Quiz and Answer on Exercise During Pregnancy

Welcome to your Quiz and Answer on Exercise During Pregnancy

1. Exercise during pregnancy is ________

2. Which exercise during pregnancy is likely to help you later in the delivery room?

3. How much exercise per week is enough for pregnant women according to guidelines?

4. If you were actively doing exercise before pregnancy, you should _____ while you are expecting.

5. If you were inactive before pregnancy, you should ____ while expecting.

6. How does kegel exercise during pregnancy helps you in the delivery room?

7. Which water sports is not healthy for your baby during pregnancy?

8. Exercise during pregnancy can cause you to deliver your baby sooner (premature delivery).

9. How soon should I start exercising after delivery?

10. Which of the following is not the goal of exercise during pregnancy?

11. Exercise during pregnancy can help decrease the risk of

12. You should immediately stop exercising if you experience

13. Which exercises should you avoid during pregnancy?

14. Which of the following is just a myth related to prenatal fitness?

15. Physical activity during pregnancy can help

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