Treadmill Quiz

Welcome to your Treadmill Quiz

1. Jumping on a treadmill and picking up the pace immediately is the right thing to do for an effective workout.

2. A 5- minute walk or easy jog before increasing the incline is essential because

3. Which of the following is essential for running on a treadmill?

4. Which of the following incline is better to stimulate outdoor running on a flat surface?

5. Adding incline to your walking and running workout causes

6. A higher incline burns 5% more calories than running on a flat surface.

7. Too much steep incline can cause

8. You should hold on to the handrails or console while running on a treadmill.

9. Which of the following action can lead to back and neck pain?

10. Identify a wrong practice while running on a treadmill?

11. Holding on breath while running can burn more calories in a short time.

12. Mimicking your natural gait while running on a treadmill is best.

13. Jumping on a running treadmill is a heroic act.

14. Step out of the treadmill as soon as the timer hits your goal.

15. Which is the correct posture for a treadmill?

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