Quiz On Postnatal Exercises Do’s And Don’ts

Quiz On Postnatal Exercises Do’s And Don’ts

Does this new mum want to get back to her fitness routine? Take this quiz right now to get the information you need to get back in the game.

Welcome to your Quiz On Postnatal Exercises Do’s And Don’ts

1. _____ can help you lose weight after pregnancy.

2. If you had a healthy pregnancy and normal vaginal delivery, start exercising

3. In case of a C-section, wait for at least ___ before starting an exercise program.

4. As a first-time workout after pregnancy, you should avoid

5. It’s good to start any high-impact exercise after your 6-week postnatal check.

6. Which of the following exercises are good for fixing the separation of tummy muscles after delivery?

7. Restrict your liquid intake if you experience urine leakage during exercise.

8. In case of breast leakage, stop exercising to save yourself from embarrassment.

9. Nurse your baby or pump milk

10. When you are ready to start exercise after pregnancy, get yourself

11. Postnatal exercise can help with

12. ____ guarantees an effective workout.

13. You should avoid lifting heavy weights after delivery because

14. If your baby has been up all night and you’ve had no sleep, exercise for an hour to relax the following day.

15. Little activity is better than none.

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