iFit Review: The Ultimate Virtual Fitness Platform For Your Treadmill Training 

As more people work out from home, virtual fitness platforms are becoming increasingly popular among trainers. One such platform is the iFit Coach, the recent version of iFit Live or iFit.

This workout program allows treadmill users to track their progress and enjoy hundreds of on-demand & live classes to suit various fitness levels. Moreover, most Proform & Nordictrack treadmills are compatible with the program and even come with 1 year of free iFit membership. After that, you've to pay a certain subscription cost to continue enjoying iFit!

But how much exactly does an iFit membership cost? Is an iFit membership worth the cost? Can you use iFit with any treadmill?

If those are some of your concerns, relax! In this iFit review, I'll take everything you need to know about iFit step by step!

Let's get started! 

What is iFit for Treadmill?

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Owned by ICON Health & Fitness, iFit is a subscription-based fitness program that offers easy-to-access iFit running programs, coaching & other exercise services. It adds more value to your home or gym equipment as it's compatible with various machines such as treadmills, bikes, rowers, etc.

iFit was created in 1995 using audio CDs. Since then, the program has advanced over the years to provide more than cardio machine workouts. Today, it provides affordable and convenient workout classes for home exercises. More importantly, it's available as an app that you can download to your Smart TV, Android/ iOs devices or tablets.

The iFit app services include coaching and workouts as part of their annual or monthly subscription. According to Icon Health & Fitness, the iFit program has 1 log-in for all smart devices. Therefore, you can easily access your workouts and settings using different devices. Similarly, you can log in to your account when using various pieces of workout equipment.

Key Features of the iFit Fitness Program

An iFit membership allows you to access thousands of workout classes ranging from treadmill running and rowing to yoga and strength training. More notably, professional trainers coach these workout classes that specialize in a particular workout.

In addition, you can either grab your yoga mat and start exercising or opt to use the workout equipment. The iFit platform has some useful filters and navigation features to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Some unique features of this workout program include;

1. Navigation

Once you open the iFit Coach app, there are new series features at the bottom and the top. From here, you can either choose the browse option or live schedule. Alternatively, you can take part in the workout challenges and the bottom menu or add workout classes to your calendar.

The app allows you to filter the available options through various categories when browsing on-demand classes. For instance, you can filter by trainer, environment, length, class type, or intensity to find the best class.

2. Unlimited library of Workout programs

The iFit fitness platform provides virtual on-demand and lives workout videos with professional trainers. It has a huge variety of workout programs, including studio classes, Google Maps trails, and global workouts. Depending on your exercise equipment, you can select from treadmill, elliptical, bike, or rowing workouts. And if you don't have a rower or treadmill at home, you can mix up your routine with yoga, HIIT, recovery, strength, and mental health classes.

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3. Metrics and stats tracking

After choosing your workout, iFit tracks the time elapsed and the calories burned throughout the workout. Moreover, taking a class with the treadmill tracks other stats like speed, incline, distance, and stroke rate. It will track almost every number associated with the specific exercise machine you are using.

4. Heart rate monitoring

Another interesting feature of the iFit fitness program is that it monitors your heart rate while training on a treadmill. You need to use Bluetooth to connect it to a heart rate monitor to accomplish that. Best of all, you can use the program to set heart rate zones and proper paces for some exercises.

5. Class Format

The iFit app tells you the estimated calories, time, estimated effort score, intensity, time, and other specific stats of each workout on the preview page. This Lets you know what you're getting into before the workout commences.

More importantly, each class begins with an optional warm-up session that isn't included in your workout duration. So, if you select a 45-min treadmill running workout, you can opt to add more time if you wish to warm up before the exercise. Similarly, each class ends with an optional cool-down session.

Moreover, you can either take classes that happen at beautiful locations worldwide or be taught from a studio. Choosing a class at locations with scenic views is a great way to distract you from the workout challenge. If you've got the recent ProForm or Nordic Track treadmill, the machine will automatically adjust the speed and incline to match the location's terrain.

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6. Trainers

Most iFit trainers have been instructors for several years. They specialize in the various forms of workouts they teach to ensure iFit members are getting the best training possible. Also, you can follow them on social media platforms to get a little guidance or more explanation about a specific workout.

7. Compatibility

Currently, 4 major brands provide iFit integration. That is' NordicTrack, Proform, Reebok, and Freemotion. However, this should not come as a surprise since all these brands have Icone Health & Fitness as their parent company. As a result, the iFit coach is compatible with most treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and other fitness equipment.

One major benefit of using an iFit-compatible workout machine is that the app automatically syncs to log workout data. Also, you can choose to have the exercise machine automatically change your resistance level or incline to match the instructor's settings during a workout class. The best part? These brands offer a free 12-month iFit trial with your purchase!

Interestingly, if your workout machine isn't iFit-compatible, you can still use this platform for your workouts. You heard that right! You need to access the iFit classes using a smart device like a tablet or smartphone, and you're set to go. However, you have to make your own inline or intensity adjustments during the classes with this option. All in all, it's a great option when you're travelling or using a non-compatible treadmill!

How Much Does iFit Membership Cost?

Cost is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a fitness program to determine if it's worth it to you or not. Typically, the iFit program is free for the 1st year when you buy a new NordicTrack or Proform treadmill. This will help you make significant savings. With other brands like Hydow or Peloton, you've to start paying to access the classes from day one. Moreover, this 1-year long trial allows you to see if you like the program before you decide to commit to any iFit membership plans.

However, after the first year, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to access the workout classes.

Currently, iFit provides 2 membership plans. An individual plan for $180 per year and a family plan for $39 per month or $396 per month. According to the iFit website, the monthly family membership plan requires a commitment of 12 months for the 1st year.

The benefit of choosing the family membership plan is that it allows you to add up to 4 extra user accounts. Yet it's relatively affordable, seeing that it only costs about $1 per day. Moreover, this will make it easy to track the progress and performance of different family members over time.

Regardless of the plan you choose, both options offer access to iFit Coach's full library. In other words, both iFit membership plans include a massive library of exercises that you can mix up or incorporate into your treadmill workout. Better still, you can use your membership plan on as many exercise machines or devices as you own.

As for cancellation, iFit allows you to cancel the iFit subscription. However, you may still owe some cancellation fees based on the length of your initial contract.

Is an iFit membership worth the cost? Compared to personal training or an average gym membership, an iFit membership is certainly good. Besides, you'll get a 30-day free trial once you install iFit's new app to test for yourself; it's worth it. After the trial, you can upgrade to an individual membership for $15 per month only. Alternatively, you can opt for the family members that allow you to add up to five people at $33 per month. After that, you'll be billed once every 30 days, but you can cancel your iFit subscription at any time!

iFit Coach Vs iFit Coach Plus?

As I mentioned above, Icon Health & Fitness changed the name of iFit LIVE to iFit Coach. This move was intended to reflect a shift towards more personalized training and recommendations. Interestingly, older treadmills that used iFit LIVE still work with the iFit Coach without updating the program.

Therefore, iFit Coach offers many features that were in iFit Live. In addition, you'll get a unique iFit wearable like the iFit SmartBeat Forearm Heart monitor. This monitor tracks all your offline activities, including your sleep patterns & calorie counts.

Another benefit of iFit Coach is that it provides personalized recommendations based on your workouts, calorie goals, sleep patterns, and activity levels. This kind of next-gen training is geared toward helping exercises achieve optimal health & fitness.

What About iFit Coach Plus?

iFit Coach Plus refers to a premium service introduced as the next stage of iFit training. It included various live-streaming workout classes every day, ranging from treadmill-based and HIIT training workouts to stretching and yoga classes.

iFit Coach Plus also helps to save time since it automatically downloads a customized menu of great workouts every day. These HD fitness workouts are coached by a personal trainer who takes you through various Google Map Routes worldwide, from the Swiss Alps to Santorini, Greece.

As you can see, iFit Coach Plus is pretty cool as it allows you to perform full-body workouts in some of the most scenic views around the globe. More importantly, the program recommends workouts that reflect your preferences for distance, time, calorie burn, and elevation change.

To sum up, iFit Coach Plus is another but more expensive level of iFit training. Thankfully, Icon Health & Fitness simplified both iFit Coach & iFit Coach Plus versions. Today, there is only one version, iFit Coach, that includes everything that was in both versions!

How To Use the iFit Feature on a NordicTrack Treadmill

Many modern NordicTrack, Freemotion, and ProForm workout machines are equipped with iFit-enabled touchscreens. This allows you to watch various iFit workout classes directly from your fitness machine. Besides, you're only required to activate your subscription and log in on the touchscreen. This will automatically sync your real-time workout stats while providing an immersive workout experience.

Another benefit of using an iFit-enabled treadmill is that you can easily expand your video streaming capabilities with its auto-adjust feature. As a result, the Google Maps location you're exploring or your iFit trainer will automatically adjust your treadmill. This includes changing your incline, speed, or resistance depending on your treadmill. If you're experiencing any iFit issues with your machine, you should perform the NordicTrack treadmill troubleshoot.

Benefits of iFit

1. Hundreds of unique workout classes

Unlike many other fitness programs, iFit has an unlimited library of personalized, challenging workouts that users of all levels can choose from. So, whether you're a seasoned runner or beginner, you'll certainly find the right intensity level for you on this platform.

In addition, the app has hundreds of exercise and workout plans that appeal to various fitness styles. For instance, HIIT, cross-training, strength training, recovery workouts, studio biking, incline workouts, and many other challenges you can perform on and off your equipment. Alternatively, you can create customized workouts based on your preferences or choose a distance, time or map-based program.

2. Travel to various destinations around the globe

One of the most interesting benefits of iFit is that it allows users to run anywhere virtually they want on a treadmill with Google Maps. You may not experience this on any other treadmill apart from iFit compatible machines like NordicTrack & ProForm. This property makes it feel as if you're training someplace else, particularly if you are using an incline treadmill. You can backpack through Europe, hike in the Grand Canyon, or venture to remote areas around the globe.

Moreover, iFit has a program known as Around the World in 30 days. This program is very cool as it provides a challenging workout while showing you all 7 continents.

4. Exercise with the best iFit trainers without the costly monthly fees

All iFit classes are coached by certified personal trainers that specialize in a specific workout. As you know, personal training classes in health clubs can be very expensive. Fortunately, you can now enjoy the same classes 3 to 4 days per week without paying those costly monthly fees.

Instead, personal trainers are included in the iFit's annual membership. These trainers are world-renowned fitness coaches who are dedicated to helping you get into great shape. Besides, the platform has a large selection of trainers. You can easily work with various trainers that match your preferred training style for all or one of your workouts. Better still, the trainer automatically adjusts your equipment's incline, resistance, and speed to match the exercise you choose.

5. Tracks your sleeping patterns

Getting enough sleep is an essential part of your general well-being as it helps you avoid several health conditions. The iFit app will help you with that as it monitors your sleeping pattern and even suggests ways to improve it. Specifically, iFit gives you customized advice, workout adjustments, and daily alarms that will help you get better sleep.

6. Many other great features

The iFit fitness program is equipped with many great features. For instance, it's accessible through multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, and enabled fitness equipment. At the same time, the app tracks your workout progress and makes the stats easy to access in real-time.

Also, the platform has an iFit community where one can interact and meet with other iFit members on the discussion forums. Here, you can share with other exercisers about your experiences, follow their progress, create groups chats & workout challenges, and learn more about the exercises you've not tried. More importantly, the iFit community is very motivational as the environment encourages you to accomplish your workout goals sooner.

7. Access to healthy recipe ideas

Apart from working out hard, it would help if you also ate well to see noticeable results from your efforts. Understanding that, iFit recommended personalized meal and diet plans on the app each day. The program has a team of professional nutritionists and dietitians that create personalized healthy recipes for you depending on your fitness or weight loss goals. The app allows you to enter any allergic reactions you may have and your preferred tastes.

On the same note, iFit gives you dinner, lunch, and breakfast recipes and after-dinner and midday snacks. Moreover, the iFit tracker automatically adjusts itself throughout the day to help you stay on track to achieve your proposed daily calorie intake.

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Potential Drawbacks of iFit

Despite having several benefits, iFit isn't a perfect fit for every treadmill user as it has some potential downsides.

One of its major limitations is the price. Although iFit isn't the most expensive workout subscription app, there are many free workout programs online. These programs allow you to enjoy various workouts free of charge instead of paying the ongoing iFit renewal cost.

Secondly, unless you're using an iFit-enabled treadmill, the stats tracked by the iFit app may not match your workout equipment. This is because the iFit app-only links up directly to iFit compatible machines. Another drawback of iFit is that it's difficult to search for a specific workout in the app. Instead, you have to swipe through the available options and find one manually, which can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Lastly, iFit has limited music options compared to other exercise apps. For that reason, you may be unable to enjoy the specific music style you enjoy while working out.

iFit or Peloton?

Peloton is one of the major competitors of iFit as far as fitness programs and apps are concerned. But how do these apps compare?

For starters, both peloton and iFit share several similarities. For example, both programs provide workouts and community challenges for specific goals like running a marathon or 5k race. Also, they have live and on-demand workout classes that world-class trainers coach. More notably, you can access both programs using your tablet/ smartphone or a piece of integrated fitness equipment.

Nonetheless, there are some notable differences between Peloton and iFit!

One of those differences is that Peloton has a larger music selection than iFit. This allows you to enjoy your favourite style of music during the classes since it has incredible playlists.

In addition, you can only access Peloton's all-access membership using Peloton fitness equipment. But like iFit, the membership includes track performance metrics and scenic workouts and supports multiple user accounts.

The Peloton all-access membership plan costs around $39 per month, which is the same as the iFit's monthly family membership plan. Also, Peloton provides a digital membership at a monthly cost of around $12.99. Unfortunately, it doesn't integrate with other Peloton machines and only allows for 1 user account.

Putting those differences aside, both iFit and Peloton provide effective workout programs while exercising from home. Therefore, your final decision between Peloton Vs iFit will come down to the brand of the fitness machine you have or plan to buy. Also, iFit is a perfect fit for treadmill training workouts, while Peloton is an excellent choice for strength training and bodyweight workouts.

Conclusion: Is iFit for treadmill worth it?

Overall, the iFit program is a worth investment for every exerciser out there as it helps you stick to your workout routine. More notably, it has a high variety of live and on-demand workouts & trails and some of the best personal trainers in the world. This gives you a lot of choices to explore new beautiful places around the globe, ensuring you don't get bored while training on a treadmill.

In addition, this incredible program has an ever-evolving number of capabilities, features, and experiences unlike any other fitness app out there. Best of all, it's accessible through compatible workout machines, smartphones, TVs, and tablets. At the same time, it provides a complete health & fitness solution from nutrition to sleep to exercise and anything in between.

Considering all these benefits, iFit is certainly worth the subscription fee. It will help you track your progress and fitness goals while improving your overall health by motivating you to exercise regularly.


1. Is an iFit subscription required for NordicTrack treadmills?

It isn't mandatory to purchase an iFit subscription for your NordicTrack treadmill. Instead, you can always use your machine in manual mode without iFit. However, if you want to access the advertised coach-controlled interactive iFit personal training, the iFit subscription will be required.

2. How to navigate iFit?

Press 'Start' on the 1st workout that appears (workout of the day) on the iFit's home screen. Swipe left on the iFit's home screen to check out other featured workouts. Once you find the ideal workout for you, select it and press 'Start'.

3. Can you use iFit with any treadmill?

iFit usually works on iFit-compatible treadmills with a touchscreen monitor. However you can also use it on other treadmills, but you'll have to download the iFit Coach app on your tablet or smartphone.

4. Can you use iFit on multiple devices?

Yes, the iFit program allows users to log into as many devices and pieces of equipment as they would like at the same time.

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