How To Do HIIT On The Treadmill?

Treadmill training helps you stay fit, especially when outdoor conditions aren’t favorable. Let’s face it though! Running at the same speed for long periods can be quite tiring. Not to forget that it can get boring as well. So, why not turn to HIIT to make your workout exercise interesting again! High-Intensity Interval Training enables you to engage in vigorous workouts in a short time. This makes it the best workout routine, especially if you’ve got a busy lifestyle. However, chances are you don’t how to do HIIT on the treadmill, right?

Well, that shouldn’t trouble you at all. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need about HIIT treadmill workouts. An exercise will give you several health benefits, in a very short time! Moreover, it’s a quick way to increase metabolism, maintain lean muscle, and burn calories.

Now, let’s look at the basics of HIIT on a treadmill right away!

What is HIIT?

HIIT is an abbreviation or shortened word that stands for high-intensity interval training. The term HIIT basically refers to short sessions of hard exercise through short-term recovery. HITT is possibly the most time-saving, cost-effective way to exercise.

HIIT workouts usually range from 10 to 30 minutes, and regardless of how quick the workout is, the results is similar to twice as much medium-intensity exercise.

HIIT exercise routines can include sprinting, mountain climbers, jump rope, biking, or bodyweight exercises.

How To Do HIIT On The Treadmill

How Does HIIT on a Treadmill Work?

   Here is an example of how HIIT on a treadmill work:

  • Place the treadmill in a flat place.
  • Walk at a speed of 1.5 kilometers per hour for five minutes to warm up a little.
  • Run at 10 to 15 kilometers per hour for half a minute.
  • Walk at 8 to 9.5 KPH (kilometers per hour) for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • Walk at a speed of 1.5 kilometers per hour for five minutes to cool down a little.

What are the Advantages of a HIIT in the Case of a Treadmill?

  • Saves time. HIIT workouts can fit perfectly into a busy schedule. With proper planning, it is possible to burn more calories on a treadmill. You just need 30 minutes of the HIIT workout than would an hour of fixed training.
  • HIIT will let you burn fat during and after training. The high-intensity periods during training causes your body to take in more oxygen, which results in more calories burned. You will continue to burn calories even after the training is over.
  • HIIT is not boring. The HIIT workout is not easy, and it is not boring. You will always be busy watching numbers and pushing buttons. There will hardly be time to chat with friends or answer phone calls while you are on the treadmill.

How to Do HIIT on a Treadmill?

  The HIIT Treadmill workout should be at least 30 to 40 minutes long.

  • Warm-up: You will walk for 5-10 minutes at a speed of 1.5 kilometers per hour before starting high-intensity intervals. When doing sprints, it is crucial to do a complete warm-up. Then towards the end, you can increase the maximum speed for 5 minutes, such as 2 kilometers per hour which is faster than your warm-up speed.
  • Intervals: You will take a one-minute break following the two-minute recovery in the warm-up settings.
  • Repeat: A round of intense effort followed by a recovery break. The target will be five to eight rounds.
  • Cooldown: Take a five-minute rest to keep yourself comfortable.
How to Do HIIT on a Treadmill?

HIIT Workout for Beginners

A great HIIT workout for beginners is HIIT bodyweight perimeter. It is a straightforward way to exercise, and no equipment is required.

You can try to keep up your pace with your reps. You may need to speed up yourself, but don't overdo it. As a beginner that is starting out with fitness training, you need to limit yourself and not overdo it.

Warm-up yourself for HIIT. Because HIIT is intense, you need to prepare your muscles to avoid injury.

Beginner HIIT Workout Instructions

This HIIT workout has three rounds:

Complete 2 laps of Round 1 before moving on to Round 2.

There are 3 exercises within each round. Warm-up yourself for HIIT.

You need to take a 60-second break between rounds before moving on to the next round in your HIIT workout.

Weight Loss By HIIT Treadmill Workout

  • Warm-up: Walk for 15 minutes on the treadmill before you start with You can walk on the treadmill for about 15 minutes before the start of intervals of high intensity.
  • Then keep increasing its speed, but try to keep it within 10 to 15 kilometers per hour. Sprint for 1 minute without any break.
  • Recovery: Now, reduce the speed to 4 to 5 kilometers per hour. Then walk again for 1 minute.
  • Each round is all-out, combined with a period for recovery. Do this for six to ten rounds.
  • Cooldown: Walk for 5 minutes at a slow speed, preferably 2 mph.

HIIT Workout for 30 Minutes

The perfect cardio workout is a 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout. It's an excellent way to burn calories and increase your cardiovascular fitness. This workout is perfect for beginners and can be adapted to continue your fitness journey.

What You Will Find in this Workout?

   1. Continuous ascending break 10 times while running for three minutes.

   2. One minute walk or jogging at a simple recovery speed of half an hour.

   3. Begin with a 3-minute warm-up, jogging at a slow speed, between 3-5 mph.

   4. After the warm-up, increase your speed between 6-10 mph and begin your first 3-minute up-tempo break.

   5. After a three-minute break, lower your speed to 3 to 5 kilometers per hour for a one-minute recovery.

   6. Repeat your breaks of 3-minutes hard to 1-minute recovery, 10 times, for 30 minutes of exercise.


1. How effective is HIIT on the treadmill?

Yes, It burns more calories in a very short period of time than other methods, so it is more effective.

2. How long should a HIIT treadmill workout be?

The total HIIT workout should be about 30-60 minutes, with warm-up and cool-down periods included in that time.

3. Can I do HIIT treadmill workout every day?

No. There is no need to exercise here every day. 

4. How many times should I do the HIIT treadmill in a week?

You can do this like three times per week. No needs to overdo it; you still have to give your body time to rest.

5. What is the role of HIIT cardio in reducing body weight?

HIIT lets you lose weight in less time. People tend to burn more calories in 30 minutes of intense HIIT workout than they do in a 45-minute cardio workout.

6. Is HIIT cardio good for weight loss?

Yes, HIIT cardio is an excellent way to lose weight.

7. Is 30 minutes of HIIT enough to lose weight?

Yes, research shows that it burns 25-30 percent more calories than other exercises.

8. Which is considered as the best HIIT workout on the treadmill?

  • Warm-up: You should walk for fifteen minutes before the start of intervals of high intensity. Increase speed to a very challenging rate. I suggest between 10 and 15 mph. Sprint for one minute without any break.
  • Recovery: Bring your speed from 4 to 5 kilometers per hour and walk for a minute. Each round is all-out, combined with a period for recovery. Do this for six to ten rounds.
  • Cool down: Walk for 5 minutes at a slow speed, preferably 2 mph.

9. Should I do HIIT or weight training first?

Yes, first you have to do weight loss exercise then HIIT.

10. How do you know if HIIT is working?

Are you out of breath? Can you feel the burn? Is your heart rate increasing?

Then you have no problem. Your exercise is working.

11. Can you do HIIT and cardio on the same day?

It can be done, but first, you have to do weight loss exercise, then HIIT.

12. Is HIIT better than running?

Yes, HIIT is better than running. HIIT workouts can get you faster results than running will.

13. Can HIIT increase stamina?

Yes, HIIT exercise can improve endurance and is more effective than running.

14. What are the disadvantages of HIIT training?

It can be harmful to you if you do not follow the rules or if you do not have an advisor. Don't think the more you do HIIT exercised you will quickly lose weight. Try to understand body language, nothing extra is good.


In conclusion, HIIT is truly a simple and effective method. If you are looking for an effective way to exercise and burn calories in a short amount of time, then HIIT on a treadmill would be perfect for you.

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