What Treadmill Does Orangetheory Use?

By the time you're reading this, it means you've already tried the Orange Theory Fitness, or perhaps you're a member.

The power of their workouts is undeniable. The intense, high-octane workouts that consist of cardio, weights and rowing deliver the best results.

Ranked at No. 43 by Fortune 500 as one of the fastest-growing businesses, it's evident the Orange Theory workouts are worth trying.

But for those who are members already, you might be wondering, "what treadmill does the OrangeTheory use?"

I know; the treadmills are like no other. They feel different. They're comfortable. And very cushiony. Well, that's intentional.

The OTF worked with Freemotion, a treadmill maker, to customize one of their treadmills so that it satisfied their needs. Hence the REFLEX T11.3 by Freemotion was born.

So, What Makes the T11.3 Unique?

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The OrangeTheory.

But a key ingredient to the success of this global craze is the equipment used day in and day out.

Orangetheory loved the REFLEX™ treadmill but had ideas of how to take the product to the next level, tailoring it to the unique experience they wished to deliver.

Apart from being of high quality, it is chosen by OTF for the following features:

Very cushiony and easy on joints

Although you want to give it your throughout the exercise class, it is still essential to consider your safety.

This treadmill is accessible on the joints like the knees, hips and ankles. That's because of the shock-absorbing capability of the REFLEX.

The shock-absorbing deck doesn't just help with comfort; it can also help your performance.

Easily adjustable using 1-step controls

With the OTF classes, coaches will instruct you to change the incline or decline through the session.

This treadmill makes it much easier to keep up with the instructions without pausing and figuring things out.

The 1-step controls let you easily change the incline, decline, and speed. As a result, you can better burn fat, target various muscle groups or adjust to warm up or cool down.

With other treadmills, you have to push the buttons multiple times to get the speed and the incline we want people to get to right away. With the REFLEX™, they get there immediately.

Large LED screens help keep track of progress

Not sure if you've really adjusted your treadmill? That's easy to check, thanks to the giant LED screen.

Apart from the settings and adjustments, the screen can also help you better see your progress as it keeps track of your speed, distance, time, level, and burned calories. 

Balances well with your weight High Weight

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Capacity...OTF is a place that welcomes all those who wish to improve their health through exercise. Even if you are starting and are pretty heavy, the treadmills at OTF will still be able to handle your weight.

It has a high maximum user weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The freemotion is cushiony, and you'll run faster on the road because the treadmill's cushiony feel absorbs much of your power.

It helps you have that bounce in your run and propel you forward without dragging you back. And if you have an incline or decline, it doesn't feel terrifying.

They're great for anyone with knee issues because they have a soft impact. And they cater to anyone who loves walking outdoors.

I love how they take their speeds up and down very quickly, thus letting you make your recovery as fast as you can. The treadmill feels safe, and you don't experience those painful cramps common with other treadmills. 

Final Thoughts

OTF is a great place to improve your health through exercise. They offer a variety of classes that will increase your heart rate so you can continue to burn the fat a day or two after your class.

Such as the 1 STEP™ controls and shock absorbing deck that turns non-runners into runners at the touch of a button.

The orange theory is amazing. You can feed off the group atmosphere. You get to walk in and don't have to think about which workouts you'll be doing but still know you're going to get a great workout.

The coaches are friendly, and it's a nice mix of everything - cardio, weights, and rowing. You feel good when you leave and love that you can completely switch off and not think of anything else.

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