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If you plan to stay fit and healthy today, pushing yourself hard will depend mostly on your health history and fitness level. The World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show that over 1.4 billion adults are insufficiently active. That is slightly over a quarter of the adults worldwide. Such staggering figures inspire the need to have the best fitness magazines.

Before settling for any health and fitness magazine, understand your needs first. Fortunately, this article makes it less strenuous to pick the best ten fitness magazines you can get in the current market today. The scope covers everything you need to know about health and fitness to match your style and budget.

Check the Detailed Review of Top 10 Best Fitness Magazines

1. Eating Well Print Magazine (Focuses on Good and Healthier Eating Habits)

Eating Well Print Magazine; best fitness magazines

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The food and health magazine boasts a wide selection of recipes. The pages are full of nutrition profiles and facts listing the health benefits you can expect from special dishes. Finding numerous diets to sustain your workout regime is easy because of the broad recipe options available.

Such a function is vital because it helps you tackle challenging recipes with relative ease. Even more exciting is that you can narrow down the search based on your preferred main ingredients.

Also, the magazine will allow you to save your favorite recipes to your profile, create a shopping list and plan your weekly meals. You can conveniently make weekly or daily print menus based on your selections.


  • Suitable for preparing meals
  • Assist in the selection of healthy recipes
  • Guidance in challenging workout levels
  • You can use the main ingredients to refine your search
  • Ability to save your favorite recipe to your profile


  • Have multiple websites ads

2. First for Women Print Magazine (Deliver Healthy Advice)

First for Women Print Magazine; top fitness magazines

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There are different topics you are assured to enjoy in this magazine to support your everyday challenges. You can get some tips on beauty, home decoration, new recipes, and other essential issues.

This popular fitness magazine can assist you in understanding different nutrition and foods. It has numerous recipes to experiment with and prepare unique dishes for your friends and family. You can consider reading this top women's magazine to learn about various entrees, soups, desserts, and other drinks when you have a special occasion.

In addition to that, you can learn substitutes of healthy food, portion sizes, meals for warding off sickness, and other topics you can enjoy reading.


  • Offer advice on health
  • It has great recipes
  • Has tips on decorating, finances, and family fun
  • Provide real-life stories


  • There can be delays in receiving new issues

3. Runners World Print Magazine (Inspire Runners To Run Fast)

Runners World Print Magazine; fitness magazine online

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Runners world is the best magazine for runners. You can get it six times within a calendar year. Acquiring the wealth of information from this magazine can assist you in sorting out all issues that are related to sports and other things surrounding it.

Additionally, this fitness magazine has real-life stories concerning athletes who share individual experiences breaking down the best treadmill running apps and other gym equipment that works for them. You can get reviews on different types of training gear, nutrition, and the way to recover after injury.

This magazine has different journalistic topics on how running can influence and fit the world around you. Also, the magazine encompasses all levels of athletes in their subscriptions.


  • Offer discounted price after subscribing
  • Print or Kindle versions
  • Provide expert tips and advice
  • Suitable for all levels of runner


  • There is an increase in advertisements in recent times

4. Woman's World Print Magazine (Best for Women with Busy Schedules)

Woman's World Print Magazine; STRONG Fitness magazines

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This woman world magazine is among the top in the world. It caters to women's needs, covering fitness, decoration, cooking, and fashion. Moreover, it has a glossy page that can provide you with better tips for your home decoration.

You can also expect fashion tips that focus on ways to care for different body types and prepare unique diet recipes.

Some qualified experts discuss the merit of healthy eating and engage readers in their journeys to losing more pounds.
If you are seeking inspiration for losing weight and facts that can assist you to be in shape, you can consider this fitness magazine online.


  • Advice and tips for runners
  • Get free workouts
  • Marathon training guide for women
  • Top lifestyle magazine in the world


  • It can be costly to some people

5. Women's Health Print Magazine (Best for Women Who Want to Stay on Pace)

Women's Health Print Magazine; popular fitness magazine

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Women's Health magazine is suitable for women who require to reach their target weight in a controlled and healthy way. This magazine is again focusing on mental health benefits and physical benefits. As a reader, you will acquire the right advice on the way you can improve your lives in the healthiest and best way possible.

It has all the instrumental information you need about being fit and working towards your healthy diet. You can get all articles related to diet, horoscopes, and relationship tips. You can get a refreshing attitude to fitness. When you are unhappy with a particular body aspect, you can target exercises and diets that help you achieve the best results.


  • Offer the best advice
  • Has inspiring articles
  • Easy to highlight the content to read
  • It covers a broad range of topics
  • Has ads for current skincare products
  • Have good information on staying fit and healthy


  • Have inaccurate paid ads

6. Prevention Print Magazine (Best All Family Health Information)

 Prevention Print Magazine; Fitness magazine reviews

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Prevention magazine is the best handbook. It is one of the guides that can assist you to feel good from head to toe. This magazine has excellent advice from trustworthy experts. Therefore, you can acquire health secrets and fresh ideas after going through the magazine.

This magazine will guide you on ways to keep energized as you tone your body and work towards flattening the belly. Inside the magazine, there are better tips for your workout to fulfill your goals. Prevention magazine has qualified surgeons, healers, and doctors who can support your wellness.

It also speaks to any reader in a familiar voice about family nutrition, health, beauty, workout, and cooking.


  • Deliver accurate information on natural medicine
  • Inspire readers on every fitness level
  • Help readers to make their home comfortable
  • Covers service of beauty
  • Deliver health trends and research


  • It's never free

7. Men's Health Print Magazine (Best Men's magazine)

Men's Health Print Magazine; men's health and fitness magazines

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It's among the top magazines covering various topics on men's health. This is especially when you require to be smarter, stronger, wealthier, and grittier. Men's health is well dedicated to providing practical solutions and tools for success in every life aspect.

If you care about your image and what you reflect on society, this men's magazine will help you achieve both goals. While the main focus is on fitness, content includes other pivotal aspects of your life to make you a complete version of yourself.

It's affordable and readily available. It's among the top men's magazines that cover the best training equipment and latest gear that you can get to make your workouts easier and more effective.


  • Mature articles
  • Useful tips for incorporating in your life
  • Offer sex discussion in a mature fashion
  • Cover a variety of topics like travel, career, relationships, and health


  • Heavy on the ads

8. Woman's Day Print Magazine (Best Everyday Female Magazine)

Woman's Day Print Magazine;  best Health magazines

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Woman day magazine can empower a significant number of women nationwide. The main idea is to enrich you with positivity, purpose, and joy in life. It has a better article on fitness, health, family, food, finances, fashion, and beauty.

The magazine can also provide attainable and actionable tools. It has tips that are essential for managing every part of your life. You will find inspirational stories, easy solutions, and great advice for different areas of your life.

The content includes ways to achieve success in all spheres of your life. The vibe you get from female celebrities is an inspiration to show readers that there's no lie defining individual success.


  • Has good recipes and ready access to most devices
  • Great Informative with tricks and tips
  • Very affordable
  • Has a wide selection of crafts, recipes, and articles
  • It has simple language


  • It has too many ads

9. Muscular Development Print Magazine (Best for Scientific Sport Information)

Muscular Development Print Magazine; muscle and fitness magazine

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This magazine has a wealth of information necessary for you as a bodybuilder. By purchasing it, you can get all the needed information, like the use of steroids to build your body. There are many articles on different steroids and their effects.

Muscular development magazine has scientific information on training, nutrition, and sports. Every issue is well-packed with the right information on nutritional supplements and exercise regimens that can assist you in building a healthier and stronger body to perform your best.

The magazine also covers targeted workout regimes and a schedule that you can abide by to achieve the perfect body build for competition.


  • Good for muscular development
  • Update on the current sports supplements
  • Support men's fitness
  • Largest bodybuilding magazines


  • Brim with ads

10. Men's Health Kindle Edition (Best for Men's Health)

Men's Health Kindle Edition; Fitness Newsletter

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It's among the highly readable magazines with witty content and great humor. It has good general information and easy-to-read articles. Moreover, its step-by-step workouts are helpful. You can also get spot-on interviews from this magazine.

If you need to understand various topics on restaurants, best bars, healthy eating, and new products for men, you can consider this product. It has essential health tips for all genders.

Additionally, it is the best resource for design and art and what is happening in the world of creativity, books, and food. This magazine has a mixture of interior designs from different countries. You can get more ideas for the house from this magazine.


  • Highly readable
  • Have quality information
  • It has step by step workouts
  • Has spot on interviews
  • This magazine covers many topics
  • Have health tips for all gender


  • Has endless ads

Buyers Guide for Best Fitness Magazines

Most of the above magazines offer premium content. However, there are some factors that you can never overlook.

1. Brand Value

It is vital to pick the top health magazine from the right brand that offers the best value to its subscribers. Moreover, the product ought to be of higher quality and customer service.

The best brand products are precise with their niche and go out of their way to uncover new solutions to fit your lifestyle.

2. Costs

An essential factor you must consider while buying a food and health magazine is cost. Today different companies are entering the market of fitness magazines. Therefore there's an increasing number of options.

Some men's health and fitness magazines are costly while others are lower-priced but what should stand out is content that makes you comfortable and improves your performance.

3. Specifications

Before you click on the purchase now button or add products to your buying carts, ensure this product meets your needs and specifications.

Product specifications are essential while purchasing your products. They assist the user in determining what the product can help you achieve at a glance.

The specifications include frequency, subscription price, online content, etc.

4. Customer Ratings

You need to give weight to customer ratings. Customer ratings are the best way to know the experiences other customers have encountered and what to expect from the magazine. Fitness magazine reviews are critical because not everyone can adore all products.

5. Design

Today there are many STRONG Fitness magazines. Deciding on the best choice is, however, not that easy. But a good layout design can make it easy to browse through its contents.

Different factors can contribute to the design of the product. These include the manufacturing materials, visual weighting, and color scheme.

6. Durability

The way the muscle and fitness magazine is manufactured and designed are the key attributes that indicate how durable they are. For that case, you must pick the best fitness magazines that can withstand damage, pressure, wear and tear during and after delivery.


Every person desires to feel a purchase was a suitable investment. With that in mind, you need to make sure you find the best fitness magazines that are worth your money and time.

Today, different trained experts can guide you through healthy eating and exercises that can work better. Fortunately, the above-listed fitness magazines will help you make a fine selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Women's fitness magazines worth your money?

Today, we are an exposed society. More advertisements are available for the most innovative and newest Health magazines. But not all magazines are content-worthy, and spending your money can feel like a waste.

2. What are the expected prices of fitness magazines?

Fitness magazines offer different price ranges. It mainly depends on their function and design, and availability. Today it is hard to understand the cost variance as there's no standard pricing.

3. Which women's fitness magazines are the best to buy?

This kind of decision is not that easy to make. When you are not decided on the kind of fitness magazine subscription, check the functions and features of the magazines listed above to find the ones suitable for your needs.

4. When can I purchase a new women's fitness magazine?

It's always best to buy when a new edition is freshly out. However, you can still find useful information from previous editions.

5. How can I benefit from buying a fitness magazine?

If you are starting, there are many challenges and changes that you can expect from your workouts. Fitness magazines help you to cope with these expected changes.

On the other hand, experts can find advanced exercise regimes that target specific body areas.

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