How To Reset Nordictrack Treadmill: A Complete Guide

NordicTrack has some of the best workout machines in the market at the moment. Unfortunately, like any other machine, its components will stop working at some point. Luckily, the machine comes with a user manual. It will come in handy in this situation as it will show you how to reset the NordicTrack treadmill.

However, if you’re like me, you probably lost the manual right after installing the treadmill in your home. So, how do you reset the machine? Well, take it easy! In this guide, I’ll show you how you the different techniques you can use to reset your treadmill. This will help you continue with your path to enhanced fitness. Also, you’ll continue enjoying the incredible benefits offered by this workout equipment.

First, let’s check out some NordicTrack problems that may be affecting the equipment.

Common NordicTrack Problems

Various issues can affect your NordicTrack treadmill accessories. This may include; malfunctioning of the control settings or engine & speed sensor errors. You can solve some of these errors at home by resetting the controls and settings.

Before you reset the treadmill, you need to understand the problem affecting it. Besides, how can you reset it, without knowing what caused it to malfunction?

Here are some common treadmill problems that may affect your NordicTrack equipment:

  • Console controls aren’t working properly. This can be caused by the console not having power. As a result, using any of the machine’s controls will be impossible.
  • Console is only reading zero. Another common problem in NordicTrack treadmills is the console reading zero only. This signals that the controls aren’t functioning properly.
  • The treadmill doesn’t incline. This occurs when the incline controls aren’t working properly. To solve this problem, you’ve to calibrate your machine.
  • iFit streaming doesn’t work on an iFit-enabled treadmill. NordicTrack treadmills that are compatible with iFit have integrated hardware and complex software. This offers an impacting workout experience to the user. However, these types of machines require proper maintenance to continue performing perfectly. Otherwise, the iFit app may stop responding, which calls for a factory reset.
How to Reset Your NordicTrack Treadmill

NordicTrack Treadmill Troubleshoot

Again, many problems can cause your NordicTrack to malfunction. Troubleshooting will help you determine the possible causes of the malfunctions. This is the 1st step you need to take before resetting your equipment. Setting the treadmill back to factory setting should be your last option!

First, check whether the treadmill is plugged into a power wall outlet. Moreover, check if the power cables are supplying the right amount of energy to the equipment. If not, connect another device into the outlet to determine if it’s working properly or not. Simply put, the issue may be coming from a faulty power outlet. In this case, you don’t have to reset the treadmill.

If the power outlet is working properly, remove the magnetic key. Then reinsert it into the treadmill’s console hole. NordicTrack treadmills don’t operate without this key. So this may help to fix the problem. However, if this doesn’t work, resetting may be the ultimate solution to resolve it.

How to Reset Your NordicTrack Treadmill

There are different ways to reset your treadmill, depending on it's ProForm or NordicTrack. Nonetheless, most steps are almost the same for all NordicTrack models.

In general, there are 2 possible techniques you can use to reset your NordicTrack. The simplest approach involves using the reset button. However, if the treadmill doesn’t have a rest button, you’ve to follow different steps. Lucky for you, I’ll cover both methods in this guide. Regardless of whether your treadmill has rest buttons or not, you’ll find a solution here.

Now let’s have a look at each technique:

1. Using Reset Buttons

Most NordicTrack Treadmill models out there have a reset button. So, chances are, your treadmill has a reset button as well. But where exactly is it located? Well, perhaps that is the first thing you should look out for.

Locate the Reset Button

As I said earlier, many NordicTrack machines come with a reset button. Yet most treadmill owners have a hard time locating it. Surprisingly, the reset button is usually in front of your treadmill. It’s right there next to the machine’s power code.

Have you located the button on your NordicTrack machine? If you have, proceed to the next stage; turning on the treadmill!

Turn on your NordicTrack treadmill

Like any other device, the console will not be accessible if the equipment is turned off. But before you power it on, ensure the equipment is well-positioned. If you had dismantled the components, ensure they’re assembled. More importantly, you need to plug in the power cable to the nearby electrical outlet. Note, NordicTrack treadmills aren’t compatible with the GFCI outlet. So, don’t plug your equipment into a GFCI outlet.

Once you’ve done that, look for the on/off switch. Then toggle it on to power the treadmill. In some instances, flipping the on/off switch may solve some glitches in your treadmill. Alternatively, you can plug out the power cord, wait for a few minutes, and plug it in again. If these basic reset options don’t work, proceed to the next step.

Insert the Safety Key

The safety of workout machines is quite important, especially if you’ve got pets or kids in your home. Fortunately, NordicTrack treadmills are safe. That’s why they come with a magnetic key. In some NordicTrack models, the magnetic keyhole is attached to the machine’s console. But in others, you’ll find it at one end of the machine. Either way, this feature ensures the safety of this workout machine.

To active the console program, you need to insert the magnetic key. After that, go ahead and press the reset button.

Press the Reset Button

As you may have guessed, pressing the reset button is a quick and simple process. You just need to press it and you’ll have activated it instantly. Moreover, doing so will restart the treadmill console and settings.

2. Without Using the Reset Button

Some NordicTrack treadmills aren’t fitted with a reset button. So, how do you go about it if you want to reset it to the factory settings? Worry not! In this section, I’ll show you some steps you can follow. This technique will also come in handy when you can’t locate the reset button.

a. Remove the Magnetic Key

The first thing you need to do is to remove the magnetic key. Otherwise, the reset process will be unsuccessful. If you’ve done that already, go to the next step!

b. Press the Control Buttons 

Look for the stop and speed+ control buttons. Then press them at the same time and hold them for a few minutes.

c. Re-insert the Safety Key

While still holding the speed+ and stop buttons, re-insert the magnetic key. Then release the control buttons and turn on your treadmill. This step will reset the console settings of your NordicTrack treadmill. However, if the process is unsuccessful, remove the keys and repeat the process.

d. Reset the Incline

Before you reset the incline level, press the stop setting once. Then press the incline+ control setting to increase the incline. To reduce the incline level, press the incline- control button.

If the treadmill cannot adjust its incline level, you need to calibrate it. The calibration process is slightly different depending on the treadmill version and model. Nonetheless, there are 3 methods you can use. They are:

Method 1

If your treadmill has a touch screen display, head to the console and enters the settings menu. Look for the ‘calibrate     incline’ option and press it. The calibration process will start instantly.

Method 2

If your treadmill has a standard console, look for the ‘stop’ and ‘nor’easter speed’ buttons. Press these buttons simultaneously and hold them. Then insert the magnetic keys, release the buttons and wait for a few seconds.

After some time, the running platform/ belt will slowly rise. Lastly, it will go back down until it reaches a stable level.

Method 3

To recalibrate your machine’s incline system, press the ‘incline’ button. Remove the safety key, wait for a few seconds, and put it back onto the console. Once you’ve done that, the incline system will recalibrate automatically. In other words, it will rise to the maximum level and move back to the minimum incline level.

How to Reset NordicTrack Treadmill

How to Reset Your NordicTrack Treadmill Stuck on iFit Screen

All iFit-enabled NordicTrack treadmills are fitted with complex software programs and apps. Poor Wi-fi connection and other technical issues may also hinder the app's responsiveness. If unfortunately, iFit has stopped, a factory reset may be the best option.

So, how do you go about it? First, you need to understand that the issue may arise from some software glitches. Also, it can result from iFit WiFi connection problems, causing the app to load and stream slowly. Luckily, a factory reset can help to solve these issues.

However, this technique will only work on recent consoles. For this reason, it’s good to check whether this process will work for your NordicTrack treadmill. To achieve this, go to settings and ascertain your firmware’s version. Alternatively, you can look at the console. In general, this process is compatible with machines starting from version 7.1. Also, if your equipment has an HDMI or USB port, it isn’t compatible with this method.

With that in mind, follow these steps to resolve the iFit issues in your treadmill:

1. Restart the Machine

Look for the power button and turn off the equipment by flipping the switch to the off option. Leave the machine for a few minutes, then turn it on again. This will possibly force-stop the freeze making the iFit screen become unresponsive. However, if this doesn’t the issue, proceed to the solutions below.

2. Locate the Pinhole

You can either find the pinhole on the back of the console or one side of your treadmill. If you can’t locate it, check the manufacturer’s manual.

Once you find the pinhole, insert a paper clip into it. Press and hold the pinhole down as you insert your paper clip. Continue holding the paper clip and have another person flip the on/off switch. When the treadmill’s display lights up, remove the paper clip.

3. ‘System Recovery: Please Wait..’

Once the screen light up, the iFit logo will appear. The following phrase will appear highlighted in blue; ‘system recovery: please wait..’. If this phrase does not appear, you need to repeat the steps above.

However, if the blue text appears, wait for about 30 minutes. If this continues for more than 30 minutes, you need to repeat the reset process as well.

4. Reconnect the Wi-Fi Connection

Assuming the factory reset was successful, reconnect the system to your Wi-Fi connection. Also, you need to select your time zone and your measurement unit. The treadmill will update to the recent software automatically.

5. Log in to the iFit App

After the iFit app has loaded, use your iFit password and username to log in. Now, you can start your new workout program on the treadmill.

What if Resetting Doesn’t Fix My NordicTrack Treadmill Problem?

In some cases, resetting the treadmill may not resolve its issues. Also, you can experience the same issues even after resetting it successfully. When this happens, the problem may be in its hardware. If the problems are minor, you can check and fix them yourself. To accomplish that, follow these steps:

  • Check the machine’s main harness and determine whether there are loose connections.
  • If the harness wire doesn’t have any problem, switch the black and red wires. Then determine whether they’re working properly or not. You can find these wires on the terminal block of the incline motors. The wires will go down if one side of the incline motor isn’t receiving enough voltage.
  • Using a multimeter, check whether the incline motor is receiving enough voltage. Also, check the console voltage line connecting the console and the motor board.

Overall, workout machines including Sole vs NordicTrack treadmills are complex equipment. They're are fitted with many mechanical and electronic components. Therefore, many factors can affect the operation of its incline motor. For instance, the motor gearbox can get jammed. Not to forget that the motor itself can need replacement. So, if resetting doesn’t solve the treadmill problems, troubleshoot the machine to determine the cause of the problem.

NordicTrack Console Repair

Some error codes may appear on the console of your NordicTrack treadmill. These error codes help you determine the cause of the malfunction. Luckily, you can easily fix these problems yourself.

Here are those error codes and how you can solve them:

Error E0

This is the simplest error code to fix as it indicates the security key is missing. Therefore, you just need to ensure the key is tightly fitted to your console.

Error E1 

Error Code E1 appears when the speed sensors fail. So, to resolve the issue, you need to fix the section magnets. If it doesn’t disappear, replace the treadmill’s reed switch or check the connection.

Error E2 

Unlike the other error codes, Error E2 is a little difficult to resolve yourself. First, if your treadmill has this error code, it will not function at all. More importantly, it shows that the engine has problems. If this error code appears on your display, I’d suggest you contact an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you turn on a treadmill without the security key?

Most treadmills are designed to function with a magnetic security key. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it without a key. You just need to install a jumper bypass at the security switch.

2. How can I reset the speed of a NordicTrack treadmill?

Press the Speed+ & Stop buttons simultaneously and hold. While holding the buttons, insert the security key to initiate the calibration mode. Now, release the buttons and the security key. The speed of the treadmill will adjust itself automatically.

3. What makes the treadmill stop suddenly?

A treadmill stopping or slowing down suddenly often shows that the motor or belt has a problem. If the issue is caused by the belt, lubricate or replace it.

4. How do I troubleshoot my treadmill?

Remove and re-insert the security key to see if your treadmill turns back on. If it doesn’t, inspect the off/ reset circuit breaker. Wait for five minutes and power on the machine to reset. Lastly, ensure the power cable is connected firmly.


At this point, I hope you now understand how to reset NordicTrack Treadmill. Provided you follow this guide carefully, you can resolve various NordicTrack x11 problems. However, you can prevent these problems altogether by maintaining your treadmill regularly. Also, if these instructions don’t work for your machine, refer to the manufacturer’s website.

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