The Best 11 Gyms in Chicago

Most people enjoy life in Chicago because everything seems to be plenty. But it can be a tad challenging for people looking to get some workout. You can find the best gyms in Chicago by going through this list and seeing where your preference takes you.

Chicago is a great city with the best community centers and gyms you can sign up for to achieve your physical fitness goal and prepare for an upcoming marathon or sporting event.

Mode gym in chicago
Mode gym is among the gyms in Chicago that offer personalized training to take you closer to your fitness goals. The atmosphere around the gym is futuristic, with mirrors and lighting that lifts your mood making you smile as you get your work out.

You will find dozens of workout machines where you can self-train and enjoy the club's free body scan to keep you in the loop on your body mass index. In addition, there are group classes where you can try out and achieve various fitness goals.

There are many trainers, and having one-on-one training can help you reach your goals much faster. In addition, the futuristic environment makes you feel like you are on another planet, training for the future.

Address1301 W Madison Street, West Loop

Phone: +1 (312) 626-6333


2. East Bank Club

East Bank Club
One can easily think that this 450,000-square feet gym and workspace is a football stadium from the outside. It's among the gyms in Chicago with pools.

But once you step in, you realize you can complete all your workouts in one space. There is a golf driving range to work on your putts, up to seven tennis courts, a running track, four swimming pools, and a gym, among other sports amenities.

You can enjoy the free weight area to lift weights for strength and muscle conditioning or the cardiovascular room for your endurance training. In addition, there are plenty of studios where members can enjoy group classes. For example, the Pilates and bike spinning studio space are massive enough to fit five or six group exercise classes.

There's plenty of space and options for whatever exercise or sport you wish to train for.

Address500 N Kingsbury Street, Merchandise Mart

Phone: +1 (312) 527-5800


3. Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing gym
Rumble Boxing gym offers members the best experience once they step indoors. There are murals of famous people on the wall to commemorate the visit to Rumble Boxing gym in Chicago. These include known personalities like Former US First Lady Michelle Obama and basketball icon Dennis Rodman.

Membership is affordable and grants you access to unlimited training packages and the use of facilities all year. You can have self-training or ask for a training coach. Alternatively, you can join various group classes and enjoy workout sessions that meet specific health and fitness goals.

Rumble Boxing is a national chain gym and the best boxing gym in Chicago. When you visit Chicago, you should try out this gym and experience what a friendly staff they have to make you come back again.

Address11 E Elm Street, Gold Coast

Phone: + (212) 804-7918


4. Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club
Chicago is famous for most things, but none would expect tennis to be among them. While in Chicago, you can visit the Midtown Athletic Club to enjoy some tennis time on their classy 18 indoor tennis courts.

If you love tennis, you can find some time for family and bring them out on tennis day as there are programs suitable for adults and kids. Learn the backhand or spin by engaging a trainer and work on your service.

If you want to play competitive tennis, there are plenty of opportunities, and you can sign up for competitions and other development programs. Other amenities you can enjoy with your spouse or family includes the spa, sauna, yoga, and Pilates classes.

Shape your new adventure and exercise at the gym while listening to soothing music.

Address2444 N Elston Avenue, Bucktown

Phone: + (773) 687-7100


5. Lakeshore Sport and Fitness

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness
What will interest you the most is the use of simulators that makes every practice a reality. It's fun to know that you are training to achieve attainable goals as you can test your mettle on the many simulators like wall climbing, golf course, and basketball courts.

It's among the top wall climbing gyms in Chicago.

You can also join group classes and enjoy yoga and Pilates with other members under the guidance of skilled trainers. The Lakeshore Sport and Fitness club has world-class gym facilities to get your cardio, strength, and endurance training.

There are multiple pools, and you can enjoy training for various water sports and events. Other fun activities at the club include dancing classes, cycling, and triathlons. In addition, you can train for a specific sport or balanced health and physical wellness.

Address1320 W Fullerton Avenue, Lincoln Park

Phone: +1 (773) 348-6377


6. Wicker Park Fitness

Wicker Park Fitness
Your search is over if you are looking for a national outlook training facility at affordable rates. The Wicker Park Fitness club offers various classes, including self-defense lessons, calorie burn, booty burn, and yoga, among others.

It's the perfect neighborhood gym with all the training equipment to achieve your fitness goals. In addition, the presence of skilled trainers makes the workout area safe, and you can always ask for help with your training.

Test your limit in various workout programs and motivate yourself further with every successful rep you get in.

Address1725 W Division Street, Suite 100, East Village 

Phone: +1 312) 363-3223


7. Quads Gym

Quads Gym
Every person has different goals when heading to the gym. For some is to look like bodybuilders, while others just want to enjoy a day in the spa and sauna. If you want to become a bodybuilder, then Quads gym is the right spot to hang out with other talented members.

You can enjoy peaceful moments and a quiet work session if you already have a workout program. The friendly staff is always present to assist you when you call on them.

It's a safe space for introverts who don't want to have chatty people guiding them out of turn. With plenty of clean equipment and savory space to achieve all sorts of routines, you are steps closer to achieving a balanced body and physical wellness.

There's a Pro shop in the vicinity, and you can get all your pro shakes to help you build muscles and keep a professional diet. In addition, you can buy gloves, belts, and other gear to help you in your training.

Address3727 N Broadway Ave, Wrigleyville

Phone: +1 (773) 404-7867


8. Galter Life Center

Galter Life Center
Galter Life Center focuses on you achieving the perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit. You can pick and enjoy healthy exercise with plenty of training equipment and workout programs.

You can try massage, Watsu, and acupuncture therapies for mind and spirit satisfaction. The body workouts include a gym with all the athletic options for pro athletes and beginners of every level.

There is an indoor track for athletics and two world-class swimming pools for your aquatic exercises. In addition, the gym has cycling classes and a boot camp to keep your mental state strong. Members enjoy unlimited access to the facilities and can have a personalized trainer or join a group class of their liking.

You can come with your kids because there's a kids center full of fun and safe kid activities to spend the time while you work out.

Address5157 N Francisco Ave, Albany Park 

Phone: +1 (773) 878-9936


9. Equinox

equinox gym

You will find Equinox in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. It's a private club where all its members have an all-around athletic experience. But you can also enjoy plenty of other gym amenities like the spa, massage, and sauna and get the world-class treatment you deserve.

Equinox offers one-on-one sessions as well as group classes. In addition, you can try out the cycling class, barre, and Pilates.

There's a space for stretching and strength training to try out any exercise program in your mind. All are welcome despite your beginner or pro-athlete status. In addition, members have full-time online shopping privileges and can buy apparel for training.

There are refreshments on-site if you don't carry yours at affordable prices, and you can take a break and relax while enjoying your favorite drink.

Address900 North Michigan Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: +1 (312) 254-2500


10. Edgewater Athletic Club

Edgewater Athletic Club
If you hail from Chicago, Illinois, the Edgewater Athletic Club is among the best places to visit and get some exercise done. It has held on to its founding principles and values, promoting physical fitness and hospitality as a neighborhood gym.

There is plenty of modern equipment that helps you gain your fitness goals faster as you enjoy the experience. You can try strength and cardio training at the facility. Enjoy the studio for various group classes and the junior Olympic size pool for your aqua-training workout programs.

Other fun activities you can do at the Edgewater Athletic club include enrolling in dancing classes, yoga, aerobics, and swimming lessons. In addition, there are swimming classes for both adults and children where you can work on aquatic-based fitness programs.

Membership is affordable and available to include a one-day visitor pass every month.

Address1040 W Granville Ave, Chicago, IL 60660, USA

Phone: +1 (773) 262-2455


11. Climb Zone

Climb Zone
Climb Zone has facilities spread all-over Chicago, and you can visit any of your likings. The workout to expect will challenge your core at all turns, making you achieve an elevated state of strength and endurance.

The Climb Zone fitness club offers rock climbing and yoga lessons besides their excellent gym facilities and equipment. In addition, you can explore all the gyms via a virtual tour to know exactly what to expect when you get there.

Wall climbing is fun, and you can invite your friends because the club offers a day pass or a 10-time day pass, depending on your commitment as a member. Enjoy the world-class facilities and ready-to-assist trainers if you have rock climbing problems.

Rock climbing courses are for beginners and pro-athletes who wish to gain a competitive edge during competitions. 

Address2500 W Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone: + (773) 455-0555



Do you need to wear a mask in the gym, Chicago?

Wearing a mask in the gym is for your safety and also the safety of others. So even though it's no longer necessary, it's a good habit you can embrace.

What is the cheapest gym to join?

There are some affordable gyms in Chicago that you can join and enjoy the best facilities you wish to experience. In addition, some of the gyms listed in this article are pocket-friendly, and you can check out their membership plans.

Does Chicago have Planet Fitness?

Yes. You can find the one at Chicago (Streeterville), IL, and enjoy the highly rated Planet Fitness experience with ready and willing staff to make your time enjoyable.

Are Chicago Park gyms open?

Yes. You can visit the gym parks and enjoy a fitness workout at their respective scheduled opening times.


It's easy to find gyms in Chicago, but the challenge comes when you are looking to train for a specific event. You can find all you want from the options available in this article and try out most of them to get the ultimate experience you deserve.

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