Treadmill Safety Key: Buyer And User Guide

A treadmill enables you to maintain an indoor exercise habit regardless of the weather. However, some precautions need to be observed while using this device, whether at home or the gym. One of these precautions includes having a safety key in place.

The safety key is responsible for activating the functions of a treadmill. This key also enables you to switch off your device in case of an accident and to keep minors and pets from hurting themselves on it.

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7 Best Treadmill Safety Key at a Glance

Treadmill Safety Key: Buyer's Guide and Usage

If you have misplaced your treadmill safety key or you are seeking to have a spare one, then this buying guide is for you. We have analyzed several treadmill safety keys, as seen in the product description list below, to enable you to make a well-informed choice.

1. Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key - (treadmill magnetic key)

Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key for All NordicTrack,

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Features and Usage

  • This treadmill magnetic key is compatible with most treadmills whose console is round in shape. Some of the treadmill brands that this key is compatible with include Pacemaster, Alliance, Horizon, Fitness Gear, Lifespan, Bowflex, Landice, Pathfinder, Livestrong, Merit, Sunny, Smooth, Sole, Xterra, and Triumph.
  • The key comprises magnets, springs, ABS plastic, and braided rope. This extension cord easily clips on your clothing to keep you safe.
  • It can solve some common problems on your device, such as inconsistent power supply. The seller handles any product issues and replacements.

2. JEDEW Treadmill Safety Key - (compatible with several treadmills)

JEDEW Treadmill Safety Key

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Features and Usage

  • JEDEW Treadmill Safety Key holds firmly on any clothing and offers you safety when exercising on the treadmill.
  • It is made of a 1.4cm wide magnet, ABS plastic, and a cord that is 92 cm long.
  • This key is compatible with several treadmills such as Sole, Temple, Sunny, Xterra, Smooth, Triumph, Merit, Lifespan, Livestrong, Landice, Horizon, Fitness Gear, Bowflex, Pacemaster, and Alliance.

Proform Lifestyler 119038 Treadmill Safety Key

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Features and Usage

  • The brands compatible with this key include Weslo, Proform, Healthrider, Image, Nordictrack, Lifestyler, Seirs, and Weider.
  • The treadmill will stop whenever the key detaches from the console

4. Impresa Replacement Treadmill Safety Key - (square and non-magnetic keys)

 Impresa Replacement Treadmill Safety Key

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Features and Usage

  • This model serves as a replacement for square and non-magnetic keys. It won't work on a treadmill that uses magnetic or round keys.
  • This model serves as a proform treadmill key replacement option and is also equally compatible with other selected treadmills from such brands as Nordictrack, Weslo, Candence, Livestyler, Healthrider, Horizon Softrider, Reebok, iFit, Sportcraft, among others.
  • You can contact the seller for any compatibility queries before you buy this treadmill emergency stop key.

Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key

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Features and Usage

  • Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key easily holds onto any form of clothing. It is made of magnet, springs, braided rope, and ABS plastic for a firm hold and security.
  • This treadmill emergency stop is compatible with various treadmills such as Fitness Gear, Pacemaster, Alliance, Bowflex, Horizon, Lifespan, Landice, Merit, Livestrong, Smooth, Pathfinder, Sunny, Sole, Xterra, Tempo, and Triumph.
  • It comes with free replacements and available customer service to handle product-related complaints.

Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key

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Features and Usage

  • Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key is ideal for any treadmill that would require a round-shaped safety key. It is made of braided rope, ABS plastic, magnets, and springs.
  • This model can solve some treadmill problems, such as inconsistent power supply.
  • The device is compatible with Pacemaster, Alliance, Horizon, Fitness Gear, Landice, Bowflex, Livestrong, Lifespan, Pathfinder, Merit, Sole, Smooth, Tempo, Sunny, Xterra, and Triumph.

EEEKit Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key

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Features and Specifications

  • This treadmill safety clip holds on to any clothing firmly to provide you with safety as you carry out your exercises or to protect minors and pets from harming themselves on the treadmill.
  • EEEKit Treadmill Universal Magnet Safety Key is made of one-meter nylon rope, plastic Crip measuring 2.8 * 4 cm, and a three-centimeter-wide magnet.
  • This key is compatible with a wide range of treadmills such as Fitness Gear, Alliance, Pacemaster, Landice, Horizon, Bowflex, Livestrong, Lifespan, Merit, Pathfinder, Sole, Sunny, Smooth, Xterra, Triumph, and Tempo.

How a Safety Key Works?

A treadmill is created in such a way that it's impossible to run it without a safty key. These keys vary in shape and size. Ensure that you settle for the right key for your treadmill.

Once you have identified the best treadmill safety key and purchased it, you can now insert it in its slot on the treadmill. This immediately triggers an electric current flow in the treadmill and makes it ready for exercise. 

How to Make a Treadmill Work Without the Key?

The safety key can get damaged or even get lost. However, this doesn't have to affect your exercising routines. You can improvise it quickly using the following  treadmill safety key hack.

How to Turn on Treadmill Without Key?

Most treadmill keys are made from a magnet which is attached to a rope and a clip. The magnetic part of the treadmill emergency stop key is the one that is inserted on its slot on the device while  the other end holds on to your clothing.

You can get a sizable piece of magnet from the hardware near you and insert it on the console. This will make your treadmill run as you look forward to replacing your stop key.

Why You Need a Safety Key for Your Treadmill?

There has been a major rise in the demand for treadmills in the recent past years. According to a research conducted by Statista in the United States between 2007 and 2020, it showed a treadmill sales volume of more than 1.5 billion US dollar in 2020 which was significantly higher than in the previous year.

However, even as the demand for this device increases, observing safety measures while running it is vital. One of the most important safety measures you need to observe is to have a treadmill magnetic key in place.

Most treadmills will not  run without a key. This ensures that your minors and household pets are safe. The treadmill will also stop when you accidentally slip or fall thus minimizing your chances of getting hurt.

Replacing a Treadmill Safety Key

It is risky to run on a treadmill without a safety key. An accident can happen anytime that otherwise would have been avoided by having a treadmill magnetic key in place.

If you have lost your key or the one you had got damaged, this shouldn't worry you. You can consider doing a treadmill key replacement to make sure that your exercises continue safely.

Some of the things you will need to look out for when replacing your key are compatibility with your treadmill model and the price of the treadmill safety key, which is most often reasonable.

How to Reset Your Treadmill While Using a Safety Key?

Some of the reasons that might require you to reset your treadmill include having dysfunctional electro components on the device or having recent maintenance work carried on it.

You can utilize the following procedures to reset your treadmill:

Initial procedures for every treadmill

1st step

Disconnect your treadmill from the power supply source and place the safety key in its slot.

2nd step

Locate the reset hole underneath your device and then connect your treadmill to the power supply. Insert some cotton wool in the hole you located to act as a reset button. Push your "Reset" button.

3rd step

You will get two outcomes from the previous step, i.e., CL 11 or nothing. For the CL11 outcome, choose Treadmills with Current Software. On the other hand, if nothing showed up, choose Treadmills with Old Software.

Treadmills with Current Software

1st step

Do you remember your "Reset" button? Press it again. You will have CL 21 on the console.

2nd step

Locate the "Enter" button on your console and press it five times. CL 26 should appear after you have done the pressing.

3rd step

Press the "Enter" button again for an "E" to appear.

4th step

Press the "Enter" button, "SS" appears, then you press the button marked "start/stop."

5th step

Press the "Enter" button and give the treadmill time to run on its own until it stops. 

6th step

Head over to the power button and press it twice.

Treadmills with Older Software Coupled with LCD

1st step

Unplug your treadmill for a few seconds

2nd step

Remove the treadmill safety clip and connect the treadmill back to the power plug.

3rd step

Reach out to the "Reset" button and press it once. The display will read "10" after pressing.

4th step

Head over to the "Enter" button and press it five times, press "Start" once, and then "Enter."

5th step

Put the treadmill emergency stop back to its slot and press the "Enter" button.

6th step

Push the "Power" button thrice.

Treadmills with Older Software Coupled with LED Display

1st step

Disconnect the treadmill from the power source for a few seconds.

2nd step

Remove the treadmill magnetic key from its slot and connect the treadmill back to the power plug.

3rd step

Give the "Reset" button a single press for "10" to be displayed.

4th step

Push the “Enter” button four times. Then press "Start" once and "Enter" once as well.

5th step

Put the treadmill safety key back into place

6th step

Press the "power" button. Give the device several minutes to run by itself. 

7th step

Hit the "Power" button thrice.

Reset Tip and Precaution

Tip: Carrying out regular maintenance procedures on your treadmill ensures that it serves you longer.

Precaution: Remember not to do the maintenance work on your treadmill while standing on its belt. This will protect you against any injury that may arise due to the resetting procedure's automatic starting and stopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a treadmill without the safety key?

Most treadmills will require a treadmill key in order to function. You will need this key to turn on and turn off your device. If you have lost your key, it will be good for you to seek a replacement for your safety and the safety of those around you.

2. Are treadmill safety keys universal?

Most treadmill safety keys can be used on more than one type of treadmill. However, you need to check whether it is compatible with your treadmill model before purchasing it.

3. What do I do if I lost the safety button on my treadmill?

You can plan to replace it immediately or improvise one in the meantime as you wait to purchase another one.

4. How dangerous are treadmills?

A treadmill can harm a child or even a pet when left unmonitored. You can also slip or fall on the running belt leading to injuries. Having a treadmill safety clip in place keeps you and those around you from treadmill accidents.

5. Can you die from a treadmill?

According to research done in the United States by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), treadmill injuries are common occurrences, but deaths are rare.

6. How do you attach a treadmill safety key?

You can insert the treadmill safety key magnet in the slot available on the control console. One part of the key is on the device while you attach the other part to your clothing.

7. Can you use any magnet to work as a safety key?

Yes, you can use any magnet on any treadmill that uses a magnetic safety key.

8. Do all treadmills have a safety key?

Treadmill safety keys enhance the safety of their users, but not all treadmills come with a safety key.

9. How do you replace an emergency stop on a treadmill?

You can buy another treadmill magnetic key from Amazon or from your dealer.

Final Verdict

We know that exercising is essential for a longer and healthier life. Treadmills are among the key contributors in healthy living.

However, you shouldn't overlook safety measures while using this device. That is why we put up this buying guide to help you choose the right treadmill safety key so that the device at your home doesn't become a source of sorrow.

The above safety keys are common amongst many treadmills and you can pick any depending on its compatibility with your device. You can also compare the treadmill safety key prices and settle for the one that aligns with your budget.

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