XTERRA TRX4500 Treadmill Review

One of the brands that have made a name as a solidly made, reliable, and a foldable treadmill is the XTERRA trx4500 treadmill. The TRX features a 20" by 60" running surface, a 3.25 HP motor, and a Bluetooth-compatible console, making it one of the most well-built but affordable treadmills. Many XTERRA trx4500 treadmill reviews agree that it has high-quality parts that meet the standards of a high-quality home gym.

If you are searching for a high-quality but cost-effective treadmill built to perform, this is an option that is worth considering. However, is it the most effective home workout treadmill? Is everything about this treadmill positive? Does it have its downside? Let's find out in this Xterra treadmill review.

Summary of Features

  • Incline controls level: 0 - 15 levels
  • Speed range: 0.5 to 12 MPH
  • User weight limit: 350 lbs
  • 5 HP motor
  • 5 inch Backlit LCD sc
  • Speed range: 0 -12 mph
  • Running surface of 20"x60."
  • Dimensions: 2" L x 35.5" W x 56.1" H
  • Folds up using Safe Drop and Lift assist
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor included
  • Quick touch incline/speed button
  • Cupholder
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Who Makes XTERRA Treadmills?

If you wonder who manufactures XTERRA treadmills, the equipment is made by XTERRA Fitness. The company has made a name in producing excellent and affordable workout equipment.


One of the key considerations to make when buying a treadmill is a powerful motor. The stronger the motor of a treadmill, the better. This is because such a motor can easily reach and maintain top speeds compared to weaker motors. On top of that, a stronger motor doesn't have to work as hard as the weaker ones to achieve the same results. This means they are likely to be more durable.

Now back to the Xterra fitness trx4500 treadmill; we love that it comes with a motor of 3.25 Hp that can reach a top speed of 12 MPH and an incline level of 15%. This XTERRA treadmill motor is above the average of 3 HP that most treadmills have.

The treadmill also features a two-ply belt which is thicker than the one-ply belts but thinner than the four-ply belts. This belt is strong and durable. Besides, it feels pretty comfortable to run on.

But it's also worth noting that there are other options with a more substantial motor. But at its price point, which means it's a budget treadmill, we find the motor to be sufficient. This makes the Xterra fitness trx4500 treadmill a great choice for runners and walkers.

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Running surface

The running surface is another important aspect of a treadmill as it offers you an idea of how comfortable your runs or walks will be. A small running surface can be very uncomfortable to run on. Fortunately, the Xterra trx4500 treadmill gas has a running surface of 20" X 60", which is considerably wide. This track can accommodate persons with a maximum weight of 350 lbs.
On top of that, the track features an XTRA SOFT Cushioning Technology that makes the treadmill deck surface softer while maintaining the sturdiness of the Xterra fitness treadmill. This technology also helps to protect your joints against injuries and pains. Therefore, the wider track surface ensures a secure workout.
Finally, we also like the impressive incline range of the treadmill. It has an incline of 0 to 15%, which is better than what is offered by most treadmills.
You can change the incline automatically using the preset workout programs. Alternatively, you can adjust it manually using the control buttons on the console and handlebars. Is Xterra a good treadmill? By looking at the running surface, you can tell it is.


The treadmill features a 7.5 LCD console. While this isn't big or fancy, it's well-lit and easy to read during your workouts. Its simplicity also makes it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who need a simple treadmill. The console can display multiple states at the same time.

The console functions very well and will enable you to connect to the most popular fitness apps, such as Kinomap and Zwift. The ultimate workout equipment comes with 30 workout programs, two custom workouts, and a heart rate controlled workout. All these are available free of charge.

You can pair the equipment with your Apple or Android device so that it will automatically keep your workout data in an app. The included XTERRA fitness app is compatible with many mobile apps and other arable smart trackers.
The easy-to-read 7.5 backlit LCD will clearly record all your stats. You will see your time, speed, program profile, distance, pace, incline, pulse, and calories on this bright blue LCD.

The Xterra treadmill workout equipment feature quick-touch incline buttons conveniently located on the handlebar. This makes it fast and convenient to change the speed and incline. For instance, you can change your preset speed from 3 mph to 5 mph at the touch of a button. You can also use the up/down button located on the handlebar to change your speed or incline. These buttons also make the whole interval training a breeze.

The TR 4500 comes with a free heart-rate monitor. This is a great addition considering it's primarily available in high-end treadmills. The unit also features a Dual HandGrip Pulse Sensor. While it's not very accurate, it's still considerably decent.

XTERRA Treadmill Workout; xterra trx4500 treadmill assembly

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You can put on an included strap heart rate transmitter that will enable you to regularly get your continuous wireless reading. You can also get your heart rate readings using built contact sensors located at the crossbar.
The treadmill system allows two people to keep their user profiles in the TRX4500 Treadmill console. This provides more accurate feedback and enables users to follow their customized routines to match their fitness levels.


The Xterra trx4500 treadmill features a sturdy frame made of heavy-duty steel. The side frames are made of aluminum. This, combined with high-quality Xterra treadmill parts, provides users with a solidly-made treadmill that can withstand a weight of 350 lbs. It's a great improvement compared to other budget treadmills that often have a thin plastic.

At a weight of 213 pounds, the TRX4500 is a bit heavy and, therefore, not portable. Fortunately, you can fold the running track to save on space. The equipment features the Lift Assist built-in technology that makes it easier to lift the treadmill when folded.

All you need to do is to push it a little, and the technology will do the rest. The treadmill also features the Safe Drop Assist, which helps users to fold the equipment with a little push.

The frames are reliable and will hold up well in the long run. It has a magnetic key that will stop the treadmill in case of a slip. This key also prevents children and other unauthorized persons from using the machine. Unless it's in place, the belt will not run. The treadmill has a portable design, complete with transport wheels for easy mobility.

The RX4500 has an attractive design as compared to other low-budget treadmills. Users will love the on/off cushioning and the control buttons on the handlebar and the console. The trend deck has two settings enabling shock absorption, a rare feature for treadmills in this budget range. You can create a road-like surface, or you can activate the cushioning to allow it to absorb more impact. This will provide you with more impact absorption than when running on a paved outdoor track.


The equipment features various accessories such as iPod-compatible speakers, a water bottle holder, and a cooling fan. It has an audio jack that you can use to connect your phone or tablet. The cooling fan will help you stay cool during your workout. The water bottle cup holders will help you stay hydrated during your workouts. A device rack will hold your phone or tablet when working out.

You can fold the deck upright to save on the footprint during storage; you can then quickly push it in place using the included hydraulic assist drop feature. You can listen to your favorite music using the built-in speakers. Included is a cooling fan that will keep you cool during workouts.

Pros and Cons of XTERRA trx4500 Treadmill

Here are the pros and cons of the treadmill:


  • Large running surface
  • Strong motor
  • Large weight capacity
  • A great incline of 15%
  • 30 Pre-Set programs included
  • Folds for easy storage


  • A bit heavy
  • No decline feature

Ease of Assembly

Most gym equipment isn't easy to assemble. This is why the ease of assembly is always a significant factor for users searching for a treadmill. While the XTERRA TRX 4500 treadmill assembly is relatively easy to assemble, you need an extra hand to assist with the assembly.

The folding treadmill comes with a preassembled deck, and therefore all you need to do is to bolt uprights to the deck before attaching the console. You should be careful when assembling to ensure that no wire is pressed.


The treadmill comes with a warranty as follows:

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor
  • Five years warranty on the deck
  • Two years warranty on parts
  • One year warranty on Labor

On top of the warranty, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. My thoughts are that the treadmill has a generous warranty, especially when you consider its price range.


1. What maintenance do you need for the treadmill?

For the smooth operation of your TRX 4500 treadmill, you will need to lubricate the track. Occasionally, you will also need to tighten the workout belt as it can get stretched with regular use. While you can find high-end treadmills that don't require any maintenance, these are usually more expensive. In fact, they can cost double the price. With these Xterra treadmill troubleshooting tips, you can easily keep your equipment in top working condition.

2. How do I switch off my XTERRA TRX 4500 treadmill?

To turn off the treadmill, you should start by removing the tether cord. You should then turn off the main switch at the front, beneath the cover of the motor.

3. How do you lubricate an Xterra treadmill?

Here are steps on how to lubricate a treadmill.

  1. Ensure that the machine is off and the power cord unplugged to minimize the risk of injury.
  2. Check if there is lubrication between the belt and the top of the treadmill base.
  3. Lift the treadmill belt up and away from the equipment with one hand. Use the other hand to lubricate the treadmill.
  4. Apply the lubricant with the "S" pattern around four to six from the edge. Start at about one foot from the cover of the motor.
  5. Lubricate the opposite side in the same manner
  6. Plug on the treadmill and walk on it for around five minutes. This will help to distribute the lubricant evenly along the deck and belt.
  7. The treadmill is now well lubricated, and you can resume using it as usual.

Here is a video on how to lubricate a treadmill.

4. How do I adjust the incline of my XTERRA TRX 4500 treadmill?

Here are the steps you should follow when adjusting the incline of your treadmill:

  • You should lift the deck of the treadmill a bit off the ground. However, this should be enough to ensure that the adjustment footpad is lifted from the ground.
  • Remove pin from step-up frame located at the left side of the treadmill.
  • Choose your preferred incline level and then reinsert the pin.

5. Is it necessary to lubricate a new XTERRA treadmill?

Yes. It's recommended that you should use 5 ml of silicone oil to lubricate the deck before you can start using it. Even though the treadmill comes pre-lubricated by the manufacturer, it may have overstayed in the warehouse, impacting the efficacy of the lubrication oil. 

6. Why is my Xterra TRX 4500 making noise?

In case of any treadmill belt noise, you should ensure that this is well adjusted. If the treadmill belt is tight or loose, it will cause your treadmill to malfunction. In case the belt is misaligned, this will result in screeching, squeaking, and whining noise. You should combine it with the right treadmill mat for a thick carpet to reduce the noise.

Final Thoughts

It s clear that the XTERRA TRX4500 Treadmill offers a great deal for homeowners. Not many treadmills can beat it with its 3.25 HP motor and a training surface of 20" X 60". This combination ensures a powerful treadmill that you can run or walk on.

The 30 built-in workouts can come in handy when bored. The equipment is also equipped with Bluetooth fitness tracking, a power incline, and other accessories to make your workout fun and friendly. Heart rate control is a great addition.

Not many treadmills in their price range have this feature. Its console will support two users and enable them to engage in strolling, sprinting, and more. When you look at all these features, it's clear that the treadmill has a lot to offer in its features, console, and performance. It is therefore, among the treadmills for home.

If you are searching for an affordable treadmill option with many features, the XTERRA TRX4500 Treadmill is worth considering. You cannot beat the warranty from this treadmill. From our XTERRA TRX4500 Treadmill review, it is clear that this is a great buy in its price range.

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