9 Ways You Can Use a Treadmill in Your Apartment

Treadmill exercises are most suitable for indoor use, and it's not every time that you'll want to go to the gym to use one. So you are tinkering with buying one for your apartment, but you don't know so many things. 

One top question you should ask yourself is how loud a treadmill is in an apartment. 

Treadmills can produce sounds from 5db-10db depending on the size of the motor, brand, and quality. If you are worried about the noise or that your exercises might be disrupting your neighbors and the people you live with, you can make some improvements to reduce the noise.

But first, have you checked your lease agreement?

Before getting that new treadmill you set your eyes on, what are the terms and policies of the lease agreement? While some landlords outright dismiss treadmill use in their apartments, others don't include them in the draft agreement. But if there's a noise agreement, treadmills can indirectly be forbidden through this clause. 

Seek clarification from your landlord first before delving into this expensive venture. 

Reducing Treadmill Noise for Apartment Dwellers

Treadmill noises have only three sources;

● Treadmill motor or belt

● Vibration

● Stumping noise from feet when running

Here's how to fade the noises

Treadmill Noise Reducing Floor Mat

A treadmill mat has many uses, including limiting the vibrations from your training equipment to the floor. The cushion between the floor and the equipment protects the floor from damage when running, and this is an added advantage. 

It will also keep the treadmill in place, increasing its stability compared to when it sits on a floor tile or wood surface.

Treadmill Noise Reducing Floor Mat

Soundproofing the Apartment

Soundproofing the apartment walls can keep the peace between your neighbors and the people you live with. There are many soundproofing options for treadmills, including 

● Cork isolation pads

● Anti-vibration mats

● Soundproofing the training wall area

● Soundproof door

● Carpeting the exercise room

Place the machine away from the walls to ensure no vibrations go through the wall.

Soundproofing the Apartment

Buy a Silent Treadmill

The market has plenty of treadmill options. Among the selling qualities that separate models are the treadmill motor noise. Treadmill motor noise is determined by the quality of material surrounding the motor, the power of the treadmill motor, and treadmill quality.

You can buy foldable treadmills because most run quietly and come with transport wheels to reduce noise impact when moving them from one area to the other.

Buy a Silent Treadmill

Buy Quality Running Shoes

Running shoes will protect your feet from shin splints and other injuries, but mostly they will keep the pounding sound of your feet at bay. The best treadmill running shoes have gels that can absorb the noise impact and reduce treadmill noise while you exercise freely.

Buy Quality Running Shoes

Replace Bearings 

Treadmill noises can come from worn-out parts of the treadmill. Squeaking noises indicate that your treadmill is due for some maintenance and are risky to continue running on. 

Consider replacing rollers and bearing to enable the treadmill to operate smoothly and eliminate all noises when the treadmill is powered on.

Replace Bearings

Lubricate The Treadmill Belt as Directed

Treadmills come with lubricating gels that you are supposed to use regularly after running on the equipment for a designated mile limit. The lubrication prevents treadmill friction of the belt and other moving parts of the engine, making it whirr without producing annoying noises. 

Check your user manual for the proper treadmill lubricant for your equipment, and follow instructions on how to do it. 

Regular treadmill maintenance includes checking if the horsepower motor has accumulated dirt and debris and removing all the buildup.

Lubricate The Treadmill Belt as Directed

Reducing your Running Impact

It sounds like a cliche warning to say 'tread carefully,' but this is precisely what you should do to minimize the treadmill noise when you live on the upper floor of an apartment. One way to reduce noise impact is running at an incline which naturally reduces the noise of your steps. 

It also helps if you can lower the height of your steps and the length of your strides without changing your running efficiency. 

An alternative to running is brisk walking or jogging on the treadmill, as this will reduce the noise since you aren't pounding on the treadmill deck. 

Even though reducing noise is the goal, remember the quality of your workouts shouldn't be compromised.

Reducing your Running Impact

Treadmill Setup

Buying a treadmill that doesn't produce any noise is next to impossible. You can only hope that doing a multiple of all the above suggestions will make your neighbors comfortable as you follow your training routine. Treadmill location is important, especially if you can keep it away from neighbors' bedrooms, offices, interior walls, or study rooms.

Treadmill Setup


Be a good neighbor and consider the time that you set aside for treadmill running if you know the noise will find a way of disrupting their activities. The times you can avoid are early mornings or late evenings as this time most people are looking to have a quiet time. 

It can also help if you can inquire directly if the neighbors get distracted with your treadmill training schedule and let them suggest the times they find agreeable. 

The considerate gesture might be a reason for them to avoid sending complaints to your landlord, making you enjoy the times you run on your treadmill. 


The truth is treadmills can be loud, especially if you don't consider any of the aforementioned noise practices. But how loud a treadmill is in an apartment is an issue you can comfortably solve and enjoy your running days on your treadmill. Remember to buy a quality treadmill with a motor that runs quietly. 

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