The Best 10 Gyms in Atlanta

Physical fitness is a sure way for healthy living. However, finding the best gyms in Atlanta can be challenging because there are many to pick from. So, as you look to start your journey to fitness, here is a selection of gyms that will make your workout experience enjoyable.

List of Gyms in Atlanta

  1. SculptHouse
  2. Barry's
  3. Stellar Bodies
  4. STAT Wellness
  5. Fit9
  6. Planet Fitness Atlanta
  7. CrossFit Downtown Atlanta
  8. OrangeTheory fitness Atlanta
  9. Wall Crawlers Rock Club
  10. Equilibrium Fitness Club

1. SculptHouse

List of Gyms in Atlanta

SculptHouse is the perfect gym for you if you want to have a well-toned body because it combines exercises that sculpt the body as it strengthens your mind. In addition, you will enjoy the many custom classes that focus on high-intensity training using Lagree fitness and cardio exercises.

At SculptHouse, the atmosphere is empowering, and the classes allow clients to self-expression through state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The workout's target calorie burns by up to 30%, and from there, you can stay committed to the routine for improved results.

You can access trainers and coaches who are always willing to help you achieve your fitness goals through proper diet and workouts.


3167 Peachtree Road NE, Ste. Q,

Phone: (470) 553-0080


2. Barry's

Barry's gym is a welcoming community, and immediately you step into their doors, you will embrace the theme and setup. In addition, some world-class trainers are helpful to your needs anytime.

You can enroll in the many classes that offer high-intensity interval training—HIIT accompanied by a well-selected playlist that clears your mind as you work out. At Barry's, the signature HIIT workouts happen inside the red room, a studio with red lights.

You can focus on strength exercises by targeting various muscle groups for better results and recovery. In addition, the routines allow you to burn calories effectively while keeping your pulse and heart rate elevated.


303 E. Paces Ferry Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 846-2880


3. Stellar Bodies

Stellar Bodies gym has over a decade of operations in Atlanta and has served the community with diligence and superior quality amenities. If you want a full-body workout, this is the best place to visit as they have curated a routine that lasts an hour.

The Stellar method, as is known, incorporates resistance and counter-resistance techniques to gain full body conditioning and muscle contractions. In addition, custom machines help you attain body toning, strength, and Pilates movements.

There are three Stellar body gyms in midtown Atlanta, located in Midtown, the Works, and Buckhead.


3872 Roswell Rd. Ste A4. Atlanta, GA 30342. Buckhead

Phone: (404) 467-1060


4. STAT Wellness

STAT Wellness is more than a gym as they incorporate workouts that are transformative to the entire body combining well with medicinal care. In addition, there are group workout Atlanta gym classes with routines created by medical health experts to focus on stability, stamina, and making your body lean, among other benefits.

STAT Wellness gym uses biometrics to keep track of your physical fitness journey. In addition, it has a functional lab to conduct body tests and uses composition scales to assess body fat percentage and basal metabolic rate so that you know where to make adjustments.


1465 Howell Mill Road NW, Ste. 300A, 

Phone: (833) 503-3950


5. Fit9

Fit9 combines workout techniques to keep the client's motivation high and rewards for it noticeable. The combination of highly intensive interval training with metabolic conditioning pushes your limits, leaving you craving for more.

Through the use of modern facilities and equipment like the SkillMill treadmills, you can have your workouts without fear of the after-effects. So while your body gets the tone and curves into the shape you want, there is less impact on joints, knees, and ankles.

You will also enjoy hitting the Aqua training bag, which aims to damage your hands as it uses water instead of sand. This allows you to train for extensive periods without fear of straining your hands.

The innovative trainer, advanced training environment, and facilities work for most people.


3231 Cains Hill PI NW Ste 235 Atlanta, GA 30305  

Phone: (404) 310-2965  


6. Planet Fitness Atlanta

Planet Fitness Atlanta is among the oldest and top gyms in Atlanta that still offer the best services to their clientele. It has kept its doors open since 1992, and many people have experienced the growth and support that the innovative team of experts offers.

From the onset, you will enjoy the atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed but determined to get the best results. You will also enjoy becoming a member as it gives you access to their amenities, including trips to their worldwide locations.

Other facilities include hydromassage, tanning, 24/7 staff support, and unlimited access to the Planet Fitness home club. However, you need the Planet Fitness black card for all these and more, as you can bring a friend to any of the 2000+ Planet fitness locations.

You will also get high-quality training at affordable prices while enjoying group classes and exercise programs to match your fitness goals. Planet Fitness strives to give all its members the great taste of having a state-of-the-art facility at a reasonable price for membership right at their doorstep.


2841 Greenbriar Parkway, Unit B, Atlanta, GA 30331

Phone:  (470) 851-1146


7. Crossfit Downtown Atlanta

CrossFit Downtown has been operational since 2012, making it a decade of success and growth for all its members. Here, you will enjoy all the cross-training their trainers have perfected over the years to make your endurance and physical fitness achievable fast.

The owner is Michael M, who is a level 3 CrossFit trainer in weightlifting and kids training in Atlanta. The workout programs are suited to improve your endurance and strength and achieve a balanced body.

Anyone can try out any program regardless of age, gender, or weight. To enjoy the best amenities with unlimited access, become a member by subscribing to the affordable monthly fee. CrossFit training DownTown Atlanta is a secure environment that supports physical health, fitness, and mental clearance through physical training.

If you are interested in personalized training, you will get a trainer or join one of their many group classes with workout programs targeting specific physical goals.


215B Chester Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: +1 404-702-0548


8. Orangetheory Fitness Atlanta

Orange Theory Fitness gym uses science to achieve extraordinary physical development. You can see this in their choice of equipment and facilities that are all technologically advanced.

Don't think of science as a shortcut to achieving your goals but as a diverse method that targets specific muscle groups and body parts based on workout programs. Among the approaches is highly intensive interval training with cardiovascular, strength, and endurance blends.

The skilled trainers are available for personalized training workout sessions with members and also offer group classes. Among the packages available include 10, 20, or 30-day courses to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Training at the OrangeTheory Fitness gym in Atlanta can guarantee metabolism increase and calorie burn of 200-400 after only 24-36 hours of workout. In addition, the high-class amenities, showers, and locker rooms are safe and conducive for all members.

You can also enjoy their free fitness class sessions whenever they offer. 


857 Collier Road North West, Suite 15, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 747-7107


9. Wall Crawler Rock Club

Rock climbing is a favorite pastime for many people in Atlanta. However, if you want to get started or advance your prowess, you can try the Wall Crawlers Rock Club for the best experience.

The facility covers 8,800 square feet with various imposing wall climbing surfaces that test and push your limit up. There are day passes for visitors or membership plans if you want unlimited access to their programs and amenities.

It's a safe and conducive environment for growth, relaxation, and meeting new people that have the same interests as you. Besides wall climbing training, you can host events like birthdays and parties at affordable rates.

Wall Crawlers Rock club is a social space where you can connect with society and have fun while getting intensive workouts and facing different challenges.

Get a spiderman style workout at the Wall Crawlers Rock Club the next time you are in Atlanta.


1522 DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone: (404) 371-8997


10. Equilibrium Fitness

Sometimes you want a luxurious space to enjoy working out in style. The Equilibrium Fitness gym in Atlanta is among the best luxury gyms in Atlanta you can visit. Everything they offer is top-notch that spreads extravagance around.

Like all gyms, you can find fitness packages and group classes, but there are also individual gratifications like massages and chiropractic experiences. The cardio machines are classy and the best for any cardio, strength, and endurance training.

The members have an app where they can see and track their physical health growth and success anywhere at any time. Sign up for group classes or a personalized session with skilled trainers to get started.

Among the perks members enjoy are improved muscle therapy, aromatherapy, and exfoliated foot treatments. In addition, group classes combine various HIIT techniques with yoga, super circuit, spin, and cardio exercises.

Visit the Equilibrium Fitness gym today and get an exclusive and luxurious experience in Atlanta.


1529 Piedmont Ave NE Ste l, Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 404-304-4674



When looking for gyms near Atlanta, GA, on your search tab while in Atlanta, many results pop up, making it challenging to know which is the best. But it's now easy to choose as you can pick any of the best gyms in Atlanta from these options.


Where do celebrities work out in Atlanta?

Any of the above options will give you a great experience. However, you can align a gym that matches your preference. For example, some people prefer luxury facilities, while others require specific training like weightlifting, boxing, rock climbing, etc.

What is the most luxurious gym in Atlanta?

Most gyms offer limited guest training privileges, while some don't offer them at all. Find out from your gym staff if guests are allowed and if they should pay to train or train for free.

Do you have safe parking spaces for members?

Most gyms offer parking facilities. All the gyms in this article have parking and other impressive facilities to make your experience smooth.

Where can I find an MMA gym in Atlanta?

There are plenty of options, including Planet fitness. Getting a personal trainer can also train for other sports like boxing and weightlifting.

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