The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2023

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon is an annual event that is graced by 40,000+ runners. It’s among the world’s iconic marathon circuits that attract elite runners who come to compete for the world, course, and personal times. 

98% of runners finish the 42.2-kilometer race and registration is open for all who wish to participate. Challenge yourself today by registering for the Schneider Electric Paris marathon 2023.

Event Information

Race Date: Sunday 3rd April 2023

Entry Fee: 120 EUR (Open until 15, January 2023)

Late Entry Fee: 130 EUR (Opens after 15th January 2023 lasts till all tickets are sold)

Course Records: 

● Elisha Rotich (KEN)  2:04:21 (2021)

● Gelete Burka (ETH)  2: 22:48 (2019)

Entry Fee  Inclusions

● Live performances and entertainment 

● Training sessions and plans(by the level of athlete experience)

● Official time and rank

● A runner bag and finisher T-shirt

● Finisher medal

● Toilet facilities 

● Medical Aid stations

● Refreshments and nutrition stations

Transfer/Refunds Policy 

All registrations are personal and final. There are no transfers to another runner or distance for whatever reason. No refunds are possible. All registration is definitive and firm.

Schneider Electric Paris Marathon Event Information

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2023 Cut-Off Time 

The cut-off time is 7 hours starting after the last runner goes past the start line. The race organizers will open the roads systematically to allow traffic to resume normal operations. Those who won’t manage to run within the cut-off time can continue the race on the sidewalks or pavements at their convenience. 

No medals, official time, or finisher awards will be handed to athletes that don’t finish the race within this period. 

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2023 Entry Requirements

The Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 2023 Entry Requirements

Unlike other international marathons that require preset qualification times from previous marathon races, the Paris Marathon 2023 is open for all that wish to register and participate. 

Registrations are currently ongoing. 

Contact Information

Contact Authority: Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.)

Address: Boulogne-Billancourt (92100) France, 40-42 Quai du Point du Jour, Paris

Tel.: +33 (0)9 69 36 88 21



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