Everything You Need to Know about Bowflex—Your Lifetime Fitness Partner

Bowflex came into existence in 1986. During this time, most companies in the fitness industry were concentrating more on producing expensive and sophisticated weight machines for gyms. 

But it was different for Bowflex; this company desired to bring gym-quality results to people’s homes. Yes, they looked forward to creating home gyms, and people truly liked this idea. After all, no gym membership would be required, no waiting for equipment to be vacant at the gym, and no judgment.

After creating the different types of home gym equipment, Bowflex didn't stop there; they continued to expand their innovation and added cardio and strength products to the home gym to fit every need.

With over 30 years in fitness equipment production, Bowflex continues to design smarter, faster, and more effective ways of producing excellent fitness results in the comfort of your home. And they say that we have seen nothing yet; greater innovations are in their pipeline.

Hereunder, we shall learn more about Bowflex: its location, product offerings, awards and contacts.

Bowflex Location

Bowflex is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington and sells its fitness products directly to customers or via retail and international channels.

Bowflex Products

Bowflex Ellipticals

Meet the full-body HIIT ellipticals that will elevate your well-being.

1. Bowflex Max Total 40 Elliptical Trainer

2. Bowflex M3 Max Elliptical Trainer

3. Bowflex M6 Max Elliptical Trainer

4. Bowflex M8 Max Elliptical Trainer

5. Bowflex M9 Max Elliptical Trainer

With every Bowflex elliptical purchase, you will enjoy the following:

● High-intensity interval training

● Great comfort when working out on the equipment

● 1-year JRNY membership

Bowflex ellipticals

Exercise Bikes

Bowflex exercise bikes are connected to cardio and will help boost your endorphins. Here are the two exercise bikes offered by Bowflex:

1. VeloCore Bike

2. C7 Bike

Exercise bikes

Home Gyms

A Bowflex home gym simply refers to an all-in-one home gym system. Here are the two home gyms offered by Bowflex:

1. Xtreme 2SE

2. PR 1000

The home gyms features 

● Power rod resistance training

● Full body workouts from the comfort of your home

Home gyms


1. Bowflex SelectTech2080 Barbell with curl bar



EU Models:

1. T56

2. T25

3. T18

4. BXT128

Non-EU models:

1. BXT326

2. BXT226

3. BXT128


JRNY Membership

With this membership, you can:

● Access trainer-led classes

● Explore the world

● Stream entertainment

● Explore data and performance

● Get adaptive workouts


Here are the ten accessories that Bowflex produces:

1. SelectTech 552i dumbbells

2. 560 dumbbells

3. 1090i dumbbells

4. 3.1S stowable bench

5. 4.1S stowable bench

6. 5.1S stowable bench

7. Kettlebell 840

8. Stand with media rack

9. Bowflex power rod

10. Bowflex body tower


Free Training Apps

These apps help you set training goals and get results through personalized training, monitoring and motivation. Here are the two free apps:

1. Max Trainer

2. SelectTech

Free Training Apps


Bowflex has won  the following awards in their pursuit of human fitness:

1. ISPO award 2018 under the Fitness & Health category

2. IDA award 2017 in the Outdoor & Exercise Equipment category

3. Bowflex M7 elliptical emerged the Best Buy from ellipticalreviews.com

4. Bowflex 560 dumbbells were selected as ISPO product of the year 2017 in the Health & Fitness category

5. Bowflex max trainer was awarded the German Design Award Special 2017

6. Bowflex 560 Dumbbells was awarded the Raddot Award 2016 best of the best

7. Bowflex max trainer was awarded Raddot Design Award in 2015

8. Bowflex max trainer machine won gold in International Design Awards 2013


You can connect with Bowflex through the following social spaces:

● Facebook

● Instagram

● Twitter

● Youtube

● Pinterest

Or you can contact the support team in your country for help on delivery/order status, parts or troubleshooting.

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