Top 10 Best Running Coaches in NYC

Like every other sport, running requires discipline and regular exercise to become perfect and competitive. Therefore, you need a coach who will guide you and bring out the best in you. Finding the best running coach in NYC can be the difference that makes you achieve success early in your athletic career.

These are the five best coaches to help you improve your running trajectory.

Marnie Kunz is a certified coach by many US legal bodies and athletics commissions. In addition, she has validations from RRCA, USATF, and NASM, making her an accomplished trainer with years of experience.

Marnie offers group and personalized training to individuals who want to build endurance for running events like marathons. She also offers beginner classes for people who wish to launch their athletic careers.

Services include:

· Marathon training

· Group training

· Online training

· In-person training for individual athletes

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Marnie Kunz

2. Paul Kartanowicz

Paul Kartanowicz
Paul Kartanowicz has a depth of experience and is currently the head coach of both Harrison High School and Glen Ridge High school in different athletics disciplines. You can also find him at the North Jersey Masters Track & Field Club as the track coach and Essex Running Club in Montclair, NJ as the head coach.
Paul is a NFHS, USATF, and Red Cross CPR & AED certified running coach.
Services include:
· Adults and Teenagers
· Middle Distance, Long Distance, Marathon, Cross Country
· Stride, Drive Phase, Gait, Form, Pacing, and Breathing

3. Mariel F.

Mar specializes in adult training, where she coaches athletes to improve overall body fitness and race time. In addition, she has experience coaching individual athletes in popular races like Chicago, Boston, and New York City marathons.

Her coaching methods involve analysis of an individual's progressive results during the training process and tweaking the training structure to suit each athlete. Healthy running is important in her training process as she keeps evaluating the athlete's body dynamics.

Besides coaching individual athletes for half marathons, cross country, and full marathons, Mariel trains beginners in the middle distance, 5km, and 10km races.

Services include:

· Middle Distance, Cross Country, Hurdles, Marathon, Long Distance

· Form and pacing

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Mariel F.

4. Adam Pyle

Adam Pyle
Adam Pyle is a coach with an extensive background as an exercise physiologist and uses his expertise to understand individual client needs. He adopts a scientific approach to adequate, safe, and fun training methods to get the best of his athletes.

If you can remain injury-free, your mindset will be stronger, and your body will have more endurance. Adam specializes in making athletes faster over distance running by using video analysis for drills and feedback.

Services include:

· Kids, adults, teenagers

· Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Sprints, Cross Country

· Gait, Pacing, Drive Phase, Stride, Breathing, Form

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5. Joseph H.

Joseph H is a certified coach by the USATF and specializes in group and personal coaching of athletes. The methods he adopts during training involve teaching athletes how to run in the correct form by using a person's natural gait when running.

Throughout the training process, he will observe your biomechanics when running and suggest changes if necessary. Joseph mainly trains recreational runners and has trained athletes in various distance running categories, including 5KM, 10KM, half, and full marathon races.

Part of the training regime includes weight loss and making you unlock your highest running potential.

Services include:

· Kids, Adults, Teenagers

· Cross Country, Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance,

· Drive Phase, Stride, Pacing, Gait, Form

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Joseph H.

6. Charlotte G.

Charlotte G.
Charlotte is a certified national running coach with an extensive background in competitive athletics spanning over 20 years. She uses a progressive training approach that applies to beginners and veterans of the sport.

The idea is to start by loving to run and then learning to run the right way while making it fun. Charlotte coaches small teams, individuals, contractual clubs, and recreational running groups.

She has vast experience and knowledge in distance running and is comfortable training in any age group. If you are looking for an inspirational and passionate coach to uplift your confidence Charlotte is among the best in New York.

She will revive your passion for running and remove mental and physical obstacles that might hinder you from achieving your objectives. You will also find that her training methods are crafted to avoid burnout and injury and keep your weight in control.

Services include:

· Kids, Adults, Teenagers

· Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Sprints

· Breathing, Stride, Pacing, Form

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7. Peter Alfano

Coach Peter specializes in long- and middle-distance running, but he has also experienced immense success coaching athletes in sprinting events. The mantra he applies in all his training methods is that athletes must put their hearts and mind into running.

He has various workout plans, but all depend on the kind of event that you want to prepare for. He starts the sessions by discussing the goal of the training so that you understand what to expect at the end of it.

Coach Peter uses his experiences to arrive at the goals you set together by instilling confidence and boosting athletes' self-esteem. When you sign-up with him, you will receive a monthly calendar that will help you have insight into the course of your training.

Services include:

· Kids, Teenagers, Adults

· Middle Distance, Long Distance, Marathon, Cross Country

· Stride, Form, Pacing, Breathing

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Peter Alfano

8. Run Coach Kai

Run Coach Kai
Coach Kai crafts the first session for you so that you can start by knowing your potential and working towards your goals early. The review helps you to figure out the basic range of motion and running movements.

The first session helps the coach identify the specific training that will make you improve your pace and running technique fast. Coach Kai also uses video analysis in his teaching philosophy to help you achieve perfection after every running test or event.

The coach is certified and will help you learn proper running techniques you can easily relate to.

Services include:

· Kids, teenagers, adults

· Marathon, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

· Gait, Stride, Breathing, Drive Phase, Pacing, Form

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9. John Henwood

John Henwood is a specialist coach for teams but is looking to branch out and work with athletes one-on-one. In a large team setting, he uses general workouts that identify the strength or weaknesses of the group.

However, when working with an individual, the goal is to set targets and knock them off the list progressively. Coach Henwood operates by teaching stamina, speed, strength, and technique, as these are the core principles of track and field events.

All training will depend on the athlete, and sessions will be determined by the areas that need improving between the four principles. Before the beginning of each session, there will be a dynamic warm-up and stretching, and at the end, when you need to cool down, you will have some flexibility exercises.

Services include:

· Adults, Teenagers, Kids

· Sprints, Middle, Hurdles, Distance

· Drive Phase, Form, Stride, Pacing

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John Henwood

10. Thaddeus Harvey

Thaddeus Harvey
Thaddeus Harvey is an exemplary coach and nationally certified. He uses independent sessions to plan the best way forward for the athlete depending on the distance of the race, time, and date.

Coach Harvey uses a framework that ensures every athlete develops a strong core/base, endurance, and strength for the race, drills, intervals, and repetition training for a specific event.

Coach Harvey can help you train for other sports besides athletics as these principles apply to every sport. Even though each workout session will be different depending on the athlete and event, the routine will be constant. These include drills, warm-ups, training, and cool-down.

My session plans will depend highly on the athlete, goal, race distance, and date.

Services include:

· Adults, Teenagers, Kids.

· Sprints, Cross Country, Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance

· Pacing, Form, Stride, Drive Phase

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Finding the best running coach in NYC is the first step toward achieving success in distance running. There are many options to pick from, and each coach has different programs and rates. When choosing a coach, selecting one that steers you towards success is essential.

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