The Best 10 Gyms in Denver, Colorado

Moving into a new town or city can open new horizons presenting all kinds of challenges, including finding the best gym in Denver. It's essential to find the best that you can spend time alone or with your family that's safe and comfortable.

In Denver, Colorado, you can visit any of these places to get the premium experience you deserve in your new city.

List of the best 10 gyms in Denver

  1. Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness
  2. Colfax Strong- Strength & Conditioning
  3. Denver Barbell Club
  4. Push Gym
  5. The Rebel Workout
  6. Colorado Fitness & Strength
  7. The FIIT Co.
  8. Pearl Street Fitness
  9. Iron Warrior Gym
  10. Green Door Fitness

1. Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness

The Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness club is a top health and fitness center for you to get all your training for whatever reasons that you may have. If you are looking to gain cardio, endurance, and or mixed martial arts for competitions, then this is the best place.

You can self-train or engage a personal trainer to take you through the process of getting the most from their expertise. The workouts are designed to make you achieve the best form within a short period while targeting your recovery and avoiding injuries.

The gym equipment is advanced and suitable for powerlifting and free weights. The membership is affordable and grants you access to all gym facilities and group classes. In addition, you can enjoy their 7-day free trial to help you make up your mind.

Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness club is among the best MMA gyms in Denver, Colorado.


Location: 900 W 1st Ave Unit 170, Denver, CO 80223

Phone: (720) 550-6347 | Website:

2. Colfax Strong- Strength & Conditioning

Colfax Strong offers the best personal training and nutrition so that you develop a balanced physical form. In addition, you can get endurance and strength training by joining their various group classes that include conditioning and cardio workouts.

They offer Olympic weightlifting facilities where you can train CrossFit, biking, rowing, running, and kettlebells, among others. In addition, they have experienced personal trainers and group classes to help you get closer to your physical fitness goals.

Membership is affordable and grants you access to all the facilities, including nutrition programs to set you on a healthy diet.


Location: 1516 Emerson St, Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 832-7263 | Website:

3. Denver Barbell Club

The Denver Barbell Club is among the top gyms in Denver, Colorado, where you can get the best weightlifting and powerlifting facilities. There are two levels of coaching that offer you the experience you need.

Gold and black standard options come with different membership prices that you will find affordable. Both membership tiers offer 24/7 access to the gym facilities.

You can enjoy personal training or the various group classes on offer that target all aspects of your physical health, strength, and endurance. 

Denver Barbell Club is a top-class bodybuilding gym in Denver. 


Location: 601 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (720) 551-8005 | Website:

4. Push Gym

Sometimes you are just looking for a training group you can interact with. Push Gym trainers are the best when it comes to individual training.

They have custom, highly-intensive interval training that will make you reap benefits within a short period. The group classes are also among the best in Denver, Colorado, because they focus on a collective goal with each training program.

Push Gym has three classes on its roster; Push-Power class, Push-Pull-HIIT, and Push-Cardio-Blast.

You can enjoy all the gym amenities and unlimited access group and personal training programs by becoming a member at affordable rates.


Location: 38 E 5th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Phone: (303) 903-8174 | Website:

5. The Rebel Workout

The Rebel Workout gym is a well-curated fitness program that will make you get the best from your body. The workouts are fun and well-thought to ensure you achieve elevated fitness levels within a predetermined time.

Working out doesn't have to be strenuous if you have fun and use techniques that make your body recover fast from an intensive workout. There are group classes and individualized training if you need private sessions.

The staff is experienced and friendly, guaranteeing you the best experience every time you enter the Rebel Workout gym.


Location: 324 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Phone: (720) 822-9212 | Website:

6. Colorado Fitness & Strength

Colorado Fitness and Strength is the best gym for people with different fitness goals. Their exercise programs are so unique that anyone who walks in will walk out a step closer to their fitness goals.

The idea is to incorporate expert trainers who guide your success towards a balance between nutrition and physical fitness. If you are looking for your best body yet, Colorado Fitness & Strength offers one-on-one training to gain endurance, strength, and weight loss.

However, for all this glory, some people find that it comes at a cost. The membership rates are among the highest and come in Gold and Silver tier levels.

Becoming a member has many privileges, including group classes and having a personal trainer.


Location: Parking lot, 3700 Havana St #218, Denver, CO 80238

Phone: (720) 443-3962 | Website:

7. The FIIT Co.

The FIIT Co. is among the highest-ranking gyms in Denver, CO, where you can get a full-body workout in a serene environment. The amenities are top class, and all staff are well-coordinated and experienced to ensure you achieve your workout goals daily.

You can choose to work out alone, have a personalized trainer, or join various group classes running through the week. The facility is always clean, motivating you every time you step inside the gym.

Some of the programs on offer include YOGAFIIT, FIIGHT, Cardio, Core, and FIIT.


Location: 2110 Market St, Denver, CO 80205

Phone: (303) 710-6762 | Website:

8. Pearl Street Fitness

Pearl Street Fitness adopts modern practices to ensure that they deliver the best workout experience to every individual. Most of their workouts are science-based programs ensuring that your body reaches its optimal levels with minimal strain, risk of injury, and enough recovery time.

The group classes are always fun and less crowded, creating your desired workout environment. The various programs target metabolism, endurance, core, and cardio.

The membership is affordable; you can pay monthly or enjoy the drop-in classes daily. There are also virtual workout programs that you can sign-up for if you wish to train remotely.

The staff is experienced and friendly, offering support and assistance whenever you require it. In addition, the gym amenities are top-class, ensuring you get the best experience every time.


Location: 1107 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

Phone: (720) 441-5204 | Website:

9. Iron Warrior Gym

If your interests are inclined toward powerlifting, the top gym you should look at first is the Iron Warrior Gym. It's for both men and women looking to gain a competitive edge in strength training and endurance.

You can have a personal trainer or join various group classes to improve your fitness. The gym is open for members at affordable monthly rates 24/7. Personal training is extra, but you will get the attention of an expert trainer anytime.

The environment is the best to foster speedy development and recovery. Therefore, the workout area is full of state-of-the-art machines and amenities. In addition, you can enroll in various group classes if you wish to interact with other gym members and work towards a common fitness goal together.


Location: 1630 W Evans Ave unit h, Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: (720) 770-1616 | Website:

10. Green Door Fitness

Green Door Fitness gym is the best local gym you can find in Denver for the last seven years. The gym is focused on community activities, providing all its services at affordable rates.

Many programs involve all age groups. The staff are experienced and friendly and are available for assistance. In addition, the gym is a free environment where you can train in personal workout programs.

You can join the weekly group classes for programs that improve cardio, endurance, strength, and performance. In addition, the environment is clean and motivating, giving you the peace of mind to achieve your fitness goals.

The membership is affordable, and they offer a free class to help you decide and choose Green Door Fitness as your fitness partner. In addition, the online service is excellent, featuring virtual classes if you can't make it to the gym.


Location: 2404 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

Phone: (720) 541-7163 | Website:


The best gyms in Denver, Colorado, share many things, including the passionate support staff and top-class facilities. While the membership prices vary, the list covers all the interests a gym enthusiast might want.

You can find out more information by calling or visiting the respective websites.


1. Which gym is most cheap in Denver?

Most of the gyms on the list are affordable, depending on what you are looking for in a gym. The equipment is top class, and the staff is experienced in assisting you.

2. Is there a gym in Denver with a steam room?

Yes. There are plenty of options, including the Colorado Strength & Fitness club on this list. By becoming a Gold or Silver member, you can enjoy high-class facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

3. What are the best gyms in Denver, Colorado?

There are many options to pick from, including all the ones mentioned in this list. To find the best, choose the one that meets all your fitness goals and personal objectives.

4. Are there Denver gyms with pools?

Most Denver gyms offer swimming pool facilities and classes. Swimming is an essential aspect of training for most athletes, and most trainers incorporate swimming workouts into programs.

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