All You Need to Know About ProForm—Your Fitness Expert

What comes to your mind when you hear the name “Proform”? Most probably, you think about treadmills. Why? Most likely, it’s because Proform revolutionized the fitness industry during its early years with space saver foldable treadmills.

Today, Proform continues with that tradition of innovation and quality. And besides treadmills, this brand has recently added other fitness equipment to its product lineup. These machines include ellipticals, exercise bikes, weight benches, and more.

With all that in mind, what is the story behind Proform? Well, Proform is one of the brands belonging to the ICON company. ICON was founded in 1977 by two business students, Garry Stevenson and Scott Watterson, at Utah State University. And today, ACON is headquartered in Logan, Utah.

ICON acquired Proform in 1999 and transformed it into a premium line of home fitness equipment. Other well-known fitness brands from ICON include FreeMotion Fitness, Health Rider, Weider, Ifit, Image, and Weslo. Hereunder, we will look deeper into the Proform brand.

Proform Products


Proform produces three treadmill series, namely Pro, Carbon, and City. Let’s see the treadmill offerings under each of these series.

1. Pro Series

This series provides industry-leading interactive fitness equipment. Here are the treadmills under this series:

● Pro 2000

● Pro 9000

2. Carbon series

With the Carbon series, you can enjoy interactive personal training guided by IFIT expert personal trainers. Here are the treadmills under this category:

● Carbon T14

● Carbon T10

● Carbon T7

3. City Series

This series features a reduced footprint design. At the moment, Proform only has one model under this series—City L6

ProForm Treadmills


Like many other home workout equipment, exercise bikes give you an efficient way of staying active and burning calories while ensuring minimal impact on your joints. And that and more is what Proform provides in their bikes.

Let’s now see the bike offerings of this brand.

1. Studio series

With this series, you can access trainer-led classes globally through IFIT. Here are the bikes available in this category:

● Studio Bike Pro 22

● Carbon CX

2. C Series

This series's notable features include comfort, recumbent design, and practical training.

Below are the Proform C Series bikes:

● Pro C10R

● Pro C10U

3. Hybrid Series

Hybrid series bikes feature a combination of the best features in elliptical and recumbent bikes. Proform produces only one type of bike in this category—the Hybrid Trainer XT. 

4. Closeout Bikes

These, too, feature global interactive training. Close-out models include:

● Studio Bike Limited


● 500 SPX

ProForm Bikes


Elliptical machines are designed for cardiovascular workouts. Most people work out on these machines to increase their heart rates, burn calories and lose weight. 

With that in mind, Proform provides the following elliptical models to take your aerobic workouts to the next level.

1. HIIT Trainer Series

This series features a vertical elliptic path and helps burn calories during an entire workout. Here are the models available in this category:

● Pro HIIT H14

● Pro HIIT H10

2. Carbon Series

Carbon series models are known for their oversized, adjustable, and cushioned pedals. Also, this series features resistance and ramp control. 

Here are the Carbon series models:

● Carbon EL

● Carbon E10

3. Hybrid Series

Proform Hybrid Trainer XT falls under this series. This equipment consists of the best features of an elliptical and recumbent bike—all combined to make one piece of equipment.

ProForm Ellipticals


Rowing is a full-body workout, meaning it will help increase cardiovascular endurance and strengthen major muscle groups in your core, arms, and legs. In short, if you consistently use a rowing machine, you will notice that you are rarely out of breath and your muscles are stronger.

Let’s now see the types of rowers that Proform produces:

1. Rower Strength series

These include:

● Pro 750R Rower

● Pro R10 Rower

2. Closeout Rowers

Only one rower model falls under this category—the 440R Rower.

ProForm Rowers


Strength equipment benefits include stronger bones, increased muscle mass, and joint flexibility. That said, here are the Proform’s machines falling under this category:

1. Fitness mirror

A fitness mirror is a large high-tech mirror that works as a display. With this mirror, you can compare your form with that of your instructor. Also, your instructor can lead you in workouts through this mirror.

Here are the two types of fitness mirrors produced by Proform:

● Vue

● Vue 180

2. Strength series

This series builds and strengthens your body. Strength equipment models here include:

● Rapid Strike Pro

● Carbon Strength Power Rack XL

● Carbon Foldable Wall Rack

● Rapid Strike 50 Lb Adjustable Dumbell Set

● Carbon Strength Adjustable Bench

● Resistance Tubes, Levels 1- 3

Proform Strength series

Fitness accessories

Proform produces several accessories to perfect your fitness journey. Here is a list of these additions:

● SmartBeat Forearm Heart Rate Monitor

● Equipment mats

● Treadmill maintenance kit containing items such as replacement safety key, belt lubricant, belt cleaner and more

● Beaded Jump Rope

● Multi-function wall balls

● Massage bar

● Powerbands

● Training mats

● Medicine Ball

● Yoga Premium Studio Kit

● Yoga Travel Kit

● Yoga Blocks

● 2-in-1 Yoga Strip

● Force Wave Percussion Guns

● PulseGlobe Massage Ball

ProForm Fitness

How to Contact Proform

There are different departments at proform that you can talk to depending on your needs. These departments include the Sales Team, Order Tracking, Customer Service, IFIT Support, Billing & Returns, Extended Service Plans, and Media relations.

The sales Team, for example, handles issues related to equipment specs, shipping options, special deals and purchasing options. You can talk to the sales team at 1-888-742-0128. 

Also, you can find more details on when to call the Sales team and the contact details of the other departments on the Proform Contact-Us page.


If you are looking for fitness equipment for your home gym, you can not go wrong with Proform. This brand’s machines are built to last and have innovative features to ensure you get the best out of your workouts. Also, they have a wide range of fitness machines to bring all-around top quality to your home gym.

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