The Benefits of Antigravity Treadmill Explained

It's amazing how far manufacturers are pushing the limits of innovation to help athletes develop under the best circumstances possible. Running on the treadmill is a perfect example, but what if there's more? 

The Anti-gravity treadmill (AlterG) makes runners defy gravity and run on earth as if they are weightless. There's so much to know about the anti-gravity treadmill benefits as we explore the boundaries of running evolution.

What is Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

NASA is the creator of the AlterG, whose initial purpose was to make astronauts run in space as they would on planet earth. The gravity-defying treadmill now has many uses for athletes, including improving body mechanics, endurance, and strength. 

What is Anti-Gravity Treadmill

General Benefits of Using an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

As this innovation keeps hitting the headlines for all good reasons, it's time to find out why.

Stress reduction on muscles, joints, and bones

Experienced athletes know too well that overtraining can mess up your training schedule and even leave you on the sidelines for a race in which you are keen to compete. Running outdoors or on the treadmill has a piling effect on your joints, bones, and muscles, which can lead to injuries.

The pressure can get intense, leading to muscle micro tears and long-term damage to troubled areas like the knees and ankles. But with the Anti-Gravity treadmill, athletes can train and reach their optimal performance with little or no worries because of the unweighting technology.

How does the unweighting technology work?

● The athlete must wear special shorts with an airtight seal before stepping onto the treadmill's running deck (zipped air chamber).

● The machine is then calibrated to make you weightless (up to 80%) without impeding your natural running gait.

● You can now run on the treadmill, knowing that every stride won't cause shock or stress on your legs and joints.

The AlterG treadmill is for anyone who wants to reap its benefits. You can be a recovering patient or a pro athlete looking to increase mobility and speed. 

Safety & Comfort

Most people assume the AlterG treadmill is an experience for elite runners. It doesn't sound very easy and seems like it has some hidden effects. But the worries are unwarranted because the Anti-Gravity treadmill is a safe experience for everyone regardless of skill, professionalism, or age.

It's among the safest ways for patients recovering from surgeries, and injuries can train without putting too much pressure on their feet. The clinician calibrates the treadmill's speed, balance, and support to offer the perfect running conditions for every individual, depending on their level of pain and injury. 

Speedy Recovery

Studies suggest that patients recover faster from surgeries or injuries if they can return to exercising at the earliest stages of the recovery window. The ALterG helps to this effect by providing a low-weight, controlled, and easy workout that quickly returns your mobility and motion.

This benefit is less muscle atrophy in patients and swelling decreases, making the post-surgery period bearable. The AlterG treadmill takes the gravity effects away when you are exercising, making you stay active on a period when you would have slumped to a couch potato waiting for the body to heal itself. 

The motion helps with cardiovascular fitness and strength making it easy for pro athletes to return to their rigorous training routines faster.

General Benefits of Using an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Types of Injuries to Use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill

● Achilles tendonitis

● General deconditioning

● Foot pain

● Plantar fasciitis

● Proprioceptive/ balance issues

● Rheumatoid arthritis

● Weight loss for the obese

● Lower back pains

● Shin splints

● Osteoporosis

● Spine fusions

● Osteoarthritis

● Total hip or knee arthroplasty

● Early surgical recovery (weight-bearing)

● Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)/Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

● Stress fractures

Anti-Gravity Treadmill for Runners

Runners training for the full marathon can sometimes suffer unprecedented injuries. AlterG treadmill reduces gravity and makes you feel weightless as an astronaut. It allows runners to keep sight of their marathon and hopefully recover in time while maintaining a high fitness level.

The patient gets into the airtight pants/ skirt, and the gravitational resistance is manipulated to make the environment perceive an altered body weight from the actual. 


Running on the earth's natural air pressure puts lots of strain on joints and muscles even though we aren't conscious of the feeling. Training under the earth's gravity can lead to injuries because of overuse. Without the AlterG treadmill, runners may opt to avoid working out to reduce the pain they feel from overuse injuries, not knowing this might worsen the situation.

Staying away from working out because of an impending injury may stiffen the problematic muscle and joints leading to poor health and weak muscles. 

With the AlterG treadmill, you can continue to train for your cardio while experiencing little pain. 

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill is unlike other specialized pieces of equipment that are either too complicated or challenging for all users. The biggest benefit is that it has universal applications and is used widely for physical therapy to heal fractures and torn ligaments without surgery. 

It poses no risk of aggravating the original injury as you train to your optimal fitness level. 

Anti-Gravity Treadmill for Runners


Distance training and running require an athlete to maintain a level of endurance and strength throughout their workout schedule. The Anti-Gravity treadmill benefits allow runners to achieve cardio without paying for with their body joints and muscles. The lack of muscle exhaustion from the support of an anti-gravity treadmill enables athletes to keep in shape even during their post-injury recovery phase. 

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