How Much Does A Running Coach Make?

There is never a shortage of demand for a running coach because it's a service that most people require. The market is vast as there are amateur track clubs that need coaches, college athletes, high school students, kids' programs, and beginners trying their first 5-10K runs.

It makes one wonder how much does a running coach make?

If you want to start a running coach career, you have some questions that must be bothering you. Once you read this article, hopefully, you will have answered all these questions and have a clear mind to kickstart your career.

What are the Rates for a Running Coach?

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Before you become a coach, there are some boxes that you have to check first. Even though you can become a coach by experience or attending a coaching school, you must ensure that you are certified by the USA Track and Field governing body (USATF) and other bodies.

Before fixing a price to charge your clients, there are a few things you must also consider. These include your expert level, credentials, location, and the number of services you plan to offer.

You can use these guides to set up your coaching rates.

1. Research Running Coaches Near You

Find coaches around your area and inquire how much they charge their clients so you can have an estimate on where to start.

Not so many coaches will be upfront to disclose all the information, but you may find others who are willing to inspire new coaches and aren’t afraid of making the market competitive.

You can also target runners who already have coaches and ask them how much they get charged for the services. Alternatively, you can join coaching groups to get first-hand experience with running coaches so that you don’t undercharge or overcharge to lose clients.

2. Consider an Hourly Rate

You must start somewhere; a basic hourly rate will help determine your worth. To reach a value, consider the clientele you are targeting, credentials, services, and experience. Then, find an average between the least rate and the highest-paid coaches within your area.

Use your hourly rate to determine how much you will charge per session, group sessions, services, and packages. Then, depending on their goals, you can have discounts or free first sessions to discuss the price with your clients.

3. Develop Training Plans

When starting, don’t be rigid. Instead, develop different training plans and allow your client to choose the service at varied rates.

For instance, depending on the client, you can offer a fixed charge on a training plan without the extra coaching.

Alternatively, you can establish a fixed rate for the initial session and then come up with a charge after developing a training plan.

This option helps clients have a training plan even if they can’t afford ongoing coaching sessions.

4. Group Rates and Packages

When coming up with package deals, outline the benefits your client will gain at a standard fee. For example, a package can include a 45-minute session every day and run for five weeks. Or a training plan after the first free consultation.

When formulating group rates, you can charge multiple clients fewer fees, but this ensures that you earn more money per hour.

For instance, you can charge an individual $50 per session, but for group classes, you can charge five people $30 for the same session and makeup up to $180.

The client should pay less for group packages than person-to-person rates based on your basic hourly charges.

What Should I charge for My online Running Sessions?

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There isn’t too much difference between in-person training and online sessions, which should also reflect in your prices. You can have a balance between online coaching sessions and face-to-face training within a week to give your clients the best experience.

But if you decide to offer full online classes, it doesn’t mean that your services should come cheaper. Instead, find value in your work and prepare quality training plans so that you can charge clients for your time and worth.


Becoming a running coach transcends the question of how much does a running coach make? So, before settling on a basic rate, cover all the running elements that a coach has to master.

This means that besides earning a living from coaching people how to run, it also ensures that it’s something you enjoy doing.

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