Running Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Welcome to your Running Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

1. Jogging is a high-intensity exercise while running is a moderate-intensity workout.

2. What is the accurate running position?

3. What should you drink after running?

4. ____ before running helps prevent injuries.

5. Wear tight-fitting clothes for running to look hot.

6. Proper running shoes are a must for meeting running goals.

7. Which of the following is a sprint?

8. After meeting your running goal, you should

9. You should eat

10. Running on a treadmill helps you control speed and incline.

11. Always keep your head down while running to burn more calories.

12. Which of the following helps you run faster?

13. ______ is a bad idea before running.

14. What’s the correct way to hydrate yourself to avoid soreness from exercise?

15. Running on which surface carries a risk of injury?

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