A Closer Look at Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness was founded in 2001 by Trevor Larsen in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the beginning, Sole would provide fitness equipment to high-end hotel chains like Omni and Hilton. 

Later, this fitness company expanded its operations to provide exercise equipment to individuals too, without compromising quality. And for years now, Sole has been providing fitness equipment globally.

The amazing thing about Sole’s products is that they are robust and available at affordable prices to meet everyone’s budget. Also, the guarantees and warranties from this company amplify their confidence in their products and commitment to their customers.

 As if that is not enough, the engineering and design team at Sole Fitness is continuously using better technologies to provide better experiences to their customers.

Some of the fitness equipment that Sole produces include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength series, climbers, and rowers. Below, we shall see an overview of Sole’s product offerings and other aspects of this brand.

Sole Fitness Products


Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just starting your fitness journey, a treadmill will help take your fitness to the next level. Also, a treadmill enables you to exercise regardless of weather or time.

If you have settled for a Sole treadmill, that is an excellent choice. Sole treadmills are created for performance, which is evident in their motors, rollers, belts, steel, and other features. 

Also, having been tested and approved by the rigorous hotel environments, Sole treadmills have that great quality you will find in gyms. And you would want to enjoy this kind of quality at home too.

Here are the different treadmill models produced by Sole:

● F63

● F65

● F80

● F85

● ST90

● TT8

● S77

Sole Treadmills


There is often alot of unnecessary fuss in the fitness equipment industry relating to elliptical trainers. Also, you will witness alot of arguments about which elliptical has the best ergonomics and biomechanics. And vocabulary too—“ulnar deviation,” “planter flexion,” “elector spinae rotation,” etc.

With that in mind, do you need an orthopedics degree before buying an elliptical trainer? Sole Fitness says “no.” Sole says that all you need is an elliptical trainer with a smooth, continuous foot motion. Also, the elliptical should feature a foot movement pattern that is level and encourages running or walking. And Sole delivers all that!

Here are the Sole Fitness elliptical trainer models:

● E20

● E25

● E35

● E55

● E95

● E98

● E95S

Sole Ellipticals


Sole Fitness bikes combine comfort with affordability. These bikes feature an ergonomic design, a large console display, and adjustable seating. 

Here are the Sole exercise bike models:

● SB700

● SB900


● B94


● R92

Sole Bikes

Strength Series

The Sole Fitness strength series includes dumbells, weights, and traditional gym equipment. With these products, you can target specific muscles, which helps in body toning and building muscle strength.

Sole strength series products include:

● Weight bar and weight plates - SW111 & SW106

● Adjustable bench and half rack - SW116 & SW121

● Sole strength series dumbells - SW101

Strength Series


Sole climbers combine the features of ellipticals and climber products' features, thus giving full-body workouts. The climbers are easy on your joints and help tone your whole body in every workout session.

Sole climbers include: 

● Sole intense climber - CC81

Sole Climbers


Rowers are great cardio equipment that works your body harder than many other machines in the fitness industry. A rower will require you to use equal effort in your upper and lower boy. These machines are great for cardiovascular fitness, losing fat, and muscle endurance.

At the moment, Sole produces one type of rower known as SR500.

Sole Rowers

Pros & Cons of Sole Fitness Machines

Here are the strengths and drawbacks of Sole machines as highlighted by users:


● A large selection of exercise equipment which includes treadmills, ellipticals, and more

● Different models per equipment category

● Lifetime warranties for frame and parts

● More affordable than the other comparable brands. Also, the price ranges at Sole fit many budgets.

● Responsive customer service and quick repairs

● Money-back guarantee

● Free continental US shipping

● Buy now and pay later with Citizens Pay


● Sole machines lack high-tech features compared to similar equipment from other brands.

● Some customers report having difficult relations with customer service and noisy machines.

How to Contact Sole

If you would like to reach out to Sole, you can do so through the following means:

● Phone: 866-780-SOLE

● Email: info@soletreadmills.com

● Filling out the contact form on their website

Final Word

When looking for fitness equipment for home use, remember that the equipment's features don't have to be beyond this world for you to enjoy a workout. And on that note, what Sole offers is more than enough. 

Our special appreciation goes to this brand's wide range of products and their favorable prices that fit many budgets. Also, the lifetime warranties and guarantees offered here eliminate panic from many hearts.


Which is better, Sole or Nordictrack?

Both Sole and Nordictrack are leading brands in the fitness industry, and both are good choices.  Also, the two brands have a wide range of equipment to choose from, from the most basic ones to the high-end ones. Therefore, everyone can choose whichever equipment matches their workout needs and budget.

Is Sole Fitness a good company?

Sole Fitness is one of the most respected fitness equipment companies globally. Sole products are created to last with lifetime warranties that show just how this company is confident about its products. 

Are Sole treadmills worth the money?

Sole treadmills are worth every coin you spend on them; they are high quality, durable, effective, and easy to use. They allow speeds of up to 19.3km/hr, along with several training programs and inclines. Most Sole treadmills are foldable, which is perfect for limited spaces.

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