Balega Vs. Bombas: Making the Right choice for Athletic Socks

Every professional runner will tell you how important it is to get good running shoes to enjoy a comfortable run. But remember that the best runner socks will help you avoid hotspots and blisters. Plus, it'll prevent your feet from getting tired quickly!

Just like the right running shoe varies for every runner, there isn't one running sock that is best for everyone. That's where we can help!

This article will thoroughly compare two brands (Balega vs. Bombas) that hold great value & trust among runners. Also, this comparison highlights each sock brand's pros, cons, and differences so you can purchase the best sock pair from one that you feel is right for you!

Balega Vs. Bombas: Brief Review

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Balega is a leading socks manufacturing company known for producing comfortable, fine-quality running socks. From socks with well-designed shapes to quick-drying properties and more, Balega has a wide variety of socks for every type of runner out there.

Their most popular socks variety includes the Hidden, Enduro, Blister Resist, and UltraGlide. In addition, the Balega running socks are available in almost every style that is sought after by runners. While their socks are expensive, they are undeniably premium quality. Also, the one-year warranty is an added benefit!


Another leading athletic socks brand that has made quite a name in the running community is Bombas. Bombas performance running socks pack several runner-friendly features for utmost comfort and durability, from the seamless toe and cushioning to arch support.

In addition, you can choose between three sock styles, including ankle, calf, and quarter based on your preference. You can go for their regular performance running sock or the merino wool version. The Happiness Guarantee is another great addition!

Balega Socks Vs. Bombas Socks Comparison

Below, we have created a table to help you give a brief idea of the running socks you can expect to get from the two brands.


Balega Running Socks

Bombas Running Socks


Synthetic PTFE (friction-free yarn), proprietary Drynamix yarn

Merino Wool, Spandex, nylon, polyester, and cotton

Size & Fit

Both Men & Women (S, M, L, XL)

Women (S, M, L, XL) Men (M, L, XL)

Sock Length Type

Quarter, Crew, No-show, Ankle

Quarter, Ankle, Calf

Handlinked Toe Seams



Ventilation Panels



Balega Vs. Bombas Comparison: Pros

The following table highlights the key benefits or pros of the running socks from Balega and Bombas.

Balega Socks

Bombas Socks

Ultimate seam-free comfort with hand-linked toe seams.

Every sock features a unique knit stitch to create a bump-free toe seam, thereby providing great comfort.

Contoured fit provides a comfy snug to prevent movement, thereby preventing blisters.

Left-right contoured fit, which means each sock can fit either foot comfortably.

Ventilation panels aid the wicking and cooling process to keep your feet dry and clean.

Its airflow ventilation helps prevent moisture & sweaty feet.

Drynamix – a proprietary moisture-control fabric that reduces moisture for better airflow.

Hex Tech construction improves the socks' breath-ability and keeps moisture in check.

Wide variety of best-selling running socks.

Two high-end performance running socks.

Its sophisticated arch support provides a perfect fit without constricting your feet.

Its Honeycomb system provides the much-needed arch support to your foot.

Their UltraGlide socks' have protective cushioning placed strategically for added comfort and friction prevention while running.

Each sock features cushions for protection against chafing and blisters.

1-year Balega socks warranty that replaces your purchase if there's an issue.

100% Happiness Guarantee.

Balega Vs. Bombas: Detailed Comparison


Great ventilation or breathability is something that you'll find in every good running sock. This feature allows these socks to keep moisture at bay, allowing you to enjoy a dry, comfortable run. Expect nothing less from either of these brands in this department.

Balega, for example, uses their proprietary fabric called Drynamix, which they claim is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Unlike cotton socks that lock in moisture, the best breathable socks use fine-quality yarns, which Balega does for their products. The use of Drynamix coupled with the mesh design greatly maximizes the ventilation capabilities of Balega running socks.

On the contrary, Bombas employs Hex Tec. This means they make their socks using a combination of top-grade performance fibers for better temperature regulation & eliminating moisture. Besides that, their socks have airflow ventilation for cool air to flow in and out, thereby managing moisture and preventing smelly feet.


When you run with damp socks on, the friction between your feet and your shoe can result in callouses and blisters. That's why it's best to avoid wearing cotton socks and instead get socks made of sweat-absorbing materials.

With Balega, you're introduced to a wide choice of high-end running shoes made using the finest materials. All of their products use the proprietary Drynamix. This super-soft, moisture-control fabric keeps moisture/sweat away and keeps your foot cool and dry. Furthermore, their Blister resists socks use proprietary material coupled with natural quality mohair wool that makes for perfect anti-blister running socks.

On the contrary, Bombas uses high-grade long-staple yarns acquired from the top merino wool and cotton producers across the world. You'll find that their socks are not just breathable and durable but quite comfortable too. Additionally, merino wool makes their socks breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking.


Every time your heels strike, it produces a force 3-4 times the body weight. If you're a daily or long-distance runner, this can increase and even cause running injuries like stress fractures or plantar fasciitis. The best running socks come with cushioning to reduce such impact.

The best-selling Hidden Comfort sock from Balega features thick cushioning around the entire foot to give a premium and snug feel. Also, they have another line of socks that has strategic protective cushioning combined with added cushions across your foot's metatarsal to provide added protection.

In comparison, the running socks from Bombas feature strategic zone cushioning, which means every pair has cushions in every critical place, like the back of your heels and toe sides. They have another running socks variety made using merino wool, which provides added cushioning without being bulky. 

balega wool socks

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Sock Length

Depending on your taste and where you choose to run, you want a running sock with the appropriate sock length. Luckily, both brands give you a variety of styles to pick from.

Balega running socks, for example, are available in three major options, including crew, no show, and ankle. Meanwhile, the running socks from Bombas come in calf, quarter, and ankle heights.

Arch Support

A good running socks pair comes with arch support to provide shock absorption and added support around the arches of your feet. They're great for runners with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. So if you're looking for excellent plantar fasciitis support socks, this is it.

The V-Technology arch support present in every Balega running sock allows them to provide a perfect fit – one that matches your foot's contours perfectly without constricting it.

Bombas's running socks have a Honeycomb arch system that gently cradles your feet's arches, providing much-needed support while improving the sock's fit and shape.


Blisters are undoubtedly your worst nightmare as a runner, especially when you're running long distances. Luckily, the best brands provide running socks with some anti-blister technology. And you can expect the same from Balega and Bombas.

Balega socks are made using a combination of mohair wool and Drynamix, which helps create anti-blister protection between your foot and shoe. Besides that, it can keep your feet warm.

On the other hand, Bombas has added blister tabs at the front and back parts of the socks. These tabs help provide a 360° anti-blister barrier against uncomfortable shoe collars.

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With Balega, you have the option to return all purchases made online within 30-days of your purchase date. The return process is quite simple too. Mail the product to the return address (available on the official Balega site) along with order information and your contact details. Additionally, you get a 1-year warranty against all manufacturer defects for every purchase.

On the contrary, Bombas features a Happiness Guarantee, which lets you return or replace all defective products you bought on their site. Furthermore, there's no time limit and charges zero fees for returns. In addition, they have a 1-year replacement program, wherein you claim a replacement before the policy period expires.

Free shipping

Balega provides free shipping for orders worth $25 and more. And if the products are still in stock, your orders will be shipped in 2 days (only during business days). Sadly, they don't ship their products to specific states like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Standard shipping is free, but your orders need to be worth $50 or more. Unlike Balega, they have multiple shipping options at a specific cost. And they even accept international orders.

Giving back to society

You're not just buying for yourself when you purchase from either brand. Rather, you positively impact society through each brand's unique humanitarian projects.

For example, over 300 disadvantaged and disabled children have been aided by donating things like a therapy play park, a school bus, and scholarships. The company has other projects that aim to help those in need through the earnings made from their sales.

Similarly, Bombas donates every product sold to help the homeless community in the US. So far, they have donated over 50 million pieces.

Balega Socks Vs. Bombas: Popular Picks

Now that you have a proper idea of how the two brands compare let's briefly check their best-selling socks for running.

Balega Running Socks

1. Hidden Comfort No Show

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If you want premium quality running socks, you may want to try this one. The socks are available for women and men and come in multiple sizes and colors. Additionally, you'll love the seamless toe design. Besides the optimum comfort, the socks have key features that will woo every runner.

2. UltraGlide No Show

balega socks sizing

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This is another popular running sock from the brand that has won almost every runner's heart. With a unique mix of fabrics to reduce friction, thoughtfully-placed cushions, and arch support, these running socks deliver top-notch comfort and keep you dry and cool while running. Plus, they come in different sizes and colors and are available for both genders.

3. Balega Compression

what are balega socks made of

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If you prefer slightly tight-fitting socks, the Silver Compression socks from Balega are a worthy choice. These socks come in multiple sizes for men and women, ranging from small(S) to extra large(XL). Best of all, they have antimicrobial properties, which means your feet stay odorless and healthy.

Bombas Running Socks

1. Performance Calf Running Socks

Bombas Performance Calf Running Socks

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Bombas' performance calf running socks come with every key feature you'd want in a performance sock. These features include the added cushioning, blister tabs, arch support, thoughtfully placed tension, and more. Furthermore, the Hex Tec construction delivers that premium comfort feel.

2.  Merino Wool Running Socks

Appearance-wise, you won't see much difference between the regular pair from Bombas and this one. Nevertheless, the use of top-grade material wool changes the feel and effectiveness of these socks. In addition, the Merino Wool running socks are soft, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Plus, they make a great pair for colder climates because they help keep your feet warm. Do remember that they only come in ankle heights.

Merino Wool Running Socks

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Balega Vs. Bombas: What About Their Flaws?

While the running socks from the two brands are perfect for most runners, they do have a few flaws. Read on to learn about them.

Drawbacks of Balega Running Socks

  1. Some runners may find their running socks "too plush."
  2. Some of their running socks only come in specific heights.

Drawbacks of Bombas Running Socks

  1. Not suitable for runners with a strict budget.
  2. Limited running socks variety compared to Balega.

Other Great Alternatives to the Balega and Bombas Running Socks

Before we recommend other running socks, you should check out our stance socks vs Bombas comparison article. Perhaps, you may fall in love with the stance socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Bombas running socks super expensive?

Despite being a leading brand for creating some of the finest-quality running socks, most customers complain about their exorbitant price tag. However, you have to understand that the company uses patented technology and top-grade materials to ensure they produce socks of the highest quality, and hence, the price. In addition, with their emphasis on giving back to the needy, you're making a positive impact by helping them donate every time you make a purchase.

2. Are Bombas running socks good?

Absolutely! Sure, you can find several decent-quality socks at a considerably lower price. But, it's also true that there aren't that many socks better than Bombas when it comes to offering exceptional value for your money. If you want quality socks that provide superb comfort and keep your feet odorless and dry, you can't go wrong with Bombas. There's the Bombas lifetime guarantee, which is a huge plus.

3. What are Balega socks made of?

With Stance, you'll find socks of great comfort and thickness level. Nonetheless, some lineups may be thicker than others. The running socks from the Uncommon Solids collection, for example, are made using wool, and therefore, they'll be naturally thicker.

4. Should you avoid getting cotton socks?

Using socks can help prevent chafing or blisters in various ways. But, it's primarily because of their moisture-wicking ability. When there's too much moisture can cause blisters, and so preventing sweat buildup will keep you away from blisters.

Luckily, both Bombas and Stance running socks use moisture-wicking fabrics and have features that reduce friction, which ultimately helps in blister prevention.

Final Thoughts

The value you get from a pair of quality running socks is priceless. We say this because the comfort from these running gear can make a massive difference in your overall performance.

From this Balega Vs. Bombas comparison, it's apparent that these two brands stand above most competitors in the market. Both Balega and Bombas employ innovative technology to keep your feet comfortable and help you achieve top-notch performance.

If you want more variety of running socks to choose from, Balega won't disappoint you. There's one for every runner, from different color options to multiple sizes and sock heights.

On the contrary, if you want high-end performance running socks and don't mind paying more, Bombas is a worthy choice.

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