How to Turn on Sole F63 Treadmill?

Sole Fitness is one of the most popular fitness brands in North America, well-known for building quality treadmills. More notably, each of their treadmills comes with the latest technology and user-friendly features.

Among many of their treadmills in the market, Sole F63 is one of their most prominent models. Thanks to its ability to work effectively for all users regardless of their experience level. The only issue with this exercise equipment is that some users don't know how to turn on the F63 treadmill. So, how do you go about that? Don't worry; we'll get there in a few!

First, here's why this Sole treadmill model stands out from other treadmills like Sole F80 or Sole F65!

Sole F63 Treadmill Assembly

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Assembling this folding treadmill is a crucial step since unpacking it incorrectly can lead to serious injury. For instance, the treadmill base comes with a velcro strap to prevent the equipment from unfolding accidentally during transportation. If you don't remove this strap carefully, the treadmill can spring open unexpectedly, causing injury to anyone standing. Therefore, it's essential to be very careful when assembling the Sole F63 treadmill.

First, remove the treadmill from the package and position it flat on a leveled floor. Make sure the rear side is about 3" any wall. Next, remove the Styrofoam and plastic wrap from beneath the equipment before removing the velcro belt. Once you remove the velcro strap, avoid tilting the machine sideways since it may cause it to unfold and bounce upwards, causing severe injury.

Install speed nuts on the right and left sides of the treadmill's frame base. Then install the frame base cap by sliding it over the included upright tubes and connecting the middle computer cable to the lower cable. Please make sure the wires are well connected to prevent them from being pinched in between the steel tubes.

Insert the upright tubes into the machine's frame base. Then, use the combination M5 Allen Wrench and Phillips Head screwdriver to attach the tubes with the button head socket bolts. However, don't tighten these bolts completely until you assemble the treadmill.

Look for something at an appropriate height to rest the console or have someone hold it while you attach the cables. Connect the speed cable to the speed adjustable switch cable, connect the incline cable to the incline adjustment switch cable, and the upper computer cable to the middle computer cable. More importantly, tuck the excess wiring into the handrail tubes to prevent them from getting pinched.

Insert the treadmill console assembly into the upright tubing and attach them with the 4 split washers and 4 button head socket bolts. Next, use the M6 L Allen Wrench to tighten these bolts. Next, insert the right and left-hand grip side caps to cover the console Assembly support tubing and the top of the upright tubing. Finally, use the 12mm and M5 10mm Phillips head screws to tighten them with M5 Allen and Phillips Head Screwdriver.

Install the handrail support between the upright tubing and tighten them firmly with 4 Button Head Socket Bolts. Put the beverage holder over the handrail support and install the safety key magnet between the Stop and Start buttons. Completely tighten all screws and bolts, and attach the frame base covers.

Lastly, install the tablet holder into the machine's console assembly and tighten it with the 4 sheet metal screw. Now that your Sole F63 treadmill is fully assembled, you can go ahead and turn it on!

How to Start a Treadmill: Sole F63

First of all, the Sole F63 treadmill comes with a safety tether cord that should be utilized at all times. It's intended to protect anyone using the treadmill from falling or moving far back on the walking belt. Besides, the tread-belt movement will stop instantly when you pull this safety tether cord.

That said, this is how to use the safety tether cord as you prepare to start the treadmill:

  • Put the safety tether cord on the machine's console control head. The treadmill will not operate or start without this safety key. And as I mentioned earlier, removing it secures the equipment from unauthorized use.
  • Fasten the safety key's plastic clip onto your clothing to ensure good holding power. Once you pull the key off the console, the treadmill belt will stop right away. Alternatively, you can control the running belt with the red Stop switch.
  • If the treadmill stops after the safety key is removed, click 'Replace the key' on the console and put it back to continue using the machine.

How to start a treadmill

Plug the treadmill into an appropriate power outlet to power your Sole F63. Then, click the power switch positioned at the front of the machine below the F63 motor hood to turn it on.

Why won't my treadmill turn on? Check if the safety key is inserted properly if your treadmill doesn't turn when you turn on the power switch. Sole F63 will not turn on without this key. If the safety key is not the issue, check out other Sole F63 treadmill problems.

That aside, once the machine turns on, a message scrolls across the Message window displaying the current software version. Next, the Distance and Time Windows will show Odometer settings for a short time. After that. The Distance window will show the number of miles the treadmill has covered, while the Time window will display how many hours the machine has been in use.

Finally, the treadmill enters idle mode, where its operation starts!

How to Operate a Treadmill: Sole F63

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Insert the safety key to wake up the treadmill display from idle mode. Press the Start button to start the movement of the running belt. Use the speed buttons on the handgrip or console to set the desired speed.

Alternatively, you can adjust the speed with the speed keys; 12, 9,7, 5, 4, 3, or 2. In this case, you can slow down the speed of the treadmill belt by holding the Speed down button either on the handgrip or console until you get to the desired speed.

And if you want to stop the treadmill belt completely, pull away from the safety key or press the Stop key!

The red stop key will slowly decelerate the running belt to a stop, while the incline will go to 0%. More notably, this takes the treadmill to a pause mode, meaning the machine will retain the Calorie, Time, and Distance readings. However, the display will reset after 5 minutes and go back to the startup screen. To continue with your workout, click the Start key while the machine is in Pause mode. Interestingly, this will return the incline and speed to the previous settings.

Note that the pause mode is activated when you click the Stop button once. If you press it for the 2nd time, your workout program ends, and a workout summary appears on display. In addition, pressing the Stop key for the 3rd time returns the console into startup screen (idle) mode.

As for the incline, you can adjust it any time the running belt is moving. Besides, you only need to press the incline up/ down keys on the handgrip or console and hold until you achieve the desired incline level. Also, you can select a more rapid decrease or increase by choosing the desired button (15, 12, 9, 7, 5, 3, or 1) on the left side of the console. The Incline Window will show the incline position as you continue to make the adjustments.


The Sole F63 is easy to start and operate, which is why it's suitable for most users. At the same time, it's not equipped with complicated functions that may overwhelm new athletes. However, it has multiple workout options, heart rate monitoring, incline capabilities, and a cushioned running belt. But even with all the4se features, it's available at a reasonably affordable price point, making it one of the best entry-level equipment for beginners.


1. How to turn off the Sole F63 treadmill?

For regular use, press and hold the Display/ Enter/ Stop buttons for five seconds to set the machine to Display Mode. But if you want to remove any power completely, turn off the main power switch located in front of your treadmill.

2. Why does my treadmill stop when I step on it?

Various reasons can make your Sole F63 treadmill stop when you step on it. The most common issue that may be causing this to happen is inadequate tread-belt lubrication. Also, exceeding the Sole F63 treadmill weight capacity, lost grip on the belt rollers, and imbalanced or loose bolts on the rear roller can cause the problem. 

3. My treadmill turns on but won't run; What could be the cause?

If the safety key is not rightly inserted or placed, your treadmill may turn on but fail to run. First, unplug the machine from the wall outlet and leave it for 5 minutes to fix this problem. During this period, check whether the running belt is in good condition. This is because the treadmill; may also fail to run if the belt is slipped, displaced, or tight. Finally, plug it back in, insert the safety key properly, and turn it on.

4. How do you maintain a Sole F63 treadmill?

Like any other workout equipment, it's essential to ensure that your equipment undergoes regular Sole F63 treadmill maintenance. This includes cleaning it regularly with water only-no abrasives or cleaners! However, you can use a mild soapy solution and a nylon scrub brush to clean the top of the textured running belt. Let the machine dry before use and vacuum underneath to prevent dirt buildup.

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