Sporzon Dumbbells: Safe And Easy-To-Grip

Many people have different fitness goals, but when it comes to building solid biceps and muscles, dumbbells are always the first point of call. Sporzon Dumbbells are relatively new high-quality dumbbells in the market, but they have quickly gained popularity due to their unique design and construction.

Sporzon used a combination of high-quality materials to make this dumbbell. You'll find it easy to get a strong non-slip grip, especially if you have sweaty palms. And to make sure you'll have no doubts, Sporzon offers a two-year warranty on this dumbbell.

In this Sporzon dumbbell set review, we'll outline its features and weaknesses and leave you to judge it along with other affordable options.

sporzon dumbbells review

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  1. Lightweight design yet feels firm to hold.
  2. You can choose different sizes in single or pairs
  3. Aesthetically appealing black color.
  4. It is made from high-quality cast iron.
  5. Rubber encasing ensures your floors are protected.
  6. The head has a hexagon shape.
  7. Textured handle with soft grip.

Specifications of Sporzon Dumbbells

Here are the specifications of this Sporzon Dumbbells.

Name of Feature



Available weight options between 10lbs and 50lbs

Dimensions (LWH) 

13.8in x 12.6in x 9in


Rubber coat




Cast iron, rubber


2 years

Design of the Sporzon Rubber-Encased Hex Dumbbells

Three words rightly describe the Sporzon Rubber Dumbbells: simple, apt, and affordable. For exercise equipment as simple as this, most people are taken aback by the feel, quality, and variety this starter weight set offers.

Right out of the box, you're greeted by a small-sized dumbbell. The dumbbell heads come enclosed with premium rubber coating, so they won't damage your floor when you drop them on the floor. You get, in the box, the black dumbbells, which unfortunately is the only color option available.

high quality dumbbells; sporzon dumbbell review

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It looks splendid, and the quality stares you right in the face. The dumbbell's textured handle is wide enough to fit most people's hands. Its contoured handle has a broader width midway and will allow you to get a secure grip.

The handle is chrome-plated, and it blends nicely with the rubber-enclosed heads, which have a smell at first. The smell fades away gradually. You'll find the weight of the particular dumbbell you're holding written on one face of the hexagonal head (and on both ends).

If you have sweaty palms, be rest assured that you can comfortably use this dumbbell set. You'll appreciate the hexagonal heads as they give the dumbbells stability when you keep them on the floor or a flat surface.

The Sporzon rubber encased dumbbells are made from cast-iron and rubber materials. As we've mentioned earlier, the rubber materials cover the heads of the dumbbell to protect your floors. Don't drop it carelessly.

Let's Talk About Dimensions

The Sporzon dumbbell measures 13.8in x 12.6in x 9in (LWH). Its small size makes it easy to pack the dumbbells into your traveling bags with ease. But it doesn't stop the bags from becoming heavy, especially if you get heavy pairs.

Overall, the solid build quality of this dumbbell speaks volume of the amount of time Sporzon put into making it. For Sporzon, having a best-seller in a competitive niche isn't a piece of cake, and we commend them for that.

Weight Options

The Sporzon dumbbells come in different sizes. You can choose the 10-pound dumbbells over the 50-pound dumbbells or find a sweet spot in between. The other available sizes are in increments of 5 pounds. Also, you can buy this dumbbell either as a single dumbbell or as a pair. Whatever your choice is, any of the sizes can help you get started with your dumbbell exercises.

Picking the Right Dumbbell Weight

To choose the right dumbbell weight, you need to consider your fitness goals. We don't recommend using random weights to work out. Instead, use the less heavy ones at first, and then the heavy ones can come later.

Many fitness instructors recommend considering your body's weight and exercise purposes when you're planning to choose a dumbbell. If it's possible, you can speak with a fitness expert to get an idea of what you'll possibly need.

For beginners, it's okay to start with the 5lbs dumbbell pairs and slowly go up the weight ladder. This will allow your hands/ muscles to get used to dumbbells first before exposing them to heavier weights.
dumbbells exercises; sporzon dumbbell review

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Warranty & Maintenance

The Sporzon dumbbells require little or no maintenance at all. However, wiping sweat off it after each dumbbell exercise session will go a long way to keep it looking nice. Also, you should get a carrying case to store it when you're traveling so they'll not damage other items in your luggage.

Warranty-wise, Sporzon gives a two-year warranty on this dumbbell irrespective of which weight you're buying.

Sporzon Dumbbells Pros & Cons

We love so many things about Sporzon dumbbells and we shared a few of them below.


  • It's available in many sizes, and you can get it either as a single dumbbell or in pairs
  • It has a solid build quality with a two-year warranty
  • Hex-shaped rubber decked head helps to protect your floors from scratches
  • You can use it, even with sweaty palms


  • At first, it has some plastic/rubber smell, but this fades away with time

Suitable Alternatives for Sporzon Dumbbells

If you don't fancy the Sporzon dumbbells, you may as well take a look at these below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Sporzon dumbbells good? 

When a product becomes a best-seller with almost a perfect five-star rating, it's only normal to say that they're good. As we've mentioned earlier, the dumbbells are high-quality and come with a two-year warranty.

2. Can I build muscles with dumbbells only?

It's possible to build muscles by engaging in dumbbell exercises. However, you should get suitable dumbbell weights and start slowly to build your muscles. You may seek guidance from a fitness expert to help you achieve the right level of success in your muscle resistance training exercises.

3. Can you get a good workout with dumbbells?

If you're working on your muscles, you can get a good workout when training with dumbbells. But to get full-body workouts, you'll need to engage in a range of exercises with other exercise equipment.

4. Why are dumbbells so expensive?

Brand names, weight options, and color preferences can make a dumbbell pricier than the other. While we recommend getting the best dumbbells, you shouldn't spend a fortune buying them. Compare prices and features to fund the one that'll help you meet your fitness goals with less spending on purchases.

Final Words

Get your fitness plans moving fast this year with these Sporzon affordable dumbbells. They're often referred to as solid-cast dumbbells; they're inexpensive, hex-shaped, and are available in different sizes.

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