Treadmill Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

A treadmill is not just a device to serve your health fitness goals only. Instead, you are supposed to be partners. You will need to take care of it as it takes care of you.

According to research published on Statista by Christina Gough, there was an over five hundred percent increase in the sales of treadmills between March and July 2020 in the UK. This shows that people indeed do appreciate the benefits brought about by treadmills.

I  know that you value your treadmill, and you would wish to keep it for a long time. One of the ways in which you can improve the lifespan of your treadmill is by having treadmill accessories in place. This will guarantee you a longer partnership with your device.

21 Treadmill Accessories List

To save you the hustle of moving from one site to another seeking these accessories, I compiled a list of these items just for you. Let's go into the details of each accessory.

1. Treadmill Mat

Treadmills are heavy devices. They can damage your amazing floor, and the noise they produce when running can sometimes be very irritating.

A treadmill mat will help you solve these problems.

The treadmill mats for reducing noise and exercise mats over carpets in the market today. They are made of rubber, foam, or plastic and are usually longer and wider than the devices. You will place it under your treadmill.

This mat will also keep your device from attracting particles such as dust into your treadmill's belt drive and motor, which can damage it.

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2. Cleaning and Maintenance kit

Every treadmill workout can leave your device all messy from sweat, dust, and other contaminants. Exercising on a clean treadmill is a refreshing experience. When you keep your device clean, you are also promoting its durability.

Are you now wondering what to use to clean your device? All you need is a cleaning kit. This kit should contain a cleaning solution, applicator, scrubbing brush, and a cleaning towel usually purchased separately.

3. Treadmill Lubricant

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You will need to lubricate manual treadmill to reduce the friction between the treadmill deck and belt. It will also help minimize the noise coming from your treadmill, thus giving you a quiet environment for those quality reflections.

Most of these lubricants are one hundred percent made of silicone or are at least silicone-based.

4. Treadmill Workout App

You did great by investing in a treadmill but are you getting value for your money? Is there any notable fitness achievement?

You can gauge your fitness at the comfort of your home, all thanks to workout Apps.

With a workout App, you can be able to tell the number of calories you have burnt. It will also recommend the best pace that you can adopt to build muscle and lose fat. You can access any of these apps on your tablet or smartphone.

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5. Tablet Holder

You don't have to leave your phone or tablet in another room simply because you can't keep it while exercising. Allow the tablet holder to do the holding for you as you burn those calories on your treadmill.

The tablet holder is one of the NordicTrack treadmill accessories that ensure that exercise on a treadmill is not a boring experience. You can stream some good music, watch news or movies as you run or walk on your device. And you can pick or make calls too!

6. Water Bottle Holder

You will sweat when working out on your treadmill. Your body will be losing fluids, and these will require frequent replacement. You will also require the cooling effect that rehydration brings in.

Your water bottle doesn't have to be far away from you. You can attach a water bottle holder to your treadmill. This will save you the time you would have wasted stepping out from the treadmill to go and look for water.

This water bottle holder will ensure that your drinking water is within reach and is securely placed.

7. Safety key

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Are you wondering how you can have a treadmill at home without it harming your young kids and pets? How about your safety when you slip or fall when working out?

A treadmill key will solve these concerns. Most treadmills will not run without this key.

One end of this key is inserted in its slot on the console while you attach the other end to your clothing. This way, you are sure that the treadmill will stop running in case you slip or fall.

8. Treadmill Headphones

These Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones will enable you to listen to your favorite music or content from your smartphone or tablet as you work out.

9. Water Bottle

You will need a good water bottle to have some drinking water near you while working out. This ensures that you are well hydrated.

10. Replacement Treadmill Belts

The running belt on your treadmill can fail just like any other item which is in constant use. A worn-out treadmill belt sticks or becomes slow, which will affect your routine workouts. However, this doesn't mean that a death sentence has been pronounced on your treadmill.

You can replace that tired, old, and worn-out belt!  You can purchase a new replacement belt according to your manufacturer's preferences and fit it easily on your own.

Treadmill Accessories - The Ultimate Guide

11. Book Holder

A book holder makes your reading easy while working out on the treadmill. You can still read several chapters of your favorite novel, magazine or study for that upcoming exam while on the treadmill. It can also hold your tablet or phone while you work out.

You will place your book holder on the dashboard of your treadmill. Be sure to pick the right size depending on your needs.

12. Treadmill Cover

A treadmill cover is one of the Nordictrack treadmill accessories that contribute to the durability of your device. It is compatible with most brands of treadmills available worldwide today. You can buy one depending on whether your treadmill is a foldable design or not.

You can't be cleaning your device now and then; this can be very tedious. Instead, you can consider having the cover in place to cover your device whenever it is not in use.

This cover is going to keep your treadmill from moisture, pet hair, dust, debris, mold, mildew, and UV damage.

Anything precious needs some covering for protection. Cover your treadmill!

Treadmill Accessories examples-

13. Running Shoes for Treadmill

I know that you have a shoe rack somewhere in the house, and you would be tempted to pick a shoe from there and run on your treadmill with it. However, you got to know that treadmills are choosy in terms of the shoes that they want to see you wearing.

Some of the factors you need to consider when getting a pair of treadmill shoes include the type of workouts, type of your feet, weight of the shoe, cushioning, preferred shoe style, and of course, your budget.

14. Cooling Towels

You definitely wouldn't want to work out on an overheated body. High body temperature leads to discomfort while working out, and in some extreme cases, it can lead to stroke.

A cooling towel is made of breathable material, and it utilizes evaporative technology to lower your body temperature. As the water in the towel evaporates, what remains behind is a cooling effect on your body. This towel will keep your body temperature in check.

15. Desk Attachment

Are you sometimes torn between working out on your treadmill or sitting on a couch listening to a teleconference? Can you consider multitasking?

Yes, you can work out on your treadmill and listen to a teleconference, study for your exams, or carry out some other work on your laptop, all at the same time.

You can easily attach this treadmill desk to your device and create a working space as you walk on your device. It safely holds your laptop, tablet, smartphone, books, and any other item you will require.

16. Treadmill TV Holder

Working out on a treadmill doesn't have to be a boring experience. A TV holder enables you to watch your favorite movies, music, or even news. You can have it on any treadmill and enjoy every workout session.

17. Treadmill Laptop Holder

Just like its name suggests, a treadmill laptop holder keeps your laptop securely in place as you work out on your device. You can be able to easily access anything from your laptop as you walk on your treadmill.

18. Heart Rate Chest Strap

A heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate as you carry on with exercises. This item comes with a wrist display where you can monitor your heart rate.

Other heart rate chest traps have a Bluetooth connectivity feature whereby your heart rate is sent to your smartphone via an App.

You are free to choose any strap heart rate monitor depending on your preferences and, of course, your budget.

19. Heart Rate Chest Strap

A heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate as you carry on with exercises. This item comes with a wrist display where you can monitor your heart rate.

Other heart rate chest traps have a Bluetooth connectivity feature whereby your heart rate is sent to your smartphone via an App.

You are free to choose any strap heart rate monitor depending on your preferences and, of course, your budget.

20. Surge Protector

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Electrical power can misbehave at times, and I know that you agree with me on this. Power malfunctions have been known to damage electrical appliances, a treadmill being no exemption.

This is why you need to protect that treadmill that you heavily invested in from electrical accidents. A surge protector is what you need for your device. A secondary power plug for a treadmill ensures that your treadmill is never affected by the power surges.

21. Cooling Fan

You can attach this cooling fan to your treadmill to enjoy some cool air when you are working out.


1. What should I put under the treadmill?

What to put under your treadmill will largely depend on your floor type. You can either choose treadmill mats for carpets or treadmill mat for hardwood floors.

2. Is holding onto the treadmill bad?

Leaning on or holding onto the railings isn't recommendable. It can cause your treadmill to drag, overheat and finally get damaged. Excessive pressure on the rails can also make these rails lose, which will not be good for your safety.

3. What is the heaviest part of a treadmill?

The motor

4. Is it ok to walk on a treadmill without shoes?

You will need to adjust the settings of your treadmill and change your running style whenever you opt to run on your treadmill barefooted. If you experience any discomfort on your feet, it would be better to have a pair of shoes on when working out.


You see now, treadmill accessories are not out-of-this-world items. They are simple yet valuable products that will make your workouts better. You can get them easily online or while out doing shopping.

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