Top 10 Websites for Runners

So, you made a running resolution this year. That’s fantastic! Running is an excellent exercise to improve your overall health.

Whether you are a beginner looking for inspiration and advice from runners or just want to hone your skills, running websites are great sources of information and perfect tools to keep you on track.

These websites have been around for years, acting like online diaries for everyday runners. As a running coach, I have reviewed dozens of these sites, and I have compiled the below list of the top 10 websites for runners. I love the content on these awesome sites, so visit them for running tips, product reviews, and more.

1. Runners Connect

Runners Connect comprises a team of professional coaches and fellow runners committed to guiding you to train smarter, run faster, and live healthily. This team is passionate about running and shares their expertise to inspire, motivate and help you reach your running goals.


More importantly, this site supports all runners regardless of their speed, size, age, goals, or experience levels. 

Since its inception in 2011, this community has kept growing, coaching thousands of runners each year, distilling the latest training concepts, exploring the efficacy of new trends, and helping runners train smarter. 

You can join this team as you strive to be a great runner. They publish 2 to 3 articles weekly, and you can subscribe to their podcasts.


2. Marathon Handbook

Thomas Watson is the brain behind the Marathon Handbook site.  He is an ultra runner and running coach.

This comprehensive running blog and website contains hundreds of articles, all aiming at helping runners of all levels run longer, faster, happier, and healthier.

This running coach has written the most informative articles on this site and created the most training guides and go-to resources for beginners and advanced runners. However, this site has expanded to include more contributing authors with unique expertise and experiences.

On this site, you will find a wide range of content from training tips, race distance-specific training plans (marathon, half marathon, mile, 5k, etc.), injury treatment & prevention, nutritional advice, to mental aspects of running.

3. The Mother Runners

Whitney Heins founded the Mother Runners website. Heins is a marathoner, a former award-winning journalist, a freelance writer, and, most importantly, a mother of two adorable kids.


This mother runner has been featured in The Huffington Post, Runners World, World Report, US News, and more.

The Mother Runners site is perfect for mothers or mothers-to-be. Heins says that running makes motherhood better while also making mothers better runners.

On this website, you will find the information you need for the intersection of motherhood and running; all this comes from Whitney’s personal experiences, research, and conversations with other experts and running mothers.


4. Runner Click

This running website has several contributors covering topics like nutrition & hydration, injury prevention, recovery, competitions, motivation, marathons, endurance, and more. Also, the site contains informative gear and product reviews for everyday runners.

I noted a nice feature on this site—there is an overall rating on every post based on user feedback; this will give you an idea of how helpful the content is to the readers.

Examples of articles on this resource for runners include “Does Running Make You Age: Here’s The Truth!”, “3 Ways To Lace Up Running Shoes for Wide Feet”, and “Overtraining Syndrome: Symptoms and 4 Ways to Fix It Fast!”

5. Treadmill Express Plus

Erik Brown is the founder of Treadmill Express Plus, a site that discusses everything on running, from running tips to marathons to treadmill reviews and everything else in between. 


During his early years, Erik worked as a construction worker and automotive technician before training as a running coach. Today he holds numerous certifications from various fitness institutions like ACE, UESCA, World Gym International, and Precision Nutrition.

Erik also works alongside other seasoned contributors to make this site all-rounded on everything to do with exercises. 

This site is perfect for all runners, inexperienced and professional runners. Some of the valuable articles published on this site include “How To Keep the Heart Rate Low When Running,” “5 Ways to Cope with Injuries When Training for a Marathon,” “Top 10 Best Treadmills Under $1000,” and more.


6. Science of Running

Science of Running is a rich online resource for runners, coaches, and expert physiologists. 

This site concentrates more on competitive running or elite runners. However, you will still find plenty of content here if you are a beginner. 

Articles on this site fall under either of the following categories:

● The Foundation of Knowledge: Recommended Reads

● A philosophy of Coaching

● The History of Endurance Training

● Teaching and Learning

● The Mental Game - Understanding People and Ourselves

● The World of Science

● The Mechanics of Athletics

● The Training Details

Examples of blog posts on this site include “Frequency Matters More than Intensity: For Workouts & Happiness,” “How to Build Tough Teams,” and “Care and Support: The Secret to Great Performance.”

7. No Meat Athlete

Mat Frazier is the founder of this running site and has been working on it for over a decade. And he has written several books too.

But why did he opt for the title, No Meat Athlete? The content on this site is exactly that—an educational and supportive community for runners and other endurance athletes on a vegan diet or other plant-based eating.


This blog covers topics found at the intersection of running and a plant-dependent diet. Examples of articles you will find here include “The Plant-Based Diet for Athletes”  and “Plant-Based Workout Nutrition 101: What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Workout for Optimal Performance.”


8. DC Rainmaker

DC Rainmaker is ready to have you on board if you are looking for thorough running gear reviews. This site features everything from GPS running watches to treadmills, various cycling gear, and everything in between.

You will love this site’s comprehensive product reviews, buyer guides, how-to guides & tips, race reports, and travel resources. 

9. Strength Running

Strength Running is a perfect site for every runner who battles cycles of injuries, has a new injury, or wants to keep off from overuse injuries. 

Coach Jason Fitzgerald, the author of this site, is enlightened about injury prevention. He is particularly good at discerning muscular weaknesses and imbalances and using strength training to lower the risks of injuries. 


Besides the injury prevention and recovery topics covered here, this site also contains alot of other content on general running exercises, motivation, and interviews with other expert coaches and sports scientists.

In addition, you can listen to Jason’s podcasts when running or enroll in his paid training programs that will help you achieve your running goals. 


10. Runtastic

Adidas powers this running website for field stars. Here, you will find helpful content for beginners and experienced runners. 

You can browse this site's categories, including Cardio, Strength, Nutrition, Daily Habits, and Success Stories. 

Examples of articles on this site include “Alcohol And Exercise – 7 Rules For Athletes,” “Does a Plant-Based Diet for Athletes Affect Performance?”  and “Addidas Running: Which Running Watches and Apps Work?”


I believe the above list of the top 10 websites for runners will be helpful to you. Just browse through them and see the ones that align with your goals. Keep running better and healthier!

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