Sole F63 Vs F80 Treadmill – Which One is Right for You?

Sole F63 Treadmill VS F80 Treadmill is ready to open your eyes to pick the best treadmill from market out of so many. As you need to keep your body fit, Sole F63 Treadmill VS F80 Treadmill will guide you step by step to learn the quality and performance of treadmills. Both treadmills feature almost similar commercial-graded equipment and components. You might find Sole F80 as a bit stronger than Sole F63 with more or fewer similarities.

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Sole F63 is designed as a folding treadmill in order to provide robust performance while you work out. It features quite effective and durable 3.0 CHP motor allowing 12 mph top speed of horsepower for the long-running duration. 65-inch LCD is ready to show the progress with ergonomic reading advantage. Having equipped with commercial quality components, Sole F63 offers wider running space with 30 levels of track incline including the 10-workout menu.

Sole f63 treadmill

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Sole F80, on the other hand, is an impressive treadmill especially for home users featuring various effectively qualified components. Having been equipped with gym-quality equipment, Sole F80 is a user-friendly treadmill with simple control panel, cushioned belt, heavy-duty motor, 7.5-inch LCD display, and built-in speakers as well as cooling fans. It is loaded with so many commercial-quality features.

It is the time of food for thought as you pay attention toward Sole F63 whether you should buy this one or Sole F80 will work out for you. We reveal major issues including the positive side as well as the negative side.

  • Sole F63 is designed as easily manageable
  • The entire unit is sturdy at the same time foldable.
  • Powerful 3.0 CHP motor is equipped with Sole F63.
  • 22″ x 60″ is sufficiently spacious to freely walk or run.
  • A required balanced shock absorption mounted below deck.
  • Sole F63 comes with 30 incline levels up to 15%.
  • Sole F63 offers MP3 player ports with speakers too.
  • This Unit further comes with a Bluetooth connection for the Sole Fitness App.
  • A wireless heart rate receiver, contacts pulse sensors.
  • Personal cooling fans are included.
  • The slight drawback will not pull you back since Sole F63 is designed with short side rails.
Sole F80 treadmill

Sole F63 may already blow your mind with the best possible features and components. Now, F80 may also impress you with the quality and performance it can pull on.

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  • Sole F80 is special for creating zero squeaking sound.
  • The whole unit comes with the foldable frame.
  • Performance is incredible with the quiet atmosphere.
  • The horsepower of 3.5 CHP motor is equipped with Sole F80.
  • Running space is spacious enough of 22″ x 60″.
  • Easy manual guide with simple manageability.
  • 10 different work out programs as you run.
  • Equipped with CushionFlex Whisper Deck.
  • Take the fun with MP3 Player Port and speakers.
  • A slight shortfall of bulky weight – you’re aren’t going to carry.
  • Little luck with short side rails as for drawback.

Our Final Verdict On Sole F63 Vs F80 Treadmill

We allow you to call for the final verdict of which treadmill you would use from Sole F63 Treadmill VS F80 TreadmillBoth from a similar top brand treadmill in different models featuring slightly different features. Sole F80 little bit pricey than the other one yet powerful enough to satisfy your need to offer you a better shape. Sole F63 is cheaper compared to the previous one but equipped with commercial-grade components for better performance. Now, based on your requirements, you pick the best one as both models will be impressively brilliant considering Sole F63 VS F80.

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