Weight Loss Quiz

Welcome to your Weight Loss Quiz

1. Exercise and diet control are both important for losing and maintaining weight.

2. You must limit _____ in your diet.

3. Physical activity helps you lose weight by

4. How much physical activity is enough to support weight loss, according to research?

5. Which of the following exercise will help you lose weight faster?

6. An obese person’s BMI fall in the following range.

7. Which psychological state can cause weight gain?

8. Which of the following helps you maintain weight?

9. To keep yourself on track with physical activity, it’s essential to

10. Basal Metabolic Rate is

11. You gain weight when

12. Which of the following exercise burn more calories per minute?

13. Is it possible to lose weight on a particular body part?

14. Talk to your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program in case of

15. A thirty-minute workout session provides the same result as a 10-minute exercise three times a day.

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