Lifetime Miami Marathon 2023

The Miami Marathon 2023 is only a few days away scheduled for the 29th of January 2023. It’s time to make final preparations for this iconic event that will host over 18,000+ participants. 

The current Miami Marathon started in 2003 even though the event started in 1977 and was known as the Orange Bowl Marathon. It has since changed its name eight other times to what we know it today. The 2023 event is the 46th Miami Marathon and it's expected to be fast-paced and highly eventful.

Boston Marathon Qualifier

The Miami Marathon 2023 is an official Boston qualifier course. Many athletes turn up with the aim to challenge the course record and improve on their personal best times. 

Miami Marathon Entry

The January 29th, 2023 Miami marathon entry tickets are sold out and registration is closed. Runners should have received the confirmation email by now. You can check your entry here

Miami Marathon Entry

Runners Premium Expectations

The Miami Marathon 2023 runners will have the following perks.

● Custom finishers medal

● Post-race festival

● Entertainment and live performances

● Access to race facilities (toilets)

● Post-race refreshments and energy drinks

● Runners goodie pack

Miami Marathon Cut-off Time

The cut-off time for the full marathon is seven hours. The roads will start re-opening gradually. All participants are urged to maintain the 10-minute per kilometer pace( 16 minutes per mile) to finish the race before the cut-off time. 

Once the roads re-open runners will have to forfeit the following amenities.

● Volunteers

● aid and water stations, 

● course marshals, 

● clocks, 

● medical assistance, 

● cross-street protection, etc.

Miami Marathon Elite Program

Miami Marathon Elite Program

The Miami marathon 2023 will host elite runners from all over the world. The deadline for the elite program registration is two weeks before race day and the application cut-off date is January 15, 2023. 

Elite athletes can receive up to 100% discounted entry.

Elite Male Marathon Standards

● 2:18:00 & Under: 100% Entry

● 2:18:01 – 2:25:00: 75% 

● 2:25:01 – 2:30:00: 50% 

● 2:30:01 – 2:32:00: 25% 

Elite Female Marathon Standards

● 2:33:00 & Under: 100% Entry

● 2:33:01 – 2:40:00: 75% 

● 2:40:01 – 2:45:00: 50% 

● 2:45:01 – 2:47:00: 25% 

Miami Marathon Prize Money

● 1st place: USD $4,500

● 2nd place: USD $2,000

● 3rd place: USD $1,000

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