, if you don't fuel during your training runs, you might be unable to honor your practice schedule in the coming days because of fatigue or injuries. 

The fueling strategy isn't complicated or standard for all athletes. Most athletes recommend Kendal mint cake because it contains glucose that the body digests fast, making it the primary source of energy that keeps you running at optimal levels. 

Sugar Crash Effect

Kendal Mint cake isn't without side effects, either. Even though there isn't a maximum recommended dose you should consume, taking it in large quantities can have other effects.

Consuming large deposits of glucose can spike your insulin levels increasing the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. 

The result is a sudden burst of energy (good) and a high consequently followed by low energy levels that are almost depressing. 

Experienced athletes know this effect and don't rely on glucose as a stand-alone energy source. They consume a mixture of other carbohydrates like energy drinks, gels, and cereal bars. 

These foods are rich in complex and simple carbs with instant and lasting energy potency. 

What Makes Kendal Mint Cake the Best Running Fuel

Taking Kendal Mint Cake Before Running

The process of eating carbs as an energy source is also called carb-loading. It may include consuming glucose in its primary form.

The carb-loading process should start a day before the distance run (training or competition). You should also avoid spicy foods and take excess fiber during this time. Remember to hydrate well and set a time to sleep early. 

Foods rich in fiber take a long time to digest and may upset the stomach. 

Carbs in the morning of the run

After a good enough rest:

1. Wake up early to prepare for the run.

2. Consume carbs at least two hours before the race to give you a ready glucose source.

3. Consider foods like oatmeal porridge which are complex carbs.

No need to over-feed in the morning as you can always refuel during the run if you feel your glycogen levels are depleted. 

Some people prefer to eat less the night before, while others feed well in the evening and consume less during the morning pre-run fueling. Whatever you decide, ensure that you carry some food for the run. 

Taking Kendal Mint Cake Before Running

Do You Have a Fuel Strategy?

Every elite athlete has the fuel strategy figured out. The best time to try out your strategy is during long training runs. Try a variety of energy-giving sources and find out which ones don't upset your stomach.

Find out your preferred food choices, as this differs for every runner. Some people carry cereal bars: Jelly babies, sports drinks, or energy gels. If you don't know where to start, there's always the reliable Kendal mint Cake. 

What does the Kendal Mint Cake constitute?

Kendal Mint Cake is purely a glucose-rich energy source. It contains

● Peppermint oil

● Fondant (water, glucose syrup & sugar)

● Salt 

● Rosmarininc acid

It also has a special formula for essential B vitamins and electrolytes that make you run more efficiently by providing endurance and energy support. 

The Kendal Mint cake is rich in glucose, but that isn't the only ingredient useful to runners. Natural peppermint is an old-age herb that remedies all sorts of issues, including soothing and calming an individual. 

Rosmarinic acid makes peppermint have anti-inflammatory properties useful in promoting digestion, increasing bile secretion, and calming your lower intestines. Peppermint is also useful for tolerating pain threshold, which is necessary when you are looking to outrun opponents on race day. 

Peppermint is still used in colonoscopy procedures today. Peppermint contains a natural menthol useful for decongesting your breadthways by breaking mucus and phlegm so that you can easily expel them during a cold morning run. 


Is Kendal Mint Cake good for running? Yes, as the earliest form of fuel for climbers and runners, it has grown to become reliable, and most athletes are comfortable consuming it during distance runs. You can include it in your next marathon race, but first, you must try it out as a fuel source during your practice runs.

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