Solar Boost 19 Vs Ultraboost 20: Which One Is Suitable For You?

Solar Boost 19 and Ultraboost 20 are two of the most popular brands from Adidas. They have a lot of similarities, such as the same weight and drop. They are also made of the same material in the midsole and the upper. This may leave many buyers confused when trying to choose between the two.

This is despite the fact that lifestyle shoes also have a lot of differences. To help you choose the right one for you, we bring you this Solar Boost 19 vs. Ultraboost 20 comparison. Read this Adidas Ultraboost comparison to make a wise buying decision.

Solar Boost 19 Vs Ultraboost 20: Comparison Chart


Adidas Solar Boost 19

Adidas UltraBoost 20


10 mm

10 mm












100% textile

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Solar Boost 19 Vs Ultraboost 20: Product Overview

Before we compare the two, let us look at the summary of the features of each of these shoes.

solar boost 19 vs ultraboost 20
which ultraboost is the best

Adidas Solar Boost 19

The Solar Boost 19 was inspired by NASA engineering, making it one of the best sports shoes out there. The shoe features the signature webbed rubber that is common in most Adidas pairs. This provides it with better traction in different weather conditions. The upper part of the SolarBoost is made of a lightly knit material but with reinforced stitching. This provides a great and snug fit.

The midsole of the Solar boost 19 features the Adidas golden Child that consists of TPU pellets that compress under impact and bounce back, providing you with a springy ride. In addition, the shoe features dual-density foam that enables it to provide better stability.

Another feature that we liked in the Solar Boost white is the Torsion System which consists of a long plastic piece in the middle that provides users with better arch support. This also provides a great bridge between the front and the rear part of the shoe.

Finally, the pair of Adidas Adizero boasts rails that extend from the midsole to the cup of the foot, enabling it to provide better support. This acts as a good guide for the foot and provides great support in combination with the dual-density system.

adidas ultra boost comparison

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Adidas Solar Boost 19 Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable, making it great for daily wear
  • Smooth and stable
  • Great traction
  • Sturdily-made


  • Upper isn't very breathable
When you look at the Adidas Solar Boost, it seems like it doesn't offer much. But when you dive deeper, you realize how well-performing this solid shoe is. It provides the right amount of comfort and stability, but it is sturdily made and durable. It, therefore, is more comfortable than Ultraboost.

Adidas Ultraboost 20

The Ultraboost 20 is one of the best looking ultra boost pairs. It's a well-cushioned shoe with a Boost midsole that provides maximum comfort. In addition, the shoe features a10 mm drop that enables you to move faster. However, it's still very lightweight.

The upper of the Adidas Ultraboost solar slime is made of open mesh with a tailored fiber placement that has been retained from the previous version. As a result, the shoe is super comfortable and provides the wearer with great traction due to its wider outsole with a continental rubber.

So how much height does the ultra boost add? The pair has a stack height of 27 mm at the heel area while the height at the front is 17 mm. it will add a height of about 3.2 mm.

adidas ultra boost solar slime

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Adidas Ultraboost 20 Pros & Cons


  • Sturdily-made outsole
  • Well-cushioned
  • Foam is very flexible
  • Performs well in different temperatures
    Fits snugly


  • Only suitable for slow runs
  • A bit heavy
  • No upper lockdown
The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is the most cushioned pair from Adidas. It will provide you with unmatched comfort during those easy runs as a neutral shoe. While there are different types of Ultra boost shoes, they are all suited for running.

Solar Boost 19 Vs Ultraboost 20: A Detailed Comparison

Let us now look at the features of these two pairs of Adidas running shoes in detail:


There is no doubt that the Solar Boost 19 has a great performance as it's a lighter shoe. The pair features a Solar Propulsion Rail and cushioning that works well to guide your foot forward and provide it with great support. This ensures a soft and springy cushioning in your underfoot. In addition, the TFP sidewalls offer great lateral support.

The SolarBoost also boasts of the E-TPU capsules that consist of thousands of capsules fused to make the sole of the shoes. The capsules are good at storing and releasing energy, providing a springy and responsive run.

The Adidas Ultra Boost 20 has a 20% more boost than the regular boost sneakers. When this is combined with the Primeknit upper, it is one of the most comfortable and versatile running shoes. In addition, the overall design of the Adidas original was also improved compared to the Ultraboost 19, which made it easier to wear. This has been maintained in the Adidas ultra boost 21 and all types of Ultraboost shoes.


One of the unique parts of the Solar Boost 19 is its upper material. The shoe is made of what Adidas refers to as a Tailor Fiber Placement. Inspired by NASA technology, this part consists of a stitched-in part to provide well-calibrated support. The inner part of the upper features a fabric air mesh lining that makes it soft on the foot. The shoe has a lace-up closure and extended heel support to provide the wearer with a great fit.

The upper of the Adidas Ultraboost 19 features a foot-hugging mesh with a stitched-in reinforcement that provides you with the right support. The interior of the mesh upper part is made of a Primknit and textile with a fiber placement to provide a customized fit. The material of the Neutral runner works great in wrapping itself against the foot and providing wearers with a customized fit and a great energy return.

While these shoes have a few similarities and differences, they are good pairs for your urban runs. But if you are undecided on which pair to go for, you can use this solar boost 19 vs. ultraboost 20 comparison to choosing a pair that will be best suited for your individual needs.


Both the SolarBoost and Ultraboost feature an amazing material consisting of rubber soles from the Continental, a reputed company for its well gripping and durable tires. Both shoes have an excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. In addition, for better flexibility, they feature a stretch web pattern and exceptional cushioning. However, note that the soles are made for road running and may not be the best choice for off-road trails. But even if you will be running on a wet winter day, the shoes will grip the sidewalk very well.

The midsole

Both pairs have a thicker midsole made of a Boost material and act as the bridge between the forefoot. Boost was first introduced in Adidas shoes in 2013 and consisted of expanded TPU beads that create closed cells around small air pockets. This ensures that both the Adidas SolarBost 19 and the Ultraboost 20 are extremely comfortable, flexible, and durable. While they aren't perfect for running on your speed or interval training, they are great for tired legs. The Boost technology also provides maximum comfort in different temperatures.

The thicker midsole of the Solarboost is better compared to the Ultraboost. However, both shoes have a cushioned midsole and a similar 10 mm drop providing the best comfort.


The stability of these shoes is affected by two features- The continental rubber and the stabilizing torsion system. The torsion system is a thermoplastic arch support that enables the forefoot and the rear foot to move independently. The shoe is, therefore, able to adapt to the running surface while providing better stability. This also improves the transition from the heel to the toe.

Both pairs have the Torsion system that helps in stabilizing them. This makes them great Adidas kids running shoes.

are ultraboost shoes good for running

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The heel of this lifestyle sneaker is made of a line of stitching that brings together both shoe halves. On the other hand, the Ultraboost 20 is made from a single fabric piece that enables it to snug well around your Achilles. This also provides a great fit even before locking the laces tightly.

The heel height of the Ultraboost is 22 mm, while its forefoot is 12mm. On the other hand, the heel height of the Solarboost is 32mm, while its fore height size is 22 mm foot when running. Moreover, with Energy Rails on the side, Solarboost provides better guidance for the foot.


The SolarBosot and Ultra boost weight is about 11 oz, even though the Solarboost has thicker soles. They are, therefore, both lightweight and can be easily paired with the kid running jacket. However, when running long-distance, the weight may be unnecessary baggage.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Are Adidas solar boost good for running? The Solar Boost 19 is suitable for neutral runners on urban runs. It's also suitable for treadmill workouts and track runs. The pair performs well on longer runs as it features greater support, smooth transition, and lightweight cushioning. This is because it has a supportive heel that will maintain your heel in place without affecting your range of motions.

The Ultraboost 20 is a running shoe that will provide you with the ultimate comfort on all runs due to its thicker cushioning. It's soft and nice. However, it is more suited for longer, relaxed, or recovery runs. This is because it features an open area around the Achilles tendon, providing the site with freedom of movement, especially during those long-distance runs. The soft heels also have amazing cushioning that provides the shoes with better stability and a more comfortable fit when running. So, are ultraboost shoes good for running?The answer is yes.

different types of ultra boost

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Here are the frequently asked questions on both pairs.

1. How to clean Adidas boost soles?

You should use a wet piece of cloth through the bottom and the edges. Then, use a paper towel to dry the shoe.

2. Which ultra boost is the best?

The Ultraboost 22 is the latest and most popular, followed by the Ultra Boost 21, as they have a thicker cushion made of a piece of foam.

3. Is  Ultraboost for running?

The Ultraboost is suitable for recovery runs and is one of the most comfortable running shoes in the market.

4. Is there a difference between men's and women's ultra boost?

Both the men's and women's ultra boost are the same and offer a great choice of sneakers.

5. What's the difference between ultra boost 19 and 20?

The main difference between these two pairs is in the material. The heel of the ultra boost 20 and ultra boost 21 is more sculptured and is made of polyester. This is unlike the ultraboost 19, which is made of polyester interior and Primeknit exterior.


Good shoes can prevent injury. Both Solar boost 19 and Ultraboost 20 are neutral running shoes with greater cushioning. While the Ultraboost focuses more on cushioning, Solar boost is made to cater to different runners due to its variations and simple design.

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